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Back to Building a Geometric with Kurdy Biggs
September 26, 2020, 8:42 am
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Back in mid July, I stitched the Smyrna border and put it aside waiting for the next lesson. But, I didn’t get back to it until now. One more lesson gets posted October 1. So, I still have plenty of time to ask questions as I get back into this.

I carefully selected adequate lengths of the Gloriana so that the colors would be symmetrical as I worked each area of the border.

For the centers, I selected different Rhodes stitches and Jessicas. It was bothering me that there isn’t any Sparkle Braid in the right center area but I balanced out the right diamond area by adding more Sparkle Braid in the large points. Smaller Rhodes and Jessicas are in the small points off each center.

Our kit included 2 cards each of Elegance, Silk Lame Braid Petite, and Sparkle Braid in 3 different colors. The overdyed Gloriana and beads are also included. That’s all. Initially, I was going to add more threads. But, I decided to not complicate this small piece. It’s 5″ x 5″ along each border and as viewed in a diamond almost 7.5″ x 7.5″.

I’ve got 4 diamond quadrants and I don’t want complete symmetry. The top and bottom are quite symmetrical in color and shape so far but the left and right sides are different from the others. I did not plan the colors for these areas in advance. Once I finished the centers, I decided what to stitch with next for the large points. Once I saw them in place, I decided on the smaller points. There are only 3 colors to choose from because I am holding off on using the overdyed for a particular section.

I won’t be able to stitch on this at our Main Line Stitchers Stitch-in today because these stitches require too much counting. But, I have other projects that I can stitch!

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