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EGA Master Craftsman Program for Canvas, Step 6

Step 6 of the EGA Master Craftsman program for Canvas had to be an original design. This was an opportunity to redo a piece I designed years ago after taking First Steps by Nanette Costa. I learned 30+ stitches through my first ANG Correspondence Course and used those stitches in this fireplace.

I especially wanted to make the design area taller instead of square and change the candles and background.

The updated piece (pictured below) passed with distinction and all 6 pieces will be going to Boston for the Seminar!

At least one of the judges felt the white in the flames was a little strong but that the ThreadworX overdyed was a perfect choice for the sooted walls inside the fireplace. The diaper pattern wallpaper recedes (as it should) and adds just enough texture to add interest. Different values of the bricks and logs add dimension as do the Smyrna cross stitches around the large Jessica. The glow on the rug is lovely and well-executed. The rug employed a 21-step thread blending formula to move from light to dark using DMC Floss 842, 841, 840, 839, 838 (5 strands).

Thanks so much to the three judges who take the time to review and critique the pieces. It was a challenging experience with some angst occasionally but I enjoyed the process.