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Exploring Woodlawn’s 60th Annual Needlework Exhibit 2023
March 7, 2023, 5:09 pm
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Bill and I made it to Woodlawn early this year. The main exhibit has a little over 400 pieces. One lady said they will be placing photos of the pieces in an online exhibit (probably in mid-April) but another thought it was too cost prohibitive based on the number who paid to see it last year and how much the professional photographer charged. Hopefully, they do; and so, I am going to limit the photos I show in hopes you support them online. My photos did not turn out great this year anyway – no close ups allowed (enlarging blurred them) and the light was bright in the windows casting shadows. A good number of them are above eye level making photos long distance anyway.

I found out more about the couch that you can see on Woodlawn’s website. It’s all Nancy B’s original design, and took her 20 years to complete (during the 70-90s). She’s in her 80s now. It must be on Penelope canvas because there is Petite point (small stitches for the motifs) and Gros point (large stitches for the background). It got our vote for the People’s Choice award. Her scenes are amazing front and back! Even the pattern incorporated into the background is interesting (but was impossible to photograph).

Three people (Patti Lynn T, Mary L, and Louise W) stitched and entered my design Overdyed Spools which I taught at the EGA Mid-Atlantic Regional Fall meeting in 2021. It uses an overdyed thread of their choice. Patti Lynn replaced the center spools for a nametag and placed it on a bag. Mary added a black inner border for pop and Louise added beads. I’ve see quite a number of the finished pieces from a variety of EGA chapters and am so glad people are enjoying the piece and making it their own. In fact, I’ll be joining a joint meeting of the EGA chapters Susquehanna/Molly Pitcher Stitchers this coming weekend. Sherri G is teaching it and I will discuss several pieces of mine that manipulated overdyed threads.

The original pieces by other people (which I won’t show without permission) were quite amazing. The surface embroidery of snowflakes captured in negative and positive space by Tina T was stunning. Ekaterina S’s Snowy Evening was stitched on artist’s canvas (docents said she was new to this country and didn’t know what “canvas” meant). Hers was originally placed in the “canvaswork multi-stitch” category but later must have been switched to “surface embroidery” because artist’s canvas is not a countable ground. Her piece titled Autumn is on the same artist’s canvas and is stunning with mist appearing to float up into the hills of green, yellow, and red trees.

I recognized quite a few designs and can name the designer (google will find their websites): Royal Kimono by Toni Gerdes, American Beauty by DebBee’s Design, 3 versions of Stratigraphy by Jennifer Riefenberg (ANG Stitch of the Month 2021), 2 versions of Long Time Gone Stitching by Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes of Beautiful Stitches), Fibonacci Swirls by Olivia Hartshorn (Needle Pointers Mar/Apr 2022), Star of Stitches (Stitch of the Month 2020), Winter Logs and Serenity by Kathy Rees, Anasazi Dream/Song/Spirit by Carole Lake, Stacked Rectangles by Susan Hoekstra, Gordian Knot by Rachel Atkinson (past ANG Correspondence Course), Pyramids by Wendy Moore, 2 versions of Circles of Life by Lorraine Salt, Woven Ribbons (May/June 1999 Needlepoint Now magazine), Candles Bright by Mary Knapp, Patchwork Evergreen by Janet Casey. There are even a few more I’ve seen but I’m not sure of the designer.

I hope my Main Line Stitchers select Fibonacci Swirls next year. Sue C did a lovely job selecting her own threads.

Linda M of ANG Main Line Stitchers stitched Rainbow Butterflies (a Laurel Burch canvas) for a chapter program discussion of selecting threads for a painted canvas last year and I was thrilled to see it in the exhibit! Congratulations to Linda on a blue ribbon for the Stratigraphy she stitched with threads selected from her stash.

Cecilia, one of the members of ANG Main Line Stitchers, recently contacted me about potential stitches for The Plague Doctor (a full length robed piece). So, I was surprised to see a different version by Stephanie St.C appear at Woodlawn. Cecilia shared the story behind these pieces (wiki it for the details) but that pointed thing is a mask. A Google search reveals its popularity is widespread.

The number of blackwork pieces were more than I remember from last year and they were all amazing. Abigail’s Sampler by Claudia K is impressive because it is reversible and framed on a stand so you can see both sides. The Flower Basket by Michael Ann B is so crisp and bright with the gold outlines. Save the Stitches by Cheryl W is a sampler of all different (130+) patterns intertwined with hints of a rosy-purple adding more interest throughout the piece. It is designed by Liz Almond. And, German Sampler 1661 by Sally P hangs like a large bellpull consisting of band after band of various blackwork patterns. I really am hard pressed to select my favorite in this category but the complexity of the large number of interlocking patterns seen in Save the Stitches edged out the others.

