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Rainbow Ribbons, Bands 1 and 2

My ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter is stitching Rainbow Ribbons by Kam Wenzloff published in Nov/Dec 2019 issue of Needlepoint Now.

I am stitching another and last pillow for the guest bedroom. So, I have more purple threads again. This is Lavender (51) from Color Complements and DMC #5 Perle 550.

Many of us are changing the dimensions of the stitched area and we discussed enlarging the piece at our last meeting. The piece is designed to be 163 threads wide by 160 threads high. The designer suggests stitching some of each band until you get to Band 7 because there are 40 giant rice stitches from top to bottom eliminating the need to count to 160 threads and potential counting errors. You can compensate any band to any length. However, Bands 8 and 11 are also important widths to consider when deciding the length. Band 8 is stitched as a repeating unit of 20 threads and Band 11 over 10 threads. Band 12 is also over 4 threads like Band 7. Only Band 2 is over an odd number of 3 threads. So, if you want to lengthen the piece, doing so in 20 thread increments (a little over an inch on 18 count) will eliminate compensation for Bands 7, 8, 11, and 12. Then, only Band 2 gets compensated. So, I basted in increments of 10 because I want to stitch complete columns moving left to right going down 11″.

We’re going to do 2 bands each month. And, I am ready for Monday’s October 12th Zoom meeting.

Speaking of Zoom, our Starbucks location closed permanently anyway. Another casualty of 2020. Trying to look on the positive side of it, we have Zoom and plenty of time to look for another place. I don’t believe that we will be meeting face to face at least until the spring. Between coronavirus and the weather, I have to hope by spring things will be better!

Woodlawn Exhibit Available Online
September 25, 2020, 7:45 am
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The 2020 Annual Needlework Show ended in the Woodlawn Mansion on August 2nd, but great news! With a donation today of just $12.00, you can download an online slideshow of the fantastic pieces submitted for the March 2020 event. Once your donation is processed, you will receive a unique “admission” link which will allow you to download the Show slideshow and view it at your convenience. This download will only be available until October 15, 2020.

Check it out at

It’s the first time that they have done this. And, I hope it won’t be the last.

Color Complements Threads for ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter Projects

September starts another year for our ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter. We will start out with 2 new counted projects. Twelve of us are stitching Rainbow Ribbons by Kam Wenzloff from Needlepoint Now Nov/Dec 2019 issue. And, six of us are stitching the ANG 2020 Stitch of the Month (SOTM) with three of us switching from Watercolours to Color Complements.

Most the threads got distributed to folks over lunch outdoors at Nudy’s. Everyone is very excited about getting started.

Only 2 people selected the same color as the stitched model. The rest are a wonderful array of color. Not everyone is doing the 9 x 9 design size. There are a variety of sizes including two people who are doubling the width or length.

Coronavirus Masks
April 5, 2020, 9:12 pm
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The material for the masks is a reusable grocery bag. Since I don’t own a sewing machine, these are sewn by hand. I used a plastic covered paper clip for the nose piece. I sewed it tightly into the top center secured on both ends so it stays in place.

I tried multiple layers on my first mask (on the bottom in the photo) and it works but it feels too warm to wear for any length of time. Even without the second tie, it is secure under my chin.

The second mask (on the top) is a single layer and much better. Instead of attaching another piece of cloth to tie, I angled a connector to the top long piece of cloth.

These will do until we can find real masks.

Crazy Quilt and Sisters, Framed

In the before time (pre-coronavirus days), I had dropped off three pieces to get framed at Romeo’s Fine Arts in Lansdale, PA and a couple of weeks later three more pieces at Repenning Fine Arts in Audubon, NJ. Several of my ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter members recommended Pam and Dave at Romeo’s and I decided to try them. But, I’ve been happy with Jim and split my framing between both stores. Note to self: Get pieces framed as you finish them. It feels harder on the pocketbook but it’s really the same. Anyway, . . .

When Romeo’s called saying that the pieces were ready for pick up, I was thrilled. The weather is gorgeous this week and we needed a reason for a road trip. It’s normally an hour going with usual traffic but not today. And, since we were out, we drove further north to a Giant (food store) in Allentown for Lusitania bread and rolls that’s from a local bakery that we like. Pam and Dave met us at the front door for curbside pick up with the pieces wrapped in clear plastic so we could see them. And, we got the last two loaves at Giant. Got steak sandwiches from Pudge’s in Lansdale on the way home. They were still a little warm when we got home but threw them in the oven to heat up and they were fantastic! What a great day.

