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Three Leaves, Framed

Three Leaves with Margaret Kinsey was a class I took in 2015 at the ANG Seminar in Myrtle Beach. This was a beginner class in goldwork. I was very happy with how it turned out including the blackwork pattern for the background. Black on black wasn’t easy either! I realize that I never posted a picture of it framed. I just love the frame & my framer, Jim from Repenning Fine Arts in Audubon, NJ. I decided to splurge on this frame because it’ll be one of only 2 goldwork pieces I expect to complete.

2015 Three Roses with Margaret Kinsey


Three Leaves Looking Good
November 19, 2015, 9:56 pm
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I’m very glad I had the opportunity to take this class from Margaret Kinsey. It was an excellent piece for a beginner.

Not only was working with gold new for me but so was working on black & it was not easy. So, blackwork on black background provided the second challenge. However, I did it!! And, I pre-poked the places to stitch the blackwork. In that way I was able to see better & be sure everything lined up. Not sure what the “needlepoint police” would have to say about that but it made my life easier!

Pre-poked blackwork

And, here is the finished piece – looking good times three!! I am very happy with my first goldwork piece.

Three Leaves



Three Leaves Outlined
November 2, 2015, 11:08 pm
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I made great progress the last 2 days on Three Leaves, the Margaret Kinsey seminar piece. It (goldwork) actually gets easier the more you do it! Isn’t that true of most things?

All 3 leaves are outlined now. My bottom left leaf is heavier than the model but that’s ok! I decided to just go full steam ahead and not worry (too much) how good it turns out. I still did enough unstitching. I found the smooth purl and the shape of the 3rd leaf the most difficult. Maybe I should have repositioned the canvas. Now the light dawns! Oh well. I’m happy it felt more comfortable especially since Saturday is my second goldwork class.  This will also be a one-day class but with Deborah Wilson (recent Woodlawn winner & author of the goldwork chapter in Amy Bunger’s Cookbook).

Three leaves outlined

Gentle Waves
October 17, 2015, 6:02 pm
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This is the second rendition of Gentle Waves. While I didn’t win a ribbon this year, I’m happy looking at this piece. And, even better is that 2 of my designs are going to be available to members through 2 different venues. Can’t say more yet.

Initially, the judges were concerned my initials were in the piece (they are supposed to review without knowing who pieces belong to). But, an exhibit assistant pointed out that it meant “Love Myrtle Beach”. Very true. They said it is a very clever and creative addition to the piece. Little did they know, it is also means “Love Melita & Bill”. It happened that seminar was later this year near our 28th anniversary!

The judge’s critique raised excellent points. A few threads in the sandy area began to lose the twist. However, my laid threads are smooth and tension is very even. Maybe I should stay away from threads that twist!! The texture and color of the chenille was a good choice for the breaking waves. But, the gradation of the blues was a bit too abrupt especially because the texture changes of the threads emphasize those sudden transitions. When I switched from a diagonal stitch to the vertical bargello pattern, the thread was too thin & they didn’t miss it! The judge said a diagonal water stitch would have drawn the viewer ‘s eye from the water to the beach (that was more of what I had used in my first rendition).

This was interesting: “Turn your piece upside down so that you’re viewing the heart and letters upside down and do the same with the photo you took from the John Hancock building. First, do see how the water (the larger portion of the design) is sweeping you “up into it” and moving you toward the sand? Do you see how the water now appears to go from the “heavier” weight it to the “lighter”. Since this is an aerial view,  this gives the viewer a more “I wish you were there” sensation.” I can see the sweeping motion differing between the two.

As always, I love learning from the comments – the judges do an excellent job offering constructive criticism.

Beach photo, upside down     Gentle Waves, upside down

 Beach photo     Gentle Waves

Three Leaves by Margaret Kinsey
September 30, 2015, 9:10 pm
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Today’s class, Three Leaves with Margaret Kinsey, blew by so quickly.  But, we got a lot done. The first leaf outline was the easiest (top center) & the third was the hardest (bottom left). Your see one piece of gold is in place & I’m not sure it is correct. Margaret is so nice. I learned how to make a knot at an end!

I am so happy that Linda from my chapter went over the basics before the class.  It made today so much easier. I heard a few woman struggle but not me! Plus, I decided not to worry about how it turns out since it is my first.  Decent progress for a day. Several people got much more done. A few less than I. Not a race but I can’t help but notice.  The bottom left tendril is half finished. Bleary eyed & tired. I should studied this genre in my 30s when seeing was easier. More tired after Expo night.

2 leaves

Assessing the Art in Needlepoint with Mary K Campbell

We spent today talking about judging, reviewing color theory by studying the color wheel and value scale, looking at balance, focal point, and more! I learned that I need to pay more attention to value. The Color Evaluator II is a new tool to help with seeing the value of threads in a piece (without a black and white xerox copy). And, I’m still learning about the tent stitch!