The Japanese Embroidery is beautiful but my favorite is Weeping Cherry by Mary Louise S because of the gentleness of the colors and falling leaves.

Not as much goldwork on exhibit as in past years but a simple and elegant blue ribbon winner of goldwork by Alison K called Queen Anne’s Lace gets my vote for favorite goldwork piece.

Samplers range in variety as usual from traditional to more modern and my featured sampler is by Linda M from NJ Needle Artists who puts a lot of effort into supporting Woodlawn. Congrats to Linda for a Blue Ribbon with Thanksgiving Sampler.

Cross-stitch was not forgotten this year. The geometrics (both designed by Ink Circles), Circular Lights by Jill B and Tangled Fire by C Tobias are beautiful. You can practically smell the Blue Hydrangeas by Lauren B. Bravery by Sumira O is a huge lion head mounted on a shield with a sword piercing his head on a diamond background. But the shading obtained by Tiffany in A Mother’s Love Sepia Elephants (designed by Carolyn Thornton) is lovely and despite being much smaller than the lion, I am partial to elephants.

I wish I could go through all the categories but there is so much diversity, I’d never get back to stitching!

The EGA Constellation chapter and Oatlands chapter celebrated their 50th and 40th anniversaries while the ANG Shenandoah Valley celebrated their 20th anniversary with quite a prolific and diverse collection of needlework. Congratulations to all 3 chapters! I couldn’t tell which pieces were with each chapter but my 3 selections are Asymmetrical Copper by Jeff Kulick (love this colorway; instructions are in the Nov/December 2020 issue of Needle Pointers magazine), Ruby Razzle Dazzle by Ann Strite-Kurz (so intense looking and instructions are in my stash), and a saying that about sums it all up (designer unkown; perhaps a Victorian motto).

My 1,001st Post is: Night Owl Visits Woodlawn

With my last post, WordPress informed me that I have posted 1,000 times! Wow, that’s a lot but I’ve been doing this since 2010. So, I was trying to decide what my 1,001 post would be. I’ve been stitching on projects that I don’t want share until they are done (Step 6 of the EGA Master Craftsman Canvas program and pieces for future Needle Pointers magazine articles).

However, I am preparing to head to south to see the 60th Annual Woodlawn Needlework Show. I found the list of all the entrants where they include the award winners ( and where you can see photos of the special award winners including a couch (!) by Nancy Buckley, Birch Forest-French Alps by Norma Campbell’s (I love her pieces), Oklahoma Gothic by Darci Lenker (my husband looked at these online and thought this one was a photo!), and Cray Cray Bird by Barbara Levy (a member of ANG NJ Needle Artists/NJNA) to name a couple. The Woodlawn Needlepoint Show runs the whole month of March in Alexandria, VA (closed Tuesdays). There are a little over 400 judged entries this year (up 100 pieces compared to last year), special exhibits ( including 3 EGA/ANG chapters celebrating milestone anniversaries, and a variety of programs ( including a couple virtual.

Well, my Night Owls flew south hitching a ride with other members of NJNA and was awarded Second Place in the Original Design category. I did share this piece back in August. It is my original design from Step 5 of the EGA Master Craftsman Canvas program ( The wings are appliqued in place.

I will report more after I see the show but wanted to remind everyone that the 60th Woodlawn Needlework Show has started and is well worth the trip. Even exploring the website offers some opportunities and eye catching pieces.

Woodlawn Virtual Needlework Show opened April 15
April 21, 2022, 1:05 pm
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The Woodlawn Virtual Needlework Show opened April 15.  The link is shown below.  

Tickets are $12.00 and the purchase allows you to access as often as you like through May 31, 2022.  You are also able to access the recordings of three of the programs that were held during March – African American Needlework in the Colonial and Antebellum South (Kathy Staples); Shared Sampler Threads (Barbara Hutson of Queenstown Sampler Designs); and Passing on the Tradition of Needlearts: Community Conversation

Thanks to Linda M from ANG New Jersey Needle Artists for sending a reminder to chapter members.

Woodlawn Needlework Exhibit 2022
March 31, 2022, 11:11 am
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March means the Woodlawn Needlework Show. The weather did not cooperate with our schedule and Bill and I didn’t get to visit until March 30. It was chilly and sunny (so photos may not be great due to glare or appear washed out – sorry) but no rain. It is unfortunate to see the number of judged entries has dropped to 296. But, the quality is more important than sheer numbers and it is always a joy to share and celebrate needlework.