The one I had framed for ANG’s exhibit at Seminar won’t be posted until after Seminar. But, I will say that Dave did a special mat for the piece and it looks great.

The Crazy Quilt was finished in April of 2018! It was from a class at Edwardian Needle with Betty Pillsbury. I’m very happy with the white and purple mats in a simple white frame. The piece pops. The black you see is shadow from taking the photo outside in the sun.

Pam had a hard time with Sisters, from the pilot class with Nancy Cucci and the good people at ANG Delaware Seashore chapter in Rehobeth, DE. In retrospect, I should have just started over on a different piece of canvas but I didn’t because I thought blocking would fix it. The left side of the canvas was warped oddly. So, despite trying 3 times to block it, the edges don’t line up with the mat on two sides. Pam said if I can’t live with it, she’d try again. But, she got it better than I expected. Now that I look at it, if the outermost silver stitched row were covered, it might be better. What would you do?

Since both pieces had beads, I decided to splurge for museum quality glass. You can’t even tell there is glass in direct sunlight. Photos in the sun are really tough to get with regular glass. I don’t always frame with glass but when I do, I may use museum glass more often. And, I am excited to hear from Jim so we can make another roadtrip.

Woodlawn Needlework Exhibit 2020
March 9, 2020, 11:46 am
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March means that the month-long Woodlawn Needlework Show is going on again. I’ve been going since 2010 and the number of entries had been on a steady decline until this year. The highs were 600+ (681 in 2011) through 2013, dropped to 500+ through 2016, further dropped to 400+ through 2018, and the lowest last year at 360. But, it is nice to see it on the rise again at 484 entries this year. Because there were more pieces and some really large ones, some of the pieces were hung quite high way above eyesight. Bill & I picked a glorious sunny weekend to visit. So, some photos have glare from the sun coming in the windows or because of glass over the needlework. Since photos from a distance were allowed, I’ll show a few walls. And, closer photos are all Commercial pieces. If anyone can name the designer of the pieces I didn’t, please leave a comment. Thanks in advance.

Spoiler alert! I list winners of ribbons which are all listed on the website: . It looked like more ribbons were awarded this year. But, even the ones without ribbons were great. I’m always glad I’m not a judge. And, that brings me to my review of select pieces with the entry number and category in parens. I identified any designers and websites that I know.

Last year there were only 2 original designs entered under Canvaswork Multi-Stitch (4+) Adult. This year there are 7 pieces. Mine is called Tahitian Treat with a 12″ square design area and it got 3rd Place (147, top piece in Photo 1). I was really taken by Joan’s lengthy panoramic view of seascape (893, Commercial Counted Cross, Senior, Honorable Mention, third one from the top in Photo 1). Lynn stitched the Maine Lobster Shack on Bailey’s Island which is by Sea Breeze Designs available at The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection online or in Wellesley, MA (30 minutes west of Boston if you are going to EGA National Seminar in Boston Sept 4-8, 2020).

Photo 1

It is very cool to see Heather from my ANG Keystone Garden chapter get 1st Place and a Judge’s Award (855) in the same category as mine. She also got 1st Place for a beautiful, very long Multi-Stitch Commercial Sampler on linen (857). Congrats Heather!

My piece hitched a ride with Linda who delivered 27 pieces from 17 people from New Jersey Needle Artists chapter members (127-153). And, 12 won 15 awards from 1st place to Honorable Mention! Most are in the Canvaswork Multi-Stitch (4+) Adult Commercial category. Congratulations to all the NJNA members!

