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Needlepoint For Fun in Lititz, PA
September 4, 2020, 4:30 pm
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It was such a beautiful day that went on a road trip today to Lititz, PA. We were on a mission to get garlic butter from Stauffers of Kissel Hill (Bill got a tip from someone at the Reading Terminal Market that their’s is the best). We should not have waited until 2 pm to pick up a tomato pie from The Tomato Pie Cafe (thanks to Christine for the referral) because they were sold out. Next time. Lititz is the home of Wilber Chocolates and we got their Buds! And, I was able to finally visit Needlepoint For Fun. They’ve been open a little over a year now and I hadn’t gotten there.

Trish was a gracious host showing me around the one room second floor store. What they have is lovely and displayed very well. The canvases adorn the walls and pre-packaged kits (intended for basketweave) are scattered throughout the store begging to be taken home. If I didn’t have so many projects now, I certainly could have found a piece. There aren’t many choices for threads but they kit in their wholesale NJ location which must have more stock.

They have several pieces showing decorative stitches (to encourage people) and Pat provides the stitch guides upon request. Very nice work.

Trish is also the finisher who does lovely work on pillows and ornaments. Her husband is an excellent stitcher and does the blocking. They had a unique display of Zip n Stitch pre-finished round ornaments (Christmas and Halloween designs) and small stockings. No matter what store I go to, I almost always find something that I have never seen before.

Bill picked the Nutcracker Soldier round ornament to go with our small nutcracker collection. Look at the lovely pillows near the window. I love the blue dragonfly pillow.

Osterville Needlepoint Shop in Cape Cod
October 8, 2019, 5:46 pm
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The Osterville Needlepoint Shop in Mashpee, MA in Cape Cod has a great selection of threads and canvases. And, a wonderful staff. I don’t recall seeing Treenway Silk Cords and Ribbons. Love the color combinations.

Even after I said I had too many projects to purchase anything, I was invited to join the ladies to sit and stitch. Had it not been for my husband waiting in the car, I would have joined them. Two nice big tables, plenty of light, and such pleasant women. Another time! Good place for classes. And, lots more threads not seen in this photo.

Sandy’s “Not Just” X-Stitch On The Go Store in Hendersonville, NC
July 19, 2019, 8:40 pm
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While driving from Lake Lure to Pusgah Inn along the Blue Ridge Parkway, we stopped at Sandy’s X-Stitch On The Go in Hendersonville, NC. It’s so much more than a cross stitch store!

What a lovely lady and lucky one to have a needlepoint store connected to her home. She focuses on counted projects and has great designers such as Kathy Rees, DebBee’s Designs, Brenda Kocher, Laura Perin, and lots more. Several are kitted and ready to go. And, she’s got a nice selection of threads in various rooms. Her classroom has great light and plenty of room. She has several classes a week! A finishing class has 17 people. I’d love to take that class.

I wouldn’t mind being adopted and moving in with her!! There really wasn’t anything I needed except a very small travel piece. Buying more right now than I can’t find time to stitch would only cause me anxiety. So, I got a Stitch & Zip small purse for the plane flight to Houston for ANG’s Seminar in August. I’m so glad I didn’t miss meeting Sandy and seeing her store – all because I didn’t judge the store by its name.

Bead and Ribbon Classes with Sandy Arthur at Rittenhouse Needlepoint

What a great 2 days I had with Sandy Arthur at Rittenhouse Needlepoint. We worked with beads the first day and ribbons the second day. These are the first classes that I have taken since Rittenhouse moved. The classroom is well lit, seats were cushioned, and overhead projector was useful. Very nice room. And, Russell’s homemade breads are delicious!

We covered quite a few of techniques which Sandy Arthur has perfected. So, when you look at my samples, don’t look too close and remember that I haven’t done a lot of bead or ribbon work before and time was limited (5 hours each of 2 days). Using beads was easier for me.

We learned multiple ways to attach single beads and multiple beads. Basketweave beading was tricky – really had to focus. We covered a felted ball with beads and a wooden bead with thread.

There wasn’t enough time in class to try everything in Sandy’s handouts. So, I played with the leftover beads and made a butterfly. And, the flower on the lower left corner allowed me to practice Line stitching with the green beads and Lazy Daisy stitches.

We learned the Japanese Ribbon Stitch, Ribbon Roses, Wrapped Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Gathering with Running Stitch, Ruching, and other techniques with no particular name.

I learned a lot in both classes. Sandy knows her stuff and teaches it well. As with anything, it needs practice to show improvement. That’s why a doodle canvas or the 2″ border of a canvas is good for practicing.

Sandy Arthur Class at Rittenhouse Needlepoint
February 2, 2019, 11:26 pm
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Yesterday, Linda and I made a trip to Rittenhouse Needlepoint for some threads. I enjoyed helping Linda find silk threads to replace cotton floss for a project of hers. The subtle variations in color are endless. Luckily, Rittenhouse has a variety of silks to choose from and we are lucky to be so close to the store.

I picked up 2 skeins of new threads they stock now but that’ll be the subject of another post.

What I want share here are the demo samples of what we’ll learn during Sandy Arthur’s classes on beads and ribbons the first weekend in April. We’re (Linda and I) not taking the third class on hairdos. Nor are we following her to Stitch-Stash in Rehoboth, DE for a lovely red, white, and blue basket although the condensed pilot class regarding “Conventional Techniques Using Unconventional Resources” sounds intriguing. There is probably room in all classes if you are interested-just call the store (s). And, here’s a link to Sandy’s blog: or

This will be my first classes with Sandy and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy them as Sandy is just a fantastic lady and she knows beads and ribbons!!

Dyeing to Stitch
October 24, 2018, 8:40 pm
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I stopped at Dyeing to Stitch in Virginia Beach. They are an “Embroidery” store and knew of a very similar store near me, Strawberry Sampler in Glen Mills PA. They have Tulip needles (subject of a previous post).

They have a nice variety of floss threads all along the right wall. There are 2 threads that I hadn’t seen before. Classic Colorworks Belle Soie has a nice sheen to the silk threads. And, amongst the glosses sat some Merino Wool by Weeks Dye Works available in subtle overdye colors. It’s so soft. Not fuzzy. I had to get 4 skeins. Not sure what I’ll do with them yet!

Needlepoint Junction on Hilton Head Island

Michele has a lovely store, Needlepoint Junction, on Hilton Head Island. So many threads and so well stocked. It’d be a joy to kit a project there. However, I have too many now to start another one. I didn’t even take a picture of the painted canvases (displayed on easy to flip through swinging big boards). But, you can get the idea of what a wonderful selection she has from these pictures. It looks like a wide variety of gorgeous supplies for knitters too. Worth a stop in person or online at & enjoy!

Instead of another project, I added to my book collection. I got my second book in the Sandra Arthur Shapes of Needlepoint (Series III with corners, hexagons, ovals, and parallelograms). These shapes should help immensely with my ‘Dare to Design’ class with Orna Willis. By the way, right now, we are water painting to get a mix of shapes and colors involved to see changing focal points.

Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont, NY
October 21, 2017, 10:31 pm
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On my way home from our vacation (with my husband) in Westerly, Rhode Island, I stopped in Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont, N.Y. It’s right off 95 and was a great point to stretch our legs. A nice group of ladies were sitting about stitching working on some fun canvases.

I picked up the booklet, Patchwork of Peace. Another piece that I want to get to eventually!

Great selection of threads, canvases, and supplies. Also, a well lit store with good space for classes. I’ve been watching for the right class, teacher, project, and date to align so I can join them. Some day!