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Update regarding Tent Stitch Issue on a Diagonal

The center V is stitched as basketweave would be normally. For the left V, I laid the Ecru DMC Perle #8 thread first, stitched over it with DMC #5, then stitched the surrounding green with DMC #5. It pinched the #8 thread slightly more than the right V where I stitched the green first, laid the Ecru #8 thread, and then stitched over it with the DMC #5.

The left and right V appear to be essentially identical but the thread is still more visible than I expected.

I had to try reversing the colors. I only needed to lay one strand of green floss after stitching the ecru surrounding area first. You can not see the floss at all and the V is so much more evident.

So, I think that this works only with dark threads and would very useful for defining dark letters in pieces.

Classes for Painting Needlepoint Canvases with Nancy of Fancywork Finishing finished up on Wednesday. The third class went over mixing paints more and a variety of questions we had. No more classes in 2020. Bummer. But, I will be busy finishing up a few of them!

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Did you try laying either a #12 perle in the white or a #12 green and then stitching over with the white? I’m intrigued with these ideas and will also play with them on geometrics. I find with outlining a character as opposed to a geometric, the left side versus right side doesn’t bother me as much.

Comment by dmbstitch

Not #12. A couple strands of floss hoping not to get a raised effect. I like using anything with the dark threads – if you find something that works for the lighter threads, let me know!

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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