I found 9 pieces stitched by members of NJNA who did Autumn Kaleidoscope by Lorene Salt for their annual group submission (see They are done in different colorways and all looked really good. Their 9 pieces (I hope I didn’t miss any) are spread out in different rooms. Don’t miss Diane’s SOTM in the small upstairs attic staircase with the Halloween pieces. Many or all of the current SOTM pieces are on the NJNA blog (

Jill got 1st Place (150, top piece in Photo 2). Also shown is Ellen’s Patchouli designed by Tony Minieri (149, bottom piece in Photo 2). That one’s interesting to me because I ran into Kristen from my ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter at the framer recently and that was one of the pieces that she was getting framed (see

Photo 2

Although it didn’t get a ribbon, I was taken with how bold the colors were in Janet’s SOTM (139, top framed piece in Photo 3) and how the aqua cooled the piece down. Noelle from NJNA also caught up with last year’s SOTM designed by Debbie Rowley, Linda Reinmiller, Mary Knapp, and Pat Hartman (132, bottom framed piece in Photo 3). It was created for ANG Stitch of the Month in 2019 as a Mystery Project. All ANG SOTM designs which began in 1998 are available free to all members (see

Photo 3

There were 2 flags (do not know who the Commercial designer is) that have all the states listed by dates of admission into the United States. Margaret stitched one (140, 3rd Place) and Cynthia stitched hers with Virginia in another color because she lives in Virginia (102, 2nd Place, top piece in Photo 4).

Photo 4

A few familiar names to me who all won awards across a variety of categories included Norma Hiller (305, 306), Christin Loudon (307, Commercial Canvaswork Multi-Stitch Senior) for her 4-piece patriotic train which is sitting on the mantle in Photo 4, Donna LaBranche (381, 382), Ruth Dilts (478-479), Theresa Baird (483) for an original Multi-stitch Sampler Senior, Donna Pence (491), and Catherine Jordan’s original designs, Pilgrim Map and Whale Tales Journal (808-810, see where she’ll be teaching them later this year on her website at

Norma Hiller (306) and Donna LaBranche (381) both stitched Ambrosia Honey which was published in EGA’s magazine, Needle Arts, in the June 2017, September 2017, December 2017 and March 2018 issues (see Norma’s is in the middle column, 3rd from the top in Photo 5. Also, in the middle column of Photo 5 are 2 pieces that didn’t get ribbons but really caught my attention. The top one by Natalie is a Counted Cross Stitch Commercial piece of a train in a city scene in a bottle (363). It was too high to get a good look at but the appearance of the glass and all the shading is fantastic especially around the edges and top in front of the cork. And, Whirligig designed by Joan Zimmerman (131, bottom one) by Joan from NJNA is striking and what a great frame. Shirley stitched Deborah Forney’s Healing Labyrinth 1 (173, Honorable Mention, left column, 2nd from the top in Photo 5) (looks like Deborah only has a Facebook page under ‘Deborah Forney Needlework’). An original design was cropped out of Photo 5. The Quilting Angel designed by Jim Shore was stitched by Michele (911, right column, top one).

Photo 5

Mary got 1st Place for her adaptation of a 2016 EGA Correspondence Course, Bargello Challenge, offered by Gail Stafford (347, upper left piece in Photo 6). I can’t find Gail’s website but she teaches regularly through ANG and EGA (try contacting either organization).

It was great to see Barbara’s Mystery of Life designed by Sue Reed (433, upper right corner of Photo 6) because I’d recently seen my Main Line Stitchers chapter member Linda’s finished piece. At, you can find her piece(s).

Photo 6

Donna Pence’s 32-count miniature tiger stitched on gauze won 1st Place and the Pope-Leighey Award (491, Commercial Senior, right column 4th one from top). In the second column from the right, 2nd from the top (344), Jim stitched a piece that was on the cover of Cross Stitch & Needlework, May/June 2000 issue. In the left column, 4th from the top (358, 1st Place), Caroline used Danish Flower thread, a thread I’ve never seen but I did find it online in the US at Alex-Paras NeedleArts, from a Danish kit.

Photo 7

There is another amazing piece depicting the Copenhagen Harbor by Caroline (359, Commercial Cross Stitch Senior, 2nd Place) that used a large variety of colors of Danish Flower Thread in the piece sitting on the mantle in Photo 8. The kit was from the Danish Handcraft Guild and measures 6 feet wide and 12 inches tall. I get lots of hits for books and kits using the term ‘Danish Handcraft Guild’. And, I found the North House Folk School teaching Danish Embroidery and so much more with fiber art, beading, basketry, and hand-sewn leather projects in Grand Marais, MN (see

Photo 8

Ruth’s frame around a mirror (479, Commercial Canvaswork Multi-Stitch Senior, piece on the bottom in Photo 9) had some quite interesting patterns with some sparkling threads. This is a Susan Porta design. No wonder I liked it. I have several of Susan’s pieces in my To Do pile (see Don’t know how I could have avoided having my shirt and purse strap showing in the mirror. Also pictured (144, in the middle of Photo 9) is another SOTM by Linda with NJNA done in bold colors and again with some cooling blues that I like as much as any of the others. The Pilgrim lady (447, on the top of Photo 9) is an ancestor of Patti, the stitcher, who used her own hair to enhance the piece.

