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Crescent River, Floating Down to Woodland
February 2, 2014, 11:50 am
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Crescent River returned from the framer. I used The Great Frame Up in Wayne, PA this time. My husband, Bill, & I with one of the employees spent quite a bit of time selecting it.  Bill has a good eye & commented that the grooves in the frame made the piece continue outward on all sides just like I hope you think when you look at the piece – it spans a vast area but you are seeing just a small part.

And, by now, it should have floated down to Woodlawn for the 51st annual exhibit! They want an artist statement but only allow 50 words & I have a lot more that I could have said but settled on this:

I kept seeing a river from the sky in my mind. The crescents added motion to the waves of the river on a hand painted surface of blue. The bumpy, random mix of Smyrnas and Rhodes became the rocks banked on either side by grass or eyelet flowers.

Crescent River framed

Looking forward to March already. It is always a fantastic show with hundreds of pieces – each one just fantastic.

Postscript,  no ribbon at Woodlawn but 3rd place ribbon at ANG Seminar 2014 in Chicago!

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Perfect frame! It really gives the piece a lot of depth! I hope I get to see it in person some day.

Comment by Liz Morrow

Absolutely lovely! And your husband is right about the frame!

Comment by BFromM

I am looking forward to seeing it on exhibit at Woodlawn when I visit! I can say that I saw this in its beginning stages at NeedleFest! Sue

Comment by suesci

Glad you both like the frame. And, Sue, very cool – I keep forgetting I started it there – I’ll get it back about week before & will bring it to this NeedleFest (2014)!

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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