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Fur Stitches
May 12, 2022, 11:45 am
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I was asked recently about what stitches would be good for the fur of wolves. What thread used could vary some depending on the animal but I think my response would offer good suggestions for the stitch for any animal.

Random long and short or random encroaching Gobelin-split stitch all come to mind first with two or more colors for shading (or a subtle overdyed). Regular encroaching gobelin on an angle to match direction needed would work too. Packed or Outline Stem stitch moves directionally as well. Do you have others you like?

The only animals I have done (as far as I recall) are penguins. I used Split Encroaching Gobelin of various colors and various lengths on my penguins ( I used Trio and Fuzzy Stuff. If I were to do this again (10+ years later), I would make the black more slick with different threads. I see now that my sky is vertical – I would switch that to horizontal.

The Penguin Family
March 16, 2010, 9:35 am
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A good friend, Deanne, asked if I could stitch a penguin for her daughter, Kayla.  So, I adapted a photo (found at that I found on the internet of an emperor chick and parents to create a Penguin Family (on the right).

I utilized a xerox machine to enlarge the photo to the size I wanted & then a light box that I bought from Michael’s (watch their internet site for 50% off coupon any 1 item) to trace the rough design. Mainly, I used Split Encroaching Gobelin of varying lengths and at different angles to aid the visual flow of fur with a thread called Trio (from Brown Paper Packages in various values) & on top placed varying lengths (and angled) with Fuzzy Stuff (by Rainbow Gallery in various values). The sky is straight stitches of random varying lengths in an overdyed thread.

In honor of winter ending, I proudly present, The Penguin Family . . .