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Bronze Purse Finished at Time For Needlepoint Retreat

Thanks to Andrea and Pam for a lovely weekend (first weekend in Nov)! We had a beading lesson, mini display of our stitched projects, 3 vendors, and Sunday brunch. Pam’s beading lesson on Saturday night sure was timely because I used one of the 3 methods for attaching the bugle beads which made it a lot easier.

And, Pam gave us a blank canvas, directions, and 2 skeins of DMC floss that could be stitched into a crazy quilt base for applying some lovely ribbon work. She’s offering a 2-day ribbon class at The Edwardian Needle in January. I sure hope the weather cooperates because Linda and I’ve been wanting a ribbon class. This will be perfect.

There were door prizes and Linda, Buff, and I won canvases!! Isn’t this cute.

I was almost able to finish the Bronze Purse on Sunday but was too tired to apply the final medallion and fill in another area when I got home. Monday was running errands. So, I finished it last Tuesday. I usually wait until after my ANG meetings to post a new finish but I’m getting behind on my blog postings! The Main Line Chapter meets tonight & we are loving our new Starbucks location in Wayne, PA.

Road Trip into NJ
November 7, 2017, 8:48 am
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I set up our itinerary to stop at 4 stores on our way to The Edwardian Needle and the Time For Needlepoint Retreat. Friday we took off from our meeting place in Wayne with Linda behind the wheel, I was navigator, and Buff was wing woman (& luckily more familiar with that part of NJ). They are great travel buddies!!

In just under an hour we got to Knit One Stitch Two in Pennington, NJ. As their name implies, knitting is their main focus bit they had enough of threads and canvases to be an enjoyable stop and good local resource. I picked up another Bead Buddy because mine must be tucked away with a WIP.


Only 15 minutes away from there was Pins and Needles in Princeton, NJ. They had a lot more canvases including a Scott Church trunk show. And, more thread lines; some knitting supplies.


About 35 minutes later we found Needleworkers Delight in its new location on the second floor (almost didn’t find it – there is an elevator) and it is huge!! Look at all the supplies (the selection of needlepoint fabric and canvas has to be the largest)!! Can you find Buff & Linda busy shopping? I picked up a couple of Quaker Sleds for EGA’s ornament charity project. Linda found Finca and swapped out pink for blues in a project.




Our final stop, another 35 minute ride, was Beyond Knits and Needles which Buff & I had stopped at before (also tough to find as the entrance is on the side street and the store is upstairs – there is no elevator). Lovely store with 3 rooms (photos in my 2016 road trip blog)!! I added “Decorative Backgrounds”, a June McKnight book to my collection. And, I saw the painted Patchwork For Piece 14 count canvas. But, I want to stitch it on 18 count.

From here, we were just 20 minutes to our hotel in Parsippany. Saturday was The Edwardian Needle and Sunday was the Time For Needlepoint Retreat (more about this in a second blog posting to come).