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Bargello Techniques

There is one more Bargello piece I have been wanting to work on & that is Bargello Techniques by Liz Morrow. It is an ANG Correspondence Course ( that the CyberPointer’s chapter selected as a project. I am looking forward to learning the techniques behind Bargello which is what Liz describes in her very detailed booklet. It will be a wonderful resource to keep on hand for future projects.

The threads were selected in Arizona during our Christmas vacation while at Old Town Needlework. After seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, I decided I wanted to have as close to Cherokee Red in the piece as I could get. So, I selected reds as my main color and went with blues as the contrasting color. I got a light and dark blue in case I want to mix it up a tad. Because, as usual, I am not going to stitch it exactly as pictured. I have a black collage frame that I have been wanting to use. That won’t take up less wall space but will be a different type of finishing than I’ve done before. Black will look good with the reds. I remember reading that you should know where you are going to finish before you begin. Tonight I began my adventure!

I decided on Vineyard Merino (from left to right):
Dark blue/Polo blue #M1210
Medium blue/Gentlemen’s grey #M1209
Darkest red/Sangria #M1135
Dark medium red/Brick red #M1019
Medium red/Quartz #M1017
Light medium red/English rose #M1016
Lightest red/Conch #M1136

Bargello Techniques Threads

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Your colors are beautiful—and they come under my ‘favorite colors ‘for projects. Bargello always looks so good and makes use of color combinations. Will enjoy seeing your progress or the finished project. Did you say bookends ?????


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