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Recoloring Your Canvas
April 18, 2015, 10:01 am
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As Projects Chairman for ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter, I have enjoyed taking information provided by National on our website. This project ( will allow us to do some stitching during the meeting. No doubt we will finish at home. Perhaps we can donate them to our gift tag project.

The project “allows the color of the canvas to optically mix with the threads to create a new color” – I have the 3 colored canvases & matching threads mentioned in the article (by Kathy Holman which was originally published in NeedlePointers in September 1997).

I am looking forward to seeing these stitched!

Lavendula (210, surrounded by 209, 211, 340, 917)


Rose blush (778, surrounded by 3688, 224, 758, 3042)

Rose blush

Aquamarina (993, surrounded by 598, 504, 958, 943)


I stitched mine but the other ladies haven’t made it back to a chapter meeting yet. It’s tough to see the color variation in the canvas sections even in person & more so on the blog. But, I can see differences in the color of the canvas caused by the threads easier in certain sections more than others. It really is more than just the variations of the thread.

Aquamarina stitched