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Cleaning Up = Organizing and Starting New Pieces
November 18, 2021, 9:18 am
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We are getting ready for carpet cleaners next week. So, I had to organize my projects that are accumulating in our dining room. There are eleven projects with threads but not on canvases calling me to work on them next! Since I am almost done with three projects, I put four of the projects on bars yesterday. Also sitting around were the needed canvases, bars, and tacks.

Speaking of canvases, I organized my collection of blank canvases that were in several locations throughout the house. I wrapped them up in acid free tissue paper, tagged each with the color and sizes, and now have to figure out where to store them-all together!

I have a whole bag of threads to put into my thread drawers! All those pinks are for a project that I’ve tried a couple of times but haven’t gotten it to turn out yet. I will get what I want eventually. How does this accumulation happen?? I know. I should put them away as soon as I finish the project but that’s not fun!

What four projects are next you ask? One is for my EGA Master Craftsman program Step 5 regarding appliques. I didn’t submit for the November review. This step is more tricky than the previous steps and isn’t something I have done before (or likely to do again). No need to rush.

Two counted projects are using threads from Australia’s Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes. These are on black Congress Cloth.

Lastly, Razzle Dazzle by Ann Strike-Kurz has intrigued me for years. However, I do not want to stitch the whole piece as originally designed. So, I will make a couple of ornaments and maybe bookmarks of the various patterns. While cleaning up, I found the threads from Gail Stafford’s EGA class regarding overdyed threads which should be great for the design.

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Kudos on getting organized. I for one feel great anxiety when I leave things around where they aren’t supposed to be (that’s the Virgo in my I suppose). Your four projects sound wonderful and I look forward to reading your blogs about them.

Comment by brendasneedlepointstudioblog

Yes, I recall your workroom and even your organization at your stitching chair was impressive. That’s a great trait that my husband would like me to develop. Old dogs, new tricks, unlikely to change!

Comment by melitastitches4fun

I have had the same thought about Razzle Dazzle: that I’d like to do it in an altered form. But I haven’t figured exactly what. Would love to see what you end up doing. Are you thinking of using the central motif for an ornament?

Comment by jlee1057

Yes, an ornament or two. And, bookmarks for the other patterns. Check out New Jersey Needle Artists blog to see their colorways!

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Thanks! Enjoyed seeing the SOTM colorways, too, since I’m working on that one.

Comment by jlee1057

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