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Crescent Journey Alternative to Trebizond
October 17, 2019, 9:54 pm
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One of my ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter members asked about a thread substitution for Trebizond in Crescent Journey.

You wouldn’t want to use anything stranded (although as soon as I say it, I wonder what would happen except take a lot longer to stitch).

Trebizond is a twisted silk thread somewhere between a #8 and a #5 perle in size/weight. You get a nice sheen with the Silk but enough with DMC Perle cotton. Other than DMC, I thought to try Vineyard Silk Classic.

So, I decided to see how they work with the main stitches.

  • Vineyard Silk Classic (gray) top
  • DMC Perle #5 (brown)
  • DMC Perle #8 (white)
  • Trebizond (white) bottom
DMC Perle #5 is the heaviest (probably too much as sometimes multiple stitches will share holes), Vineyard is medium, DMC Perle #8 is the least heavy, and Trebizond falls between the last two. Either Vinyard or DMC Perle #8 should work. So, it comes down to personal preference. Do you think of something different?

Here are my stitched samples.

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I like Rainbow Gallery Grandeur (#5) and Elegance (#8) as silk alternatives to Trebizond if you can find a suitable color substitute. They mimic Trebizond better in my opinion because of their twist and shine. They’re not as shiny as Trebizond, but they’re less difficult to work with. I’m not a fan of Trebizond and always try to find something else to use.

Comment by Remedial Stitcher

Thanks Sara Leigh. Excellent suggestions. I should have thought of Elegance especially because I am using it on another project. I don’t know if I have used Grandeur before. But, I’ve passed that along to her. Thanks so much.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

You can definitely use stranded threads. It takes more patience because you have to lay them. I’ve substituted some stranded thread in the current ANG Stitch of the Month, and it worked well.

Comment by BFromM

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