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Chapter Book Project, Jeannie’s Windmills by Pat Mazu

Both my local ANG chapters, Main Line and Keystone, are going to do the Chapter Book Project, Jeannie’s Windmills, by Pat Mazu (—Jeannie’s-Windmills.jpg). And, I volunteered to lead it for each group.

I picked up the threads from Karen at Nimble Needle – love the ANG 10% discount she gives! Even so, I’ll keep track of the amount of thread needed & we may make mini kits for folks to keep costs down. We can get 5 kits from the bag of beads. And, we’ll split up a spool of beading thread. It doesn’t seem like this piece will use a ton of thread. And, as Pat suggests, this makes a great stash project. Some may opt to go that route.



Initially, I was going to jump in with both feet today until I decided to practice the crescent stitch. And, I’m glad I did. I kept missing the 3rd hole because I couldn’t see it do to the angle & because the thread covers the hole from the bottom. So, I practiced until I finished this little guy (2″ square).

Practice crescents

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Got a great tip – Thanks M: It helps a lot to bring your needle up on the next stitch before tightening up the current stitch, for the first few stitches. Hold the thread so that it is pulling against the previous stitches, and the next hole to come up in will be clear.

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