Photo 9

There was another stitched frame done in cross stitch by Mary (419, Commercial, right piece in Photo 10) that caught my eye as well perhaps because the stitching is red against a black and white photo or because the inner corners are not squared.

Photo 10

In 2016, they allowed pieces for sale (at the request of the stitcher & priced by the stitcher with a commission applied). This year 30 pieces are for sale ranging from $50 to $5,000. I’m not going to show them but a peacock with a sculpted mat (928, Commercial Beadwork) and a tree with the sun chasing away winter (500, Original Surface Embroidery) that are the most expensive ones are heavily beaded and very colorful.

Speaking of beads, the piece done by Patricia in entirely in Delica Beads (Commercial Beadwork, not for sale) was absolutely amazing (453, top piece in Photo 11). I just love Monet & this depicts the colors in his Garden at Giverney. The Paris skyline (129, Commercial Canvaswork Multi-stitch, middle piece in Photo 11) was done by Rosie from NJNA and got 2nd Place. The stitch selection for the sky is quite different (not sure what it is) and shading really caught my eye. And, I’m not familiar with the designer of the geometric done by Kathryn, an original member of Nelly’s Needlers, (475, Commercial Canvaswork Multi-Stitch Senior, bottom piece in Photo 11) but the colors are amazing. It won 1st Place and the Adelaide Bolte Award.

Photo 11

There were 2 Commercial designs both stitched by Nancy with NJNA that I was familiar with including Diane Herrmann’s Walking The Water’s Edge (322, Canvaswork, Multi-stitch, top piece in Photo 12) which I have stitched (see for her designs). And, Tropical Punch (320, Canvaswork, Multi-stitch, 2nd place, bottom piece in Photo 12) designed by Deb Rowley (see An original design was cropped out of the photo.

Photo 12

Laura Perin’s Daffodil Collage done by Sondra (948, 2nd Place, top piece in Photo 13) reminds me that it is in my To Do pile. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at her designs ( Also in Photo 13 on the bottom is a beautiful example of Japanese Embroidery done by T Ann (397, Commercial Senior, 3rd Place).

Photo 13

Under A Copper Moon designed by Toni Gerdes was stitched by Barbara (368, 2nd Place, Photo 14). Toni uses a batik fabric applique in the lower left corner and a hot foil technique to create the first layer of the moon which is later appliqued in place. With the variety of techniques, I have been intrigued by this piece. And, I love the colors. See Toni’s website ( and where she’ll be teaching later this year.

Photo 14

I stitched Michele Robert’s CyberWorkshop called The Exodus Breastplate as did Marilyn Court Photo 15). Also, in the room is Marilyn’s piece from an ANG Correspondence Course from 1996 called Old Staffordshire designed by Kathleen Rake (bottomright corner in Photo 16). Neither are available now. You can see both and more past award winners in the special exhibit room upstairs that is celebrating the 45th anninersary of Nelly’s Needlers. There are several other special exhibits to check out including The Fiber Art of Roxana Alger Geffen (a local artist), The Shenandoah Valley Tapestry (spearheaded by the Winchester Chapter of EGA; 81 stitchers from US and around the world brought this piece to life along with 1,400 people who took just one stitch in the piece including myself), and Girl Power which are pieces created by children representing our next generation of crafters.

Photo 15
Photo 16

There wasn’t as many goldwork pieces as usual but what I did see was lovely including a small bird stitched by Raven (175, Commercial, 2nd Place), Sue Ellen’s butterfly (309, Commercial, 1st Place, Photo 17), Joyce’s Fleur de Lys (312, Commercial), Susan’s original design of a shell (407, 1st Place), and a purse with a long feather (874, Commercial, Honorable Mention).