Plus, there was a wonderful display of over 60 pieces by the Winchester Chapter of EGA who were celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Among pieces displayed by the Winchester Chapter were 3 of Toni Gerdes designs Klimt Kimono (a WIP for me), Autumn 3-Ways (a class I’m taking in October 2022 with the Central Jersey Chapter), and Bronze Purse (I finished stitching it but never did anything with it – I love what this person did with it). The fourth, is Donna’s 32-count miniature tiger stitched on gauze that won 1st Place and the Pope-Leighey Award in 2020 and one of our favorites! Good to see it again.

And, there were a number of pieces by Eleanor Parke Custis Lewis aka Nelly for whom the Nelly’s Needlers were named after. The design for the fireplace screen is available in the gift store and the others are pieces from the 1800’s on perforated paper!

Speaking of Nelly’s Needlers, the folks who run the exhibit, always sell ginger cookies and we got some. I also picked up this bargello purse they called Nelly’s Purse. I love how the design looks open as much as when it’s closed. The finishing is impeccable. I found out the purse was designed by Pat Mazu for her journeyman level Master Teacher Program and named it Flowers on a Trailing Vine. Pat taught it 3 times, once in the Potomac/Washington DC area. No wonder I fell in love with it. Pat’s designs are amazing!

Now, on to the main exhibit. I did ask and was told that they will definitely be placing photos of the pieces in an online exhibit again this year. I don’t have an exact date. So, I am going to limit the photos I show in hopes you support them online. Looking at them online is like seeing the exhibit again but from a different viewpoint. It can be a lot to take in at one time. So, seeing it again online is great. And, their photos will not be taken with glare or sun streaming into the room.

Apparently, the Beach colorway of my Crescent Journey impressed these judges more than the original colorway did in 2019 because this version got a 2nd Place Award. They did not offer critiques but I do believe this colorway is more balanced and allows the crescents to be seen better.

I was one of the four ANG New Jersey Needle Artists (NJNA) to submit the Star of Stitches by Kathy Rees which was an ANG Stitch of the Month for 2020. Linda and I framed ours, Sue made hers into a tray, and Diane made hers into a pillow. Rosie, Sue (Honorable Mention), and Linda all members of the NJNA also sent Celestial Twist. The ANG Main Line Stitchers followed suite this year stitching Celestial Twist too and Heather got hers done quickly enough to enter it as well. Seeing multiple colorways of the same design is fantastic. You’ll be able to see the NJNA pieces on their blog at some point.

Speaking of Heather, Patti Lynn stitched her design called Once in a Blue Moon which was published in the EGA magazine, Needle Arts, in September 2020. And, Patti Lynn also stitched my design Overdyed Spools which I taught at the EGA Mid-Atlantic Regional meeting this past October using an overdyed thread of her choice. I love how Patti Lynn’s turned out. What is the chances the same woman would stitch both our designs and exhibit them in the same year! Very cool.

There were a good number of counted cross-stitch pieces that were stunning. In fact, Bill’s second People’s choice award went to Dimensions Lakeside Village by Elizabeth (readily found on a Google search). And, I love the Starry Night by Erin- several versions are available through a Google search but I think it might be by Artecy Cross Stitch. Both are cross stitch and such detail is achieved.

Speaking of Bill’s People Choice vote, his went to Heather’s Philadelphia Sunrise (Honorable Mention) which she did as Step 4 of the EGA Master Craftsman Canvas program. It incorporated 8 bargello patterns (all had to touch but did not have to cover the entire canvas). It is an original design that has not been published and so I will not show it here. It really does capture our city skyline. My People’s Choice vote went to an original work by Beth called Triptych on Blue which is all beads in 3 different yet coordinated designs. Her other original designs were equally as impressive: Fall Leaves (better than the next 2 that won awards in my opinion), Silver Roots (1st Place), and Blue Waterfall (2nd Place and Judge’s Choice Award) which were all beading draped on/around different bottles. Again, I won’t post pictures of original designs – you’ll have to see the exhibit online!

I was interested to see 3 versions of Maharajah’s Elephant by Kathy (left), Patti Lynn (center), and Kathleen (right) because the ear is appliqued onto the main canvas. The applique technique appears to be slightly different than what must be done for Step 5 of the EGA Master Craftsman program that I am working on now. The elephant is a design by Mary Long and was available through EGA ( Again, seeing multiple colorways of a piece is such fun and these were all in the same room making it easy to view in person.

