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Woodlawn Roadtrip 2012
June 5, 2012, 10:35 pm
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My husband, Bill, & I attended the 49th Annual Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition on Sunday, June 3 & it is our 3rd annual trek to the event. There were