Photo 17

There was a set of kneelers (329-333, 335-338, 439) all of which got Honorable Mention except for Barbara’s which got 2nd Place (335). They were all done with excellent technique. So, my guess is that Barbara who is also the designer of the original pieces got 2nd Place.

Many of the Commercial cross stitch pieces are very impressive because of all the detail cross stitch allows and partly because they are so large. I liked Lisa’s dog in leaves (110), Escher stairs with 50 shades of grey stitched by Michelle (319), Theresa’s A Stitch in Time (designed by Aimee Stewart – google her designs) which depicts 4 seasons, different rooms, sewing implements, and 20 stitchers throughout time (365, 3rd Place), Ronda Lynn’s A Bowl of Christmas which is a large framed half circle of a Christmas scene that was too pretty to be used as tree skirt (366), Renata’s rainbow band sampler which reminds me of an un-Twisted Rainbow Sampler by Northern Expressions Needlework that I saw there a few years ago but it’s probably not their design (858, 1st Place, Photo 18), Michelle’s large elegant lady (862, bottom left piece in Photo 6), Michele’s The Joy of a Beautiful Quilt (911, upper right piece in Photo 5), Annie’s red heart outlined by black stitching (923) and another large sleeping lady (942, bottom right piece in Photo 6). And, Doris’ original design of Santa with a flowing robe delivering a beautiful tree (941, Honorable Mention).

Photo 18

Bill used his People’s Choice vote for Anita’s original design Year of the Woman – From the Dawn of Time because of the originality and research involved. There are 180 of the most famous women throughout history based on contributions to society and the world that are depicted in the piece (486, Cross Stitch, 2nd Place). You can see this at the ANG New Jersey Needle Artists blog.

I voted for Karen’s original design of 4 seascapes (449, Surface Embroidery) that won 1st Place and a Judge’s Award. It really makes you hear the ocean, one of my favorite sounds. You can see this piece (diamond shaped piece as a whole and close up for each of the four sections) at EGA’s website

Before we left, I purchased a new guest bathroom towel stitched by a Nelly Needler (Photo 19).

Photo 19

Lastly, please leave a comment with the name and/or designer of any pictured pieces. Others may be interested. Many thanks. And, I hope you make the trip to see all the pieces in person. It’s a wonderful exhibit.

Monthly Zentangle Class
February 12, 2020, 3:43 pm
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Since our weather has been so cooperative here in Philly, I have gone out at night to a church in Chestnut Hill for Mindy Shapiro’s 2-hour class in January and February. She is a certified Zentangle teacher that I took a class from back in November.

Last month, we did a round piece (4.5″ diameter) which was a Klimt-inspired design. I’m very excited about an ANG Cyberpointers Workshop for Klimt Kimono by Toni Gerdes which starts May 1, 2020.

This month, we did the same heart-shaped design on 4 small 2″ squares to form a mosaic for Valentine’s Day.

My Micron pens, pencils, and tortillion tools grew enough to warrant a case which lots of room to hold more.

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Christmas in January Brings a Beautiful Project Bag for my Blanton’s Bottle
January 4, 2020, 12:27 pm
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Getting together to celebrate the holidays with Linda in January is nice because the hustle and bustle of the season is winding down. You’ve got to see Little Women (my husband enjoyed it too). And, dinner and drinks is always a good time.

Linda is an excellent needlepointer and quilter! She tried out a new design for a project bag for my Christmas gift. It is excellently crafted. Such beautiful fabrics inside and out. Love the colors. Two pockets on the outside (one on each side), 3 open pockets inside on one side and a zippered pocket on the other side. And, there is a matching thread bag, a must for any project bag. I’m very happy that Linda moved back to Philly and joined my ANG Main Line chapter. I always enjoy her company.

As Linda and Bill enjoyed Maker’s Mark bourbon before dinner, I was reminded that I had not posted the Blanton’s (my favorite bourbon) canvas that I got at Rittenhouse Needlepoint before Christmas.

So, I will place the Blanton’s canvas in my new project bag! A perfect fit and I will make this my monthly Stitch-in project.

Does anyone know if there is a stitch guide for this canvas? Does anyone have any threads or stitches to suggest?

