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Pretty Petites, Needle Felting, Watering Can with Vicky Witterschein

The ANG New Jersey Needle Artists had the second 2-hour class on Zoom Wednesday night. Vicky Witterschein had us needle felting first because the rest of the stitching went on top of the felt except for the small bee.

I added a third strip of felt along the bottom to see if I could create depth which doesn’t appear to have added much.

We were given a big piece of foam to protect our fingers because it just gets stabbed into place with the needle which has barbs on it to catch the fiber. I didn’t get jabbed once even when I didn’t use the foam because I didn’t put my fingers below the canvas where I was jabbing! Perhaps if the canvas hadn’t been on bars and I was holding the canvas instead of the bars, the foam would be practical.

I love learning a new technique although I don’t think it’ll be anything I have to do again. But, it certainly is not anything I would avoid!

Using clear beading thread, the bee has a large x to hold him in place along with a straight stitch below the head. Everyone was done with the project at the end of the second class which was great!

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