Under the category of Counted Thread: Blackwork, Cheryl submitted 2 pieces from Peppermint Purple’s (Google search finds them easily) 2020 and 2021 Stitch-a-longs (First Place). There are many lovely designs on their website. The only other Blackwork on display was in the Winchester Chapter exhibit of one of a butterfly and another of some flowers. I have only done a very small square of Blackwork. It’s lovely but didn’t seem easy which may be why there aren’t a lot of them on display any given year. It probably would get easier once you get used to it. I’m not sure if the addition of the text is Chery’s idea or was part of the design but it’s cute.

The following award winners are all submitted under a Commercial design heading which means they are available to the public. If anyone knows who the designer is for any of these, please leave a comment. There are lots more in these and other categories.

Under the category of Canvaswork: Multi-stitch (4+) was Sonoma Rose by Joanne (Second Place; left photo). She had to lay long threads and they are perfect.

Under Canvaswork: Traditional (which must mean less than 4 different canvas stitches were employed) was Cheri’s Favorite by Cheri (First Place; center photo). I love the use of all overdyed threads.

Under the category of Embroidery: Goldwork was Kingfisher by Stephanie (First Place; shown in the right photo as a close up without the frame for details). I don’t recall seeing any colored goldwork and the way she applied the gold to appear like feathers is fantastic.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the online exhibit once it is made available because you’ll see lots more great needlework. A few of the special award winners can be found on the Woodlawn & Pope-Leighey House Facebook page (keep scrolling down).

Star of Stitches, Framed and Arrived at Woodlawn

The Star of Stitches by Kathy Rees was an ANG Stitch of the Month for 2020 and the ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter followed ANG’s New Jersey Needle Artists (NJNA) chapter stitching it a year later. We gained some good insights by seeing how they made out. Main Line enjoys selecting their own colorways as much as NJNA.

I have been hitching a ride to Woodlawn with NJNA for a couple of years now. And, since Zoom offered the opportunity to join them, I am now a member of that chapter too. I finished and framed Star of Stitches in time to accompany theirs into the 2022 Woodlawn exhibit. They have been scattered throughout the exhibit as a scavenger hunt opportunity for kids attending the exhibit.

The frame came from Jim at Reppening Fine Arts in Audubon, NJ. He had just brought it out of the back room for the first time in a year. It was sitting on the work table and was the fastest selection of a frame ever!

I’m also sending Crescent Journey in the beach colorway. In 2019, I had sent the original colorway which didn’t get a ribbon although it did get a favorable critique with constructive comments that I hope this colorway addresses. Jim framed this too.

Thanks again to Linda M (from NJNA) and her husband for taking all the pieces from NJNA for the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibit. They drove down in rain but the sun greeted them today for check-in. It’s wonderful that Woodlawn has made submission and check-in electronic. You upload a photo and print 2 forms per piece. Nothing needs to be attached to the piece now. It’s faster for all as well. I got an email as soon as Linda checked mine in.

Woodlawn’s 58th Needlework Show is Online and Photographs are Wonderful!
December 7, 2021, 10:57 am
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From Woodlawn’s email:

Woodlawn’s 58th Annual Needlework Show was earlier this year. Perhaps you weren’t able to make it to Woodlawn to see all the pieces, or maybe you came and want to see all the incredible work again!

If so, we proudly announce the second annual virtual showing of Woodlawn’s on-site Needlework Show. Our 2021 Needlework Show, “Hindsight 2020: Needlework Expressions of a Historic Year” is now available to view online! Purchasing a ticket allows you to peruse the hundreds of beautiful pieces that appeared as part of May’s in-person needlework show via our online platform. We are so excited to virtually share this wonderful show with you!

To purchase tickets, please visit the following link:

After you purchase your ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with a link and a password to view the Virtual Show, which you can view at your leisure from December 6, 2021 through January 6, 2022. Your ticket price helps us preserve this tradition and supports our efforts as we prepare for the 2022 Needlework Show.

Here’s a small sample of the photos & when you click on one, close up photos of that piece can be seen as well! They have really done a lot of work for the online exhibit & it’s wonderful.

A Spring Sampler Pillow

I realized that I never posted just the pillow of A Spring Sampler. This began as a result of a design class, Making Stitches Work For You, taught by Carolyn Mitchell through an ANG Cyberworshop that began January 2020. There were 4 lessons over 4 months with the opportunity to discuss issues with Carolyn and other students through messages. We had several very engaged members which led to wonderful discussions and mentoring from Carolyn.

