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Google Map for Philadelphia Area Local Needlepoint Shops (LNSs)
March 26, 2011, 1:01 pm
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I made a Google Map for Philadelphia Area Local Needlepoint Shops. The stores are located within an hours drive (or so) of Philadelphia (this does include New Jersey stores). I can add more anytime. If you know of more in the area, leave me a comment & I’ll add them. I feel so techy right now!! (If you don’t disable cookies, it’ll take 2 clicks to get there instead of going directly to the map. It feels good to learn new stuff!)

So, how’s it all done?

Well, go to Google Maps ( and click on My Maps for a 3&1/2 minute tutorial. It’s really that easy. You do have to have a Google account but that’s free & easy too.
  • Create a new map, give it a title & description.
  • Search the needlepoint store in the google maps search field.
  • Click on the correct store & in the balloon that pops up, click on “Save to . . . ” & place it in your map.

Now, to send that link to someone it’ll be really long:,-75.270081&spn=0.481057,0.852814&z=10

So, I took that URL & went over to & converted it to something much shorter:

I have no financial interest in any of the stores on My Map, Google Maps, or  I must say, this was all quite user-friendly!!  Give it a try for your own LNSs!!