2019 in Review and A Preview
January 2, 2020, 11:27 am
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Thanks to the 6,900 visitors to my blog last year. It’s been a great year of needlepoint and am looking forward to my annual review. Stitching on each project is so focused that I enjoy reminiscing about the year’s accomplishments. I also like to consider what will excite me going into 2020. In fact, I got so involved yesterday with my new class that I forgot to finish and post this! For Lesson 1 of Making Stitches Work For You”, a 4-month design ANG Cyberworkshop class with Carolyn Mitchell, we get to make stitch samplers on paper or for me more practice on my computer. I came up with this yesterday 4.5″. I’ll make more another time. Before I stitch, I want to get around 25 bands covering 12″.

Practice Design 15 bands 82 threads

One of the most exciting and challenging projects of 2019 was writing up instructions for Crescent Journey. It is a 43-page booklet with 56 diagrams that I worked on as I stitched the design again in a “Beach” colorway. Linda completed stitching a “Neutral” colorway as she proofed those instructions. She provided great input. Now, there are 9 people from my ANG Main Line Chapter who decided to stitch Crescent Journey. Several are choosing their own colorways but “Neutral” was the most popular with 4 choosing that one. It’s divided into 12 parts. So, we are stitching it as a year long project.

My 12″ square geometric piece (largest and most complicated design to date) was begun after 2018’s ANG Seminar 3-day design class with Kathy Rees and got an Honorable Mention award in the non-professional original design category at Seminar in 2019.

Several of my Hearts for Hospice were published in Needle Pointers (January/February 2019 and July/August/September 2019 issues). It’s been great fun making the diagrams and seeing them published is fantastic! I learned how to diagram in Excel from Cynthia Thomas at Seminar in 2017 in just one day! It has taken time to get better with it (just as with most things) but I love doing it.

I tutored a woman who wanted to learn to stitch partly as therapy to recover from an illness and regain her hand dexterity. Since she couldn’t drive, I went to her house several times. I was glad to help and she kept getting better as she continued.

I got Third Place overall and a First Place for Stitch category in Needle Me’s needlepoint contest. By accepting the store gift certificate prize, I have, in the eyes of ANG, become a “professional”. This is the official ANG position:

  • Winning prize money at a county fair is a gift for his/her achievement and excellence in his/her needlework. A professional makes money by teaching, judging, working for a designer to make stitched samples of her designs, or stitching a design for a client/a commission. The gift certificate from the shop falls under the same as prize money from the county fair.

So, after 10 years (2010-2019) of entering pieces into the ANG Seminar exhibit as a non-professional, I will start submitting pieces in 2020 with the professionals. I better step up my game!

And, to do that, I have begun the Canvas Master Craftsman Program through EGA. There are 6 steps. Step 1 was to show proficiency in 10 stitches using a provided design and in a monochromatic color scheme with only 5 values. I stitched three fish in yellows and passed with distinction. A good start indeed.

All the “new” pieces (first 5 listed) begun in 2018 were completed in 2019! That’s really amazing to find out. And, I got even more done too. One is from the “been sitting around for a few years” pile. The rest were started and completed in 2019. One of the reasons more projects were not started was because I was running out of bars! I decided enough was enough and wanted to finish what I had already started.

  • Golden Friends by Toni Gerdes which is a counted design provided to members of the ANG Golden Needle Society. I got tons of compliments on it at the ANG Seminar this year. I carry my travel needlepoint supplies in there. So, I use it for
  • Lotus Kimono, a painted canvas by Lee which is part of an ongoing project at my ANG Main Line Chapter to see how different stitch guides are written. I’m selecting my own stitches and threads. Watch for this in an upcoming issue of Needle Pointers.
  • Winter Scene Sleigh, a painted canvas by Alice Peterson which is also part of the ANG Main Line stitch guide project.
  • Patchwork of Peace, a counted design of the United States flag by Mary Clark Donegan, consists of 247 different blocks of reds, whites/ecru, and blues. I am using supplements by Connie Camp but on Congress Cloth and am using my own threads.
  • A poppies Stitch & Zip eyeglass case.
  • Sisters, a Nancy Cucci piece from a 2016 pilot class, is the only really old project completed.
  • Crescent Journey in a “Beach” colorway.
  • Tahitian Treat, my 12″ geometric design.
  • A Dusting of Snow, a Gail Stafford 2-day class with my ANG Keystone Garden Chapter.
  • A leaf, using Access Commodities’ Silk Luster Leaf Exercise Kit
  • Marion Scoular’s Star Sapphire Four-way Florentine Box Insert from Needlepoint Now July/August 1999 – a project from my ANG Keystone chapter
  • Hearts for Hospice – I stitched 5 hearts.
  • Two of the Christmas Diamonds ornaments by Kurdy Biggs from the Needlepoint Now November/December 2015 issue.
  • A couple of small ornaments I designed using a single stitch pattern.
  • Love Paws for a graduation gift.
  • A needlepoint contest at Needle Me using a line drawn canvas with 5 geometric shapes.
  • Edward Scissorfish Scissors Holder with Cleo from Busy Lizzy leading several of us from my EGA Brandywine chapter (not stitched on canvas).
  • EGA three fish for Step 1 of the Canvas Master Craftsman Program.
  • And, a piece that I can’t divulge details at this time.

