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Watercolor Poppies Stitch & Zip
July 21, 2019, 7:31 am
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Having a small, easy piece to stitch and carry with me is great for trips. And, Stitch & Zip pieces fulfill both requirements. I found this eyeglass case in a corner of a gift store called Wonderful Things in Great Barrington, MA in May 2018. The only needlepoint in the store was a few of these. So, I had to pick it up! It’s called Watercolor Poppies.

I found a few threads appropriate for 14 count canvas in my stash including Vineyard Merino a violet M-1042 Dark Earth, 2 greens M-1065 Martini and M-1067 Foliage and 2 roses Silk & Ivory 161 Lida Rose, 162 Rosie O’Grady.

But, I still needed lots of colors so I found more Silk & Ivory in August 2018 while stopping at Point of It All (before ANG Seminar) including yellow 241 Maize, 2 shades of orange 213 Banana and 215 Clementine, 2 shades of pink 185 Cosmopolitan and 119 Grenadine, a red 199 Tamale, and 3 blues 198 ahoy, 36 Admiral Blue, and 69 Forgot-Me-Not.

Apparently, Silk & Ivory pills more depending on which end is threaded! If you thread Silk & Ivory one way, it pills. If you thread it the other way, it doesn’t. So, if you find which end splays more, you should always thread that end into the needle’s eye. I didn’t find any pilling issues but these are small areas and the canvas is 14 count. Good tip!

I found this tip in an earlier blog posting and it’s worth repeating: In order to get the top edge to angle like the rest, turn the canvas upside down and stitch left to right with the needle moving straight up, the thread ends up angled correctly (like basketweave).

I was surprised to see how the colors in the photo of the stitched example differ from the canvas colors.

I stitched more closely to the canvas colors.

Rose Eyeglass Case Stitched
July 19, 2018, 9:04 pm
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This is a Stitch & Zip eyeglass case called Roses (SZ309 from 1999) by Alice Peterson Co. It’s a painted 14 count canvas. It comes with cotton embroidery thread but I replaced that with threads from my stash including Silk & Ivory (50% silk and 50% Merino wool; colors: 55-kiwi, 56-lime, 161-lida rose, and 162-rosie o’grady) and Vineyard Merino (100% wool; color: M1136 conch). Using wool and stitching with basketweave should improve durability.

I couldn’t get the top edge to look like the rest – the angle was straight instead of angled. I saw my stitching buddy, Linda had stitched a Stitch & Zip with the proper edging. She explained and showed me how to do it. I don’t quite understand why it works but by turning the canvas upside down and stitching left to right with the needle moving straight up, the thread ends up angled correctly (like basketweave).

We got a wonderful new neighbor in the Spring and couldn’t be happier that she bought the house. Her name is Rose and she has a son who lives with her and occasionally watches his 5-year old son. He’s a cutie – loves science – smart kid. We are not Facebook friends yet so I can post that this will be a gift for her. A rose design for Rose.

But, first, I want to line it and again Linda has agreed to help me. She’s very good with sewing and is always generous by sharing her knowledge and experience. Thanks in advance!

Stitch N’ Zip, Coin Purse
April 28, 2014, 8:32 pm
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Thanks to Jury Duty today, I finished the red background on the coin purse! It feels great to be stitching again. But, it is back to reality tomorrow. If I worked 24/7 for a week on various obligations (work & non-work), I might get caught up. However, I will make sure I get some stitching in every day – I’m not going 3 weeks without that relaxation again!

I will have to get this lined. It makes a great project to throw in my purse & stitch without much concentration. I still have the larger matching clutch to work on.

Blackbird coin purse

Stitch N’ Zip and a Tapestry
April 5, 2014, 8:33 pm
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I am using Hyla’s High Cotton thread for the Stitch N’ Zip purse and card case set. I am not separating the threads using the thread as it comes (all 5 threads). I am quite sure I’ll have to line the inside (or get someone to line it).

As you can see, only the white & black parts gone done over our recent 10-day cruise. There was a group of quilters working in a conference room who got a lot done but I wanted to sit outside & it was a tad to breezy – so, I did some stitching but I finally finished a book that I’ve been trying to read.


While in San Juan, we stopped at El Convento for dinner (converted convent into restaurant and hotel) & I saw the only piece of needlepoint on the trip! Interestingly, the wreck of Columbus’s Santa Maria is off the first island we stopped at which was Haiti. So, this was a rather appropriate design for the trip. I enjoyed our BOSS Underwater Adventure (google it!) while at St Thomas which made this stop one of the best. St. Maarten was interesting because they have a Dutch and French side of the country. No needlepoint stores on any island but lots of souvenir and jewelry stores! Here is the large wall tapestry hanging in El Convento in San Juan.