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Tahitian Treat, 2019 Seminar Exhibit
August 22, 2019, 1:57 pm
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Tahitian Treat was my piece at the 2019 ANG Seminar Exhibit. It’s an original design in the Non-professional category. And, I am pleased to say that it got an Honorable Mention ribbon.

The scores were: 81 out of 100 (design=21 out of 25, color=19 out of 25, workmanship/technique=15 out of 20, suitability=17 out of 20, finishing=9 out of 10; Note: The First Place design only scored 90 out of 100, the lowest scores for a First Place design that I can remember).

As usual, I got the judges critique. So, I waited to post until the critique and piece returned to Philadelphia. All very positive except for twisting threads – my nemesis! Excerpts:

The more that one explores Tahitian Treat, the more that can be discovered! While you were basically starting with a 12” grid, your piece does not look like a checkerboard.

The way that you created a path around the outside of the design encourages movement of the eye. Yet, your paths had some resting places that were a good idea and nicely stitched. The palette of colors that you chose to work with by using Watercolours Tahiti seems to work well in adding to the movement and balance in your piece.

Your choices for the stitches are also successful. As the direction of the area in which you are stitching changes, so, too, does the direction of the stitches themselves. This in turn offers a cohesive look to your piece. This is especially effective in the yellow-green areas in the outer ‘path’ and the dark blue surrounding the central diamond area. The range of values used is equally effective.

The challenge of working with any twisted thread, e.g., pearl cotton, is the need to be diligent in maintaining the twist of the thread. Your eyelets are consistent in maintaining the same-sized opening in each execution. Your threads are well laid in the dark blue area surrounding the central diamond. You have also determined the right number of threads to have in your needle when using floss.

Your stitch, thread, and color choices all work well in achieving an overall successful design. Thank you for sharing Tahitian Treat with us and we hope that we will see more from you in the future.

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Congratulations Melita! Thank you for sharing this piece, and the excerpts from your critique. I think many people do not realize that critiques are incredibly helpful in pointing out our successes in a piece, and offering suggestions for refinement. I had one early in my stitching career, and it was obvious the judge spent a lot of time with the piece, as it seems the judge did wit yours. It did point out some things that I had missed, and never would have thought of, and highlighted what I did well. It was so encouraging, especially as a new stitcher. Many years later, I sent an email to the judge who wrote the critique to thank her. Her careful review inspired me to keep stitching and sharing. I’m hope others read your post and consider getting a critique when they have the opportunity.

Comment by Joyce Pugh

Thanks Joyce. That’s why I do share it here and with my chapter at our meeting. The critiques are such a wonderful learning experience.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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