Not everything I began was finished. Here’s what I started in 2019 (adding to the list of uncompleted projects):

  • A Toast to Tiffany, my ANG Seminar 2019 class with Kay Stanis.
  • Barbara’s Patchwork, a monthly ANG Stitch of the Month from 1999, that my ANG Main Line chapter decided to stitch this year.
  • Another geometric using 21 stitches for Step 2 of the Canvas Master Craftsman Program.

Of course, I obtained some projects (either painted canvases or instructions for counted designs) that went into my stash. I have not nor will I keep track of that! But, I did not seek out projects or canvases when I visited needlepoint store this year. I tried to get threads for some of projects that I hope to begin after finishing up what has been started. Speaking of needlepoint stores visited this year . . .

My travels took me to:

  • Houston Texas for Needle House, Stitches in Time, Chaparral, and Chandail with Linda and Kristen.
  • Hendersonville, North Carolina for Sandy’s X-Stitch On The Go (with way more to offer than just cross stitch).
  • Rehoboth Beach, DE for a visit to Stitch Stash & the outlets with Buff and Kristen.
  • Bermuda on a cruise with Jean Farish and Diane Hermann (who gave us all a magnet of Walking the Water’s Edge – I’d already taken that class with her). Bill, Buff, Kristen, and Linda were on board too.
  • Rehoboth Beach, DE to lead my Chapter Project Book piece called Overdyed Spools to the ANG Delaware Seashore chapter.
  • Alexandria, VA for the Woodlawn Needlepoint Show.
  • Philadelphia, PA at Rittenhouse Needlepoint for a Bead and Ribbon class with Sandra Arthur.

I made some progress on the painted canvas Vases and my ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter has made this a project – so, it will be finished in 2020. But, I didn’t make much progress on these painted canvases: Swirling Leaves, Embracing Horses, JP Bird of Paradise & Bamboo, and JP Orange Orchid & Bamboo. Other projects begun as far back as 2011 include Stitches in Sterling, Tar River Trail, Rozashi – Patterns in Blue and Green, and Fire and Ice will still be there for me. Will I get back to these before beginning new projects? Maybe some but there are already fun projects and events scheduled for 2020 including:

  • Continuing the EGA Master Craftsman Canvas program. Link:
  • “Making Stitches Work For You”, a 4-month design ANG Cyberworkshop class with Carolyn Mitchell beginning January 1.
  • Woodlawn Exhibit in Alexandria, VA in March.
  • New Jersey Needle Fest in May in Summerset, NJ and a Summer Getaway in July in Wayne, PA (both run by Needleworker’s Delight).
  • ANG Seminar in Tuscon in August for another band sampler called Interchange and 21st Century Designer both with Linda Reinmiller.

Thanks for following along with me this past year and I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures over the coming year! Hope you have a healthy, happy New Year.

Christmas 2019 with Gay Ann Rogers and Susan Sturgeon Roberts

I asked Santa for Gay Ann Roger’s series of designs inspired by Downton Abbey including the Countess, Lady Mary, and Lady Edith. Hopefully, she adds a fourth based on the Dowager Countess.

And, I expect to learn a lot from Susan Sturgeon Roberts in her book, Tips & Techniques for Needlepoint. After some cooking, I will settle down with this.

Happy Holidays to all!