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4-way Bargello, completed

My grandmother used to say that there are no errors in needlepoint – there are just things that make each piece uniquely your own!  Well, I got watching TV and by the time I discovered “it”, it was too late to unstitch. And, most people (non-stitchers) won’t notice.  Bargello does require concentration.  This is a good size for a coaster.  And, I know who likes this color.  So, ‘someone’ will have to wait a couple of months!

4-way Bargello class
January 22, 2010, 4:15 am
Filed under: 4-way Bargello class at Rittenhouse Needlepoint

Taking a class in 1&1/2 hours isn’t a lot of time especially when it’s a 4-way bargello.  But, Stephen at Rittenhouse Needlepoint made it work by designing a small enough piece to demonstrate the essentials. We had a variety of colors to select from – already bundled.  The base row took the longest to stitch (& unstitch) requiring concentration.  Turning the corner proves to be the next trickiest area.  After a full day of work, I was very pleased with the instructions, materials, classmates, refreshments, & to get this much done during class:

After an evening of stitching, I still haven’t violated the miter!!