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Painting Needlepoint Canvases with Fancywork Finishing

I’ve started another class yesterday! Painting Needlepoint Canvases is being held via Zoom by Nancy of Fancywork Finishing (Maryland). We’ll have a class per week for a total of 3 classes.

Zoom is great since we can’t be in person. And, because we are from various parts of the country, we didn’t have travel expenses. She has the proper equipment to project as she demonstrates. It’s good!

We were sent 2 pieces of tan, 13 count canvas. She works mostly on Ecclesiastical projects and uses 13 count canvas and Appleton Crewel wool. I am happy to start on this size canvas. The technique will apply to all sizes of canvas.

I’m also happy to start with a small (4″x4″) piece and basic colors (we can do whatever colors we want but why complicate it when you’re first learning). We traced the design onto transparent paper and then worked it out onto graph paper. It took some tweaking but it was not too difficult.

Because it is 13 count canvas, I will not be able to get all the detail. For example, I modified the 4 corners.

While Bill golfs tomorrow, I will be painting!

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