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Overdyed Spools
August 30, 2017, 8:33 am
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I redid the design I gave to my sister & have donated the design to the 2017 Chapter Project Book. You can see it at Seminar in the Distance Learning Program area. It is intended to teach how to manipulate an overdyed thread. This uses the same overdyed thread, Watercolours Lilac (039) as I had used for my sister.

New piece:

Spools 2

Original piece:


October 9, 2015, 7:29 pm
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Merry Christmas Anita!

For the stitchers viewing this post, I used Watercolours, Lilac (039) for the border.  The stitches were selected in order to get the random effect on the top & bottom while the sides were solids. But, the same thread was used. Stitches selected from Suzy’s Portable stitches are Cross 6×6 on bottom left, Stephanie on right side, Shamrock on top right, and Double Trellis on left side.

The threads on the bottom row of spools from left to right are: Grandeur (G808), Wildflowers  (6026), Rainbow Tweed  (RT38), Splendor  (S932); top row left to right are: Pepper Pot Silk  (81), Impressions  (7072), Soie Cristal (SC15), Rainbow Linen.

My bag & insert:


Anita’s design is Spools: