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Second Coaster

As I said, I pulled out some 18 count graph paper and transferred the design there. It’s still the same size (4″x4″). But, I was able to get more details on the 18 count tan canvas particularly in the border because there are more canvas threads. It took longer (3 & 1/2 hours) to paint (again, with breaks).

I didn’t get the light blue as light this second time but the color doesn’t really matter for this coaster anyway.

Coaster on 18 count canvas
Coaster on 13 count canvas

For first attempts, I am happy with them and can easily and accurately stitch these. But, when I compare them to professionally painted canvases, I see room for improvement. There are specs of brown canvas showing on both of mine.

Close up 18 count canvas
Close up 13 count canvas

I already have a greater appreciation of the painted canvases and why they cost what they cost. On the other hand, I can easily stitch these from the diagram without spending the time painting first. But, this a simple geometric design.

Since I painted these, I might as well stitch them!

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