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Crescent River Fully Flowing
September 14, 2013, 4:35 pm
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I was almost done with the wild flowers when I saw Janet Perry’s Nuts about Needlepoint’s blog about an ‘open water stitch’ that would work for my river. She said it is a slight variation of a stitch David McCaskill used for an ANG Stitch of the Month. So, in addition to the waves, I added some water using Water n’ Ice. It’s WT1, a translucent thread, perfect for a reflective surface. However, I had quite a time with that thread fraying.

The ANG Yahoo Group and private emailers came to the rescue (thanks so much) and suggested various products:

Thread Zap II (to sear the end)
Fray Check
Fray Block
Nail polish (I don’t own any!)

Given some terms to search, I also googled and came across Beeswax and Thread Heaven (their website offered a chart comparing several products). I had picked up some beeswax a few years ago. So, I tried several methods to test the various products. But, it probably will vary depending on what type of thread you are working with to find what works best for the situation. I found beeswax, Fray Check, and Thread Heaven was working ok at the start but not for the length of the thread. I never tried Fray Block. And, I didn’t have Thread Zap so I tried a match and found searing the ends worked best. Also, using a larger eye in the needle seemed to help stop the drag. So, I invested in the safer battery operated gizmo. It helped as did using shorter lengths of thread.

I stitched 3 rows for the framer to cover with the mat leaving the design area 6″ x 6″. And, yeah! I’m done!! I might get Mylar for under the water to increase the reflectiveness of the water. What do you think?

Crescent River Finished


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I’d sure try the Mylar, or a piece of metallic under the river. Can’t hurt, might help! I hope you’ll be sending this to the ANG exhibit next year!

Comment by Liz

Hi Liz, A piece of metallic is an option that I didn’t know about. Yes, it will go to seminar, and I’ll send it to Woodlawn. Why not! It is flawed unless we say the Wildflowers (on the left) went wild on me – I messed up the pattern when I was randomly stitching the Watercolours to prevent streaking. Oh well. I like it & that’s all that matters in the long run!

Comment by melitastitches4fun

WOW! I love the water with the addition of the translucent thread. I hope you bring it to the NeedleFest next spring so that we can admire it in person! Sue

Comment by suesci

Thanks! It should be back from Woodlawn by the end of April & it’ll be before seminar. So, yes, I’ll bring it! Susan H. reminded me that I started it at last year’s NJ Needle Festival.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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