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Creating Klimt Kimono by Toni Gerdes, an ANG Cyberpointers Workshop
May 27, 2020, 7:43 am
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Creating the Klimt Kimono is continuing with two challenges for me.

Couching Gimp from Painters Thread Collection with one stand of Soie d’ alger is difficult because there isn’t anything to anchor to when starting or ending the couching thread. Toni suggested a few pin stitches in “a straight area within the line you will cover” – that would help. I was only thinking about right where I was starting. Hiding the tails are not easy either.

I am using Stardust from brown paper packages for the first time. The thread which is a blend of silk, Merino wool, polyester, and nylon has a feel that I don’t care for. It feels artificial somehow. It’s also thick making its use in an eyelet tough. And, it’s a “Z” twist and I have a tough enough time getting the twist on the more common “S” threads. Toni was proactive in addressing the second two issues. She said that you can remove one of the silk threads, twist counterclockwise, and use shorter lengths which helped me alot wherever I need to use it. But, it’ll never be a favorite thread for me.

My only slight modifications are in the bottom left corner, the white diagonal gobelin is outlined with a long black thread of Silk Lame Braid for 18 count. I separated out one of the silk strands and used it to couch down the center of the thread every couple of canvas threads. And, the Smyrnas seemed too thick using Silk Lame Braid for 18 count. So, I pulled out one silk strand.

Areas 60-94 from Lesson 2 are done. I do love counted work and how this is looking. I’ve used all the threads now at least once.

I’m going to have to couch some swirls in between stitching Areas 95-130 from Lesson 3 or else I’ll be left with too much couching at the end. I hope that the more I do, the easier it gets.

Klimt Kimono by Toni Gerdes, ANG Cyberpointers Workshop
May 23, 2020, 4:51 pm
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I signed up for Klimt Kimono by Toni Gerdes through ANG’s Cyberpointers chapter before knowing that we’d be in a coronavirus pandemic. I got the option that included the instructions, line drawn canvas, and threads. In other words, everything was supplied! Luckily, I had the proper sizes of Evertite bars and enough tacks.

The instructions are supplemented by a weekly release of notes from Toni. And, she answers questions via a private email group. All I did was stitch the tree so far because I was working on the other band sampler.

However, I didn’t realize this workshop only runs a month. I have been reading the lesson notes. Toni’s instructions are great, as usual. So, I should be fine. But, I am going to switch projects until the end of May to see if I have any questions.

I loved playing with the color shift on the overdyed thread. I made some vary by 1″ and 2″ increments for all 4 threads, for 2 threads, reversed some threads. After cutting ends even, I ended up with about 24″ length threads. That’s a great option for use of overdyed threads.

The markings you see are from a Copic marker that came with the supplies. Coloring in other areas with be optional.

Florentine Heart Halloween – Patricia Tector
December 26, 2018, 1:35 pm
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The ANG Cyberpointers chapter offered the Florentine Heart by Patricia Tector for the September project. Instead of using an overdyed thread and 5 colors of Planet Earth Silk from the Cups canvas leftovers, I used two “solid” overdyed threads, the green one is Lettuce V052 and the dark purple one is Port V171. The other three solid threads are Embers 011 (orange), Burgundy 170 (light purple), and Midnight 102 (black). The colors remind me of Halloween.

Pat has the design worked in 3 main lines establishing the bargello patterns which I followed. The heart is the same 4 & 1/2″ x 4 & 1/2″ size as I’ve been stitching. That was a fun design to stitch. I finished it a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post it to my blog.

Spirit of Jean and Mae, Finished

I’m glad I had time to get back to Spirit of Jean by Kathy Rees and finished in time to send for a critique! I used some threads from Mae, a past member of my ANG Main Line chapter;  thus, the name, Spirit of Jean and Mae.

I expected both sides of the dagger Amadeus to have the threads line up and match. But, I am thrilled that the brown matched in the middle because the dagger is created by stitching the top half and then the bottom half up to meet the top half. I left the top one partially stitched and you can see the finished one on the bottom.

Dagger Amedeus

After I got started on the background,  I realized I would run out of the thread which I then found out had been discontinued. So, I headed to Nimble Needle where Karen had more WDW straw (which surrounded the center waffle) and a different Thread Gatherer Silk to choose from. Both would have worked but Karen reminded me WDW is cotton & I had started with a silk which has a better shine to it. So, I evened up the 2 sides instead of ripping out & finished with the new silk.

The threads I used were:

Kreinik 080C, 031

Weeks Dye Works (WDW) Straw 1121 but The Thread Gatherer Silk ‘N Colors Toasted Marshmallow SNC255 or Shepherd’s Moon SNC097 was used when I ran out of WDW 1121.

WDW Bright Leaf 1227, 1333

Waterlilies Umbria 204

ThreadworX 130

Watercolours Raspberry Sherbet

Gloriana Fall Foliage 077

Neon Rays N26

Spirit of Jean, finished


Progress on Spirit of Jean & Mae
September 7, 2015, 9:00 pm
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Because we have the ANG CyberPointers meeting over Labor Day weekend & because I am anxious to get back to stitching Spirit of Jean, I am dedicating what stitching time I have this weekend to this piece. After reading the meeting reports Saturday morning, I finished the 4 diamond pavilions. Then, we enjoyed the afternoon at the Arden Fair & killer Golden Margaritas over dinner with our Delaware friends!

The members leading CPs certainly do a fine job. And, this is one of the Correspondence Courses they voted to do as a group.

