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Perforated Paper
January 19, 2022, 1:16 pm
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I was fortunate to be on an EGA-sponsored Zoom lecture given by Claudia Dutcher Kistler on the History of Perforated Paper Needlework 1840 – 1900 this past Saturday. Claudia has quite a collection and is very enthusiastic about the topic. Quite interesting.

She has a couple of websites: (not paper samplers); & (both paper related). Most of her pieces with descriptions & some history will be found on the website with .net & she sells on the .com website. Sheets of perforated paper in 14 and 18 count are available. Mill Hill makes 14 count 9×12 sheets (google perforated paper to find a variety of sources).

I have stitched on perforated paper before for a color wheel on sheet of 14 count. The scissors sheath for both designs in the photos below are stitched on 20-count Confection Perforated Sewing Cards from Tokens and Trifles. They also had some designs on 18 count but all have been discontinued.

It took some digging through my stash to find these and had no idea I had purchased so many different shapes while they were available (around 2010). Glad I did! While these were available, they also posted graph paper of some of these shapes to work out designs before stitching and I printed them.

So much fun stuff in my stash! I never need to buy anything else but I probably will anyway.