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Path of the Crescent River
April 22, 2013, 10:20 pm
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I love working a design out on graph paper almost as much as stitching it! Maybe that is why mechanical drawing was attractive to me in high school. I thought it was the music (Bob Dylan) that the teacher played during class. Or, that HE was nice looking, pretty cool, and the youngest male teacher that I ever had as a teacher. Or, because as one of the few elective vocational courses that I took, I liked the change of pace from all the academic ones.

My first attempts dissected the paper almost straight across with no movement but it did narrow nicely.

Attempt 1

No need to bore you with my 2nd or 3rd attempts that wouldn’t curve. But, my 4th was better.

Attempt 4

And, by starting at both the top and the bottom, I found I could get the bend. However, it was necessary to modify the crescent shape from the diagram in Jean Hilton’s Stimulating Stitches in order to make the bend. But, I think she’d be ok with that. I didn’t narrow as much as in my earlier attempts but there is narrowing and I love the bend. The design doesn’t look too top-heavy to me. I like it!

Attempt 5

The blue Copic marker didn’t look good with my blue threads. So, I got the paint out. And, I am glad I did. I’m very happy that there are areas with a little less paint than other areas. I went beyond the area where the crescents will sit because the cresents are supposed to be the ripples in the water. The purple dots you see are the Disappearing Ink Pen marks. I’ll have to get the crescents stitched soon or keep reapplying more ink! The borders are marked by the Mark-Be-Gone Pen (water washable) but they should get covered by stitching. My framer says he like about 3 extra stitched rows on the edges to work with.

Painted Canvas

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I think I left a comment using my Kindle—learning on it—
so won;t repeat
enjoying your design

Comment by Carol

Thanks Carol (from TN not central PA). Good luck with the kindle – I didn’t know they get you onto the Internet too. Thought they were just for reading books.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Wow…you are amazing. Are these crescents for a new design of yours????

Comment by stitchlady

You are too kind & it’s too soon to say anything is amazing!j This is a new design. The beginning of the ride began with my blog entry on April 21. That’ll explain how I started.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

I can’t wait to see it. It is really cool. I thank the person who invented graph paper all the time.


Comment by bearcat1

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