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ANG President’s Award Ribbon for A Spring Sampler
August 17, 2022, 11:19 am
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Shirley Burns designed all the special award hand-stitched ribbon centers for the ANG 50th Anniversary Seminar Awards and Betsy Smullen stitched the Desert Rose for the President’s Award. I did ask and all the ribbon centers should appear in an upcoming issue of Needle Pointers. All were lovely! Thanks again to all the volunteers who participated to make the whole Seminar a success.

ANG 2022 Seminar and the President’s Award for A Spring Sampler
July 31, 2022, 11:47 pm
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What a wonderful surprise it was to hear A Spring Sampler got the final award of the night – The President’s Award from Janice G!

It didn’t get any ribbon from the judges but it was my first year in the professional category for original designs. Janice said that not only was it a pretty design but my Artist Statement explained how this is a result of my dedication to learning from 10 different ANG teachers who have offered design classes over the years including Making Stitches Work For You, taught by Carolyn Mitchell who challenged us to make our own band sampler.

A Spring Sampler is a symmetrical band sampler (9″ x 12″) that uses different stitches in each of the 21 bands (all my stitch choices and thread choices). To create additional symmetry, the stitches for bands on either side of the center band are related and use the same threads. This pattern of related bands continues as the bands progress outwards.