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My 1,001st Post is: Night Owl Visits Woodlawn

With my last post, WordPress informed me that I have posted 1,000 times! Wow, that’s a lot but I’ve been doing this since 2010. So, I was trying to decide what my 1,001 post would be. I’ve been stitching on projects that I don’t want share until they are done (Step 6 of the EGA Master Craftsman Canvas program and pieces for future Needle Pointers magazine articles).

However, I am preparing to head to south to see the 60th Annual Woodlawn Needlework Show. I found the list of all the entrants where they include the award winners ( and where you can see photos of the special award winners including a couch (!) by Nancy Buckley, Birch Forest-French Alps by Norma Campbell’s (I love her pieces), Oklahoma Gothic by Darci Lenker (my husband looked at these online and thought this one was a photo!), and Cray Cray Bird by Barbara Levy (a member of ANG NJ Needle Artists/NJNA) to name a couple. The Woodlawn Needlepoint Show runs the whole month of March in Alexandria, VA (closed Tuesdays). There are a little over 400 judged entries this year (up 100 pieces compared to last year), special exhibits ( including 3 EGA/ANG chapters celebrating milestone anniversaries, and a variety of programs ( including a couple virtual.

Well, my Night Owls flew south hitching a ride with other members of NJNA and was awarded Second Place in the Original Design category. I did share this piece back in August. It is my original design from Step 5 of the EGA Master Craftsman Canvas program ( The wings are appliqued in place.

I will report more after I see the show but wanted to remind everyone that the 60th Woodlawn Needlework Show has started and is well worth the trip. Even exploring the website offers some opportunities and eye catching pieces.

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Congratulations on your award! Night Owl deserved it!

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