A Spring Sampler is a symmetrical band sampler (9″ x 12″) that uses different stitches in each of the 21 bands (all my stitch choices and thread choices). To create additional symmetry, the stitches for bands on either side of the center band are related and use the same threads. This pattern of related bands continues as the bands progress outwards.

The pillow was finished by Needle Me in Havertown, PA. Her finisher was fast too considering all the delays I’ve heard about due to coronavirus. Very nice work.

My piece will be returning home shortly after spending the month of May at Woodlawn where it got a 2nd Place ribbon in original design multi-stitch 4+ category.

And, here it is flat before it was made into a pillow.

Follow-up on Woodlawn regarding Woman From the Dawn of Time
May 21, 2021, 7:52 pm
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My husband really liked Year of the Woman From the Dawn of Time depicting 218 women by Anita Barondes. And, there was a note by the piece that shirts with the design are available. So, we left a note in the box asking her to contact us. She did and here is a link ( to her site selling a wide variety of products that you can get the design printed on. I’m not affiliated with her but appreciate her entrepreneurship & wish her luck. Since her piece is pictured on her site, I am comfortable sharing the photo I took at Woodlawn.

Woodlawn Needlework Exhibit 2021

Luckily, Woodlawn postponed their Needlework exhibit from March to May due to coronavirus and many people are now vaccinated including my husband and I. Two of the New Jersey Needle Artists, Sue & Rosie, happened to mention that they go down through Delaware, Maryland, and over to Alexandria. We needed a break from staying in Alexandria and decided Annapolis would be a good alternative.

Normally, I keep this post needlepoint related but I love soup and have never seen or heard of two soups being served in the same bowl! So, I had to try it. Being in Maryland, the Boatyard Bar & Grill combined their spicy crab soup with crab bisque. Both were delicious and they stayed separate for most of the time it took me to eat. Amazing!

We had great weather but it was so sunny that the pictures are not all good (they allow glass covered pieces which causes glare unless museum glass is used). I will mention some of the big winners below. All of the winners of awards are listed on their website at:

Unfortunately, the number of submissions took a hit and was down to new all time low of 299. But, it was still a great exhibit. Most pieces were not hung so high that you had a hard time seeing them which has happened before. You enter from a different door and proceed along room to room.

The first room we entered had both my pieces. The Lee’s Flying Cranes Wedding Kimono popped out at us. It got 2nd Place in the Commercial category. This piece was part of an article published in Needle Pointer’s magazine (Mar/Apr 2020 issue). It was compared by a certified judge to a basketweave stitched canvas of the same design. It’s an interesting discussion if you have not read it. Needle Pointers is a publication for ANG members and well worth joining ANG just for the magazine (6 issues per year;!

You can also see the fantastic owl, What R U Lookin’ At III, DDB-006 on the upper right side (one of the few ones up too high to get a good look at which was disappointing). Noelle Drollas, a member of NJNA, stitched it and it is part of an article, A Tale of Two Stitchers, in Needle Pointers (Mar/Apr 2021). Very interesting article. Several members of my Main Line Stitchers chapter are interested in stitching the owl too.

You have to turn around and look in the middle of the couch for my pillow. The last two years there were 2 and 7 original designs entered under Canvaswork Multi-Stitch (4+) Adult. This year there were 5 pieces. Mine is called A Spring Sampler that I had finished into a pillow at Needle Me in Havertown, PA. It is a 9″ x 12″ design and it got 2nd Place (325). No 3rd Place was awarded. Congratulations to Dawn Donnelly for Snow Drifted Pathways (101) for 1st Place and Jeffrey Kulick for Circles and Rustications (472) for Honorable Mention. I don’t feel comfortable sharing photos of original designs without permission of the designer. Dawn’s was a three dimensional all white piece and was very interesting. Here is mine which came about as a result of a design class led by Carolyn Mitchell called Making Stitches Work For You (my stitch and thread choices). Great class if you have a chance to take it.

I usually focus on the Canvaswork: Multi-stitch (4+) and Traditional pieces in the Commercial category. And this year had plenty to offer. I really appreciate the electronic submission process this year because the posted list of entries included the names of the pieces as did the tags. I reviewed the list beforehand and really enjoy seeing some of the designs I am familiar with in person including:

Sudoku Delight by Kathy Rees stitched by Jill Beare (476).

