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8 Sample Threads for Bargello

Here are all the sample stitches put together. Only the Silk n’ Ivory, Vineyard Merino (Wiltex Threads), and Planet Earth Silk have sufficient coverage for Bargello. Of those, the Vineyard Merino seems to cover just slightly more at the point of the holes. The other 2 provide just about identical coverage. The remaining 5 threads just don’t cover well enough unless you untwist the thread as Liz suggested but I didn’t try that.

Row 1: ThreadworX Vineyard Silk – ThreadworX Expressions

Row 2: Silk n’ Ivory – Pepper Pot

Row 3: Shepherd’s Silk – Vineyard Merino

Row 4: Vineyard Silk – Planet Earth Silk

8 Samples

TIP: I read in an ANG Yahoo message that if you thread Silk n’ Ivory one way it pills. If you thread it the other way it doesn’t. You take each end and twist it in your hand. Then, thread the end that splays more into the needle’s eye. I’ll have to try this!

Postscript: Liz has since done a comparison of more threads that is fantastic: and we both agree Silk n’ Ivory has sufficient coverage but Liz feels Vineyard Merino (Wiltex Threads) is marginal and she didn’t review Planet Earth Silk. And, I didn’t review Jumbuck (Dinky Dyes).

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Good work Melita! Thank you!

Comment by Liz

Hi Melita, I know many stitchers will wrinkle their nose at the thought of Pearl cotton #3, but if one evaluates Planet earth silk I don’t see much difference in this vs. Pearl cotton #3 when stitched in basket weave. Personally I don’t like the look of either but thats besides the point. Nice work, thanks for sharing. I’m going to send you a few strands of Felicity’s Garden to try.

Comment by Karen Milano

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