Sunday morning I worked on the Smyrna stitches. I got to this point and realized that I had missed the inner ring of Smyrnas. So, I ripped & started restitching it Sunday. And, Monday, I got back to where I was!


I’m glad I had to redo it. I didn’t have enough of the thread for the diamond pavilions. So, I found a better match in my stash! And, I rethought my upcoming planned thread placement & made a couple of changes. The over dyed Watercolours was from Mae’s stash & the length was fantastic to match the pattern symmetrically. I found the center green & stitched outwards to all sides. I’m very happy!

Great weekend with friends & for stitching!


Spirit of Jean and Mae

The ANG CyberPointers chapter voted to offer Spirit of Jean by Kathy Rees, a current Correspondence Course, to our members & I signed up! Recently, I obtained some great stash from Mae V-D, a past member of my local chapter, Main Line Stitchers, who passed away.  So, the basis of the colorway came from her threads. Plus, Mae is my middle name & my grandmother’s name!

You can see in the upper left side of the photo the Watercolours tag that has the color and lot number handwritten – now that’s old! And, I’m not sure what the overdyed floss is on the far left but it goes with the Watercolours perfectly. It is amazing that all the threads are over-dyes and makes it more challenging to select threads. 

I met Ginny, another CP and member of my other local Keystone chapter who signed up too, at Fireside Stitchery the weekend that the instructions arrived in the mail (thanks Candy for all your work) to select our threads. But, I used some Weeks Dye Works with very little variation to get what I wanted.  I was thinking how much easier it would have been to select the optional kit but I love these colors.  It’s been very fun stitching although it requires very careful counting!!  


Center portion


Bargello Pine Trees Stocking
September 6, 2014, 9:12 pm
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This is a free pattern from The Caron Collection ( They offer quite a few really nice ones. My ANG CyberPointer’s chapter worked on ornaments using various types of stitching. My favorite was the Bargello Pine Trees.

And, I love how it turned out. The top rows of Bargello are Fuzzy Stuff. The finisher that Nimble Needle uses added the braid and tassels to match the darker blue but for the backing used a lighter purple that matches the center top motif. Just wonderful & is in plenty of time to enjoy for the 2014 holiday season.

Bargello Pine Trees

Bargello Pine Trees, back

I got some interesting comments/input from Carole L on Facebook’s Needlepoint Nation that I wanted to share: “Just out of curiosity, since I liked this design so much, I went looking to see who the original designer of this stocking was, only to discover that this is from a 1997 McCall’s magazine! (with permission of course) I really like it, and I would not have guessed that it was an older design. Some things are just classic. They don’t mention the designer’s name, sadly, but I think from the way the intro is phrased it must be Lois Caron herself. She has some lovely designs.”

Bargello Techniques, Sections 6 & 7

I have got 2 of the blocks done. One is a square and the other a rectangle. Both are four-way designs. The rectangle had to be shortened which allowed me to figure out how to fit the design into the space I had available. I think it worked out well. As Liz says, “Be creative! Do your own thing!”

Square 6

Square 7

Bargello Techniques

There is one more Bargello piece I have been wanting to work on & that is Bargello Techniques by Liz Morrow. It is an ANG Correspondence Course ( that the CyberPointer’s chapter selected as a project. I am looking forward to learning the techniques behind Bargello which is what Liz describes in her very detailed booklet. It will be a wonderful resource to keep on hand for future projects.

The threads were selected in Arizona during our Christmas vacation while at Old Town Needlework. After seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, I decided I wanted to have as close to Cherokee Red in the piece as I could get. So, I selected reds as my main color and went with blues as the contrasting color. I got a light and dark blue in case I want to mix it up a tad. Because, as usual, I am not going to stitch it exactly as pictured. I have a black collage frame that I have been wanting to use. That won’t take up less wall space but will be a different type of finishing than I’ve done before. Black will look good with the reds. I remember reading that you should know where you are going to finish before you begin. Tonight I began my adventure!

I decided on Vineyard Merino (from left to right):
Dark blue/Polo blue #M1210
Medium blue/Gentlemen’s grey #M1209
Darkest red/Sangria #M1135
Dark medium red/Brick red #M1019
Medium red/Quartz #M1017
Light medium red/English rose #M1016
Lightest red/Conch #M1136

Bargello Techniques Threads

8 Sample Threads for Bargello

Here are all the sample stitches put together. Only the Silk n’ Ivory, Vineyard Merino (Wiltex Threads), and Planet Earth Silk have sufficient coverage for Bargello. Of those, the Vineyard Merino seems to cover just slightly more at the point of the holes. The other 2 provide just about identical coverage. The remaining 5 threads just don’t cover well enough unless you untwist the thread as Liz suggested but I didn’t try that.

Row 1: ThreadworX Vineyard Silk – ThreadworX Expressions

Row 2: Silk n’ Ivory – Pepper Pot

Row 3: Shepherd’s Silk – Vineyard Merino

Row 4: Vineyard Silk – Planet Earth Silk

8 Samples

TIP: I read in an ANG Yahoo message that if you thread Silk n’ Ivory one way it pills. If you thread it the other way it doesn’t. You take each end and twist it in your hand. Then, thread the end that splays more into the needle’s eye. I’ll have to try this!

Postscript: Liz has since done a comparison of more threads that is fantastic: and we both agree Silk n’ Ivory has sufficient coverage but Liz feels Vineyard Merino (Wiltex Threads) is marginal and she didn’t review Planet Earth Silk. And, I didn’t review Jumbuck (Dinky Dyes).