Autumn Crackers by Marilyn Owen stitched by Brenda Cote (439). This was from the 2015 ANG Chapter Project Book and is still in my stash to do!

Blueberry & Lime by Jeanne Polzin stitched by Brenda Cote (440; published in ANG Needle Pointers 2012, Number 3).

Glitz & Glamour Copper by DebBee’s Design stitched by Jeffrey Kulick (471).

ANG Stitch of the Month 2019 Mystery Project by designed by Debbie Rowley, Linda Reinmiller, Mary Knapp, and Pat Hartman which was stitched by several members of the ANG New Jersey Needle Artists Chapter including Sue Chadwick (321), Diane Burgess (323), Rosie Lunde (317), and Linda Mosch (339). They always come up with great colorways! NJNA has a great blog and post regularly ( All the information about the project can be found on the ANG website ( The last photo also includes Indian Autumn designed by Laura Perin stitched by Sondra Horn (544) which I really like too.

Holiday Patches by Susan Kerndt stitched by Marilyn Prado (201) is beautiful.

Holiday Patches by Susan Kerndt was also stitched by Sue Chadwick but in a non-holiday theme (322). I added this to my stash after the 2019 Woodlawn exhibit but have not gotten to yet. Seeing both these makes me want to pull it out. 

And, even though Rosie’s Holiday Patches went to California instead of Woodlawn, it is worth taking a look at her fishing themed piece at . Love her explanation of the blocks.

Winter Lights by Jennifer Riefenberg stitched by Rosie Lunde (318). I love the matching colors of the mat and frame.

Speaking of frames, there were several that were particularly appealing with their lovely coordinating framed needlepoint that really popped for me including Connie’s Quilts by Carol Tweedt (222) with the four inner frames (fillets?) matching the outer frame, Magnolia Pair (Tranquility) by Susan Porrazzo (120) has flowers on the wooden frame, and Poppy Pattern by Elizabeth Dichysyn (435) stitched a patterned mat within another mat and coordinating the frame color to the poppies, and Sunny Flower Hopscotch by Marilyn Prado (202) added painted flowers on the mat. While I am speaking of flowers, there was an original design (not photographed) by Ausra Merkelyte called Allium in a Dew which is categorized as surface embroidery with the flower done on a see through gauze (?) in a hoop hanging in a doorway. It reminds me of another piece in a previous exhibit. It’s a great effect.

Besides the canvas work, I particularly like to look at the Miniatures (32-count). There were only 5 pieces this year and all won an award (two 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd, and HM). Three projects were from Senior stitchers including My Japanese Maple, an adaption, stitched by Norma Campbell (221). She also won the Pope-Leighey Award and a Judge’s Choice.

Birdhouse Village designed by Lynne Tomlinsin Needlework and was stitched by Alison Kearney (545) was placed near one of the peacocks which were popular this year in the counted cross stitch category (117 by Emily Demsick won the Eleanor Curtis Lewis award, 104 by Richard Buchmiller, and 500 by Christinia Armstrong). And why not, they were gorgeous! Does the piece below the last peacock look familiar? It is the geometric from the EGA Master Craftsman Canvas program Step 2 stitched by Heather Gitlin (112).

There were a good number of samplers of various styles. My favorite was a very large, colorful, floral piece called Dutch Sampler by Patricia Young (200). An amazing beaded ensemble (jacket, hat, shoes; 510) by Sophia Shultz was in the stairway as you went upstairs. A good number of women, covid and Black Lives Matter themed pieces, mostly original designs were shown. Bill’s People Choice vote went to Women from the Dawn of Time (466) by Anita Barondes. There are 218 women depicted and cover performers, athletes, artists, musicians, writers, poets, healers, fighters, and leaders. Always nice to see a few juvenile entries. Congratulations to Nathalie Schelin for her Cathleen R Durkin award winner (555). I found out that my post can’t accept any more photos.

Congratulations to all the stitchers – fantastic work! And, to Nelly’s Needlers for putting on the exhibit. I picked up Daffodil which was stitched by one of the Nelly’s Needlers.

Woodlawn Exhibit Available Online
September 25, 2020, 7:45 am
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The 2020 Annual Needlework Show ended in the Woodlawn Mansion on August 2nd, but great news! With a donation today of just $12.00, you can download an online slideshow of the fantastic pieces submitted for the March 2020 event. Once your donation is processed, you will receive a unique “admission” link which will allow you to download the Show slideshow and view it at your convenience. This download will only be available until October 15, 2020.

Check it out at

It’s the first time that they have done this. And, I hope it won’t be the last.