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Take a ride with me on Crescent River
April 21, 2013, 10:38 am
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I’ve been talking fall ANG chapter projects via email with Carol T in Central PA and mentioned that I was “making a Fireside Stitchery run after work tonight (Friday)! Need (?) some threads. Great start to the weekend.”

Later, I had to laugh when Carol asked, “Did you get to Fireside? What’s your new project? What new threads did you buy? Did you get to start it? I’ve always got a bad case of startingitis and am always interested in new projects and what others are stitching.” I could just hear the excitement in her “voice”! And, there is a thrill to starting a new project – maybe that is why we have so many works in progress (WIP)?!? Speaking of WIP, I do have to finish my Queen’s crown by applying the beads but am afraid to get started – it looks like it is going to be hard to get them placed just right. So, I am getting my next one ready as I mentally prepare to sit down with the Queen.

I replied to Carol, “I did (get to Fireside)! Well, I’m going to call it Crescent River. And, it’ll use Hilton stitches. I’ve had a river in my head for quite a while & decided to get it done for seminar in CA. There will be areas on both sides that will be gray for rocks & then green for grass/meadow. It is going to be an abstract depiction rather than a realistic view from the sky. I’ve been working out the crescents on graph paper-trying to get a curve – that’s been the tough part. I have decided to make the crescents fit the space rather than follow a strict shape defined on a page in one of Jean Hilton’s books. I’m going rogue! Living life on the wild side! Tomorrow, I’m going to paint my canvas with blue where the river belongs because the crescents will not cover the canvas. My last painting experiment wasn’t all that successful but this is just a light blue. I could even use my Copic marker. Hmmm, wouldn’t have to let paint dry! And, I can start stitching! We’ll see what happens when I start tomorrow after a good nights sleep.”

Today, I realized that I had the start of my blog entry already done! I just needed to answer, “What threads did you buy for Crescent River?” & take a picture of the threads. I am not sure if I will use all these but I have lots to work with.

The river is going to use Pebbly Perle blended with Splendor:
The Splendor Designer Collection card for Delft Blue gives me S800, S860, S868, S1001, S1143, S858 to work with. And, I selected Pebbly Perle’s P061, P80, P57, P58.
Threads for river

The left crescent used 1 strand of Pebbly Perle, the middle used 1 strand of Splendor, and the right used 1 of each.


The rocks and grassy meadow will use some/all of:
Impressions (1106) light golden-yellow
Watercolours (223) Rye, overdyed with golden-yellow/brown
Impressions (1104) dark golden-yellow
Impressions (5022) medium green
Watercolours (222) Sierra, overdyed with greens and some golden-yellow
Impressions (1043) dark gray
Watercolours (247) Dark Suede, overdyed grays/browns
Impressions (1065) light grayish brown
Watercolours (165) Granite, overdyed grays and some light green
Impressions (1062) medium gray
Impressions (1072) medium grayish blue
Watercolours (223) Ash, overdyed with grays/whites
Impressions (1046) light grayish blue

Threads for riverbank and meadow

Now, back to the graph paper. This is about my 5th attempt to work it out on paper & each one is getting closer to what I see in my head. I think letting go of the pre-defined stitch pattern to make the shape of the crescent fit my space will make the big difference. And, from what I read of Jean Hilton through her books, I think she’d agree!

All this is good to write down now anyway because I’ll need it for the artist statement that goes with each original design (being optimistic it will be adequate to send once stitched).

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