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Rainbow Ribbons, Bands 4 and 5
December 24, 2020, 6:05 pm
Filed under: ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter, ANG Stitch of the Month, 2020

My ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter is stitching Rainbow Ribbons by Kam Wenzloff published in Nov/Dec 2019 issue of Needlepoint Now. We’re each using different threads from Colour Complements and they all look great.

The woven plait stitch and tied oblong cross stitch worked up quickly. Several members have gotten further along but I’ve got other projects going and it’s fun to switch from project to project.

With Saturday’s (December 26th) Zoom Stitch-in, I will be working on the next band. Happy Holidays to all!!

Color Complements Threads for ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter Projects

September starts another year for our ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter. We will start out with 2 new counted projects. Twelve of us are stitching Rainbow Ribbons by Kam Wenzloff from Needlepoint Now Nov/Dec 2019 issue. And, six of us are stitching the ANG 2020 Stitch of the Month (SOTM) with three of us switching from Watercolours to Color Complements.

Most the threads got distributed to folks over lunch outdoors at Nudy’s. Everyone is very excited about getting started.

Only 2 people selected the same color as the stitched model. The rest are a wonderful array of color. Not everyone is doing the 9 x 9 design size. There are a variety of sizes including two people who are doubling the width or length.