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Celebrating LOVE – Again!
February 19, 2013, 10:33 pm
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This is so exciting! I couldn’t say anything until now but I am published! What I didn’t know was that it would be on the cover of Needle Pointers!! I worked with Pam G. who took my hand drawings and turned them into beautiful diagrams. And, she really helped with describing how to execute the stitches from what I had provided. So, I hope you can stitch it without a problem. But, if you do have questions, I’ll be here to help. I just can’t get over how wonderful it turned out.


March 2013, Volume XLI, Number 2

ANG 40’s Philly Scissors Sheath – Winner of ANG 2nd Place Ribbon
September 3, 2012, 10:01 am
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I am very pleased to say that this won a 2nd place ribbon in the Original Design  category. I didn’t ask for a critique for this piece but every entry is given a numerical report (no charge beyond your entry fee). I got 24 out of 25 for design characteristics, 23 of 25 for color, 19 of 20 for workmanship/technique, 19 of 20 for suitability, and 10 of 10 for finishing. I am particularly thrilled with the finishing score. I did it myself. It is lined with a pretty red print. And, I sewed the lining into the edging which was something I had not done on my first scissors sheath band sampler from our chapter project ( The red heart-shaped scissors was a great find as was the display stand (intended for a doll).

Here’s my artist statement for ‘Celebrate Love’.

With ANG’s 40th Anniversary Coming to Philadelphia in 2012, I decided to donate something unique to the auction. However, I fell in love with the scissor sheath & wanted it as my commemorative remembrance of the Seminar. So, I donated something else that I designed. Then, I decided to enter this scissor sheath in the Original Category after realizing that it qualified for “Small Masterpiece” AND “President’s Choice Award”!

And, what inspired this piece? The love of Philadelphia, ANG, and needlepoint! Obviously, the design had to include the ANG logo, 40, and 2012. Every day I walk through LOVE Park (& see the LOVE sculpture) on my way to work in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. And, nothing says Philadelphia more than the Liberty Bell. So, with what little space I had left, I managed to fit in the American Flag and a few stars.

Welcome greetings are sent out to all ANG members as you join me ‘Today’ in Philadelphia to celebrate our love of needlepoint from all of the ‘Yesterdays’ and as we look forward to all of the ‘Tomorrows’.

Day 7 Volunteer – Nancy – Won a Double Glass Heart Frame
August 30, 2012, 8:35 pm
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I wanted to stitch something to thank all the volunteers but unfortunately that’s too many people to personally stitch one for each person. So, I decided to stitch one for each day & hold a daily drawing – one chance for every hour worked. This is for the Day 7 winner. It is a double heart glass frame measuring (to be added later) designed it on 14 count red vinyl canvas (from under fabrics) to fit the space. I like the vinyl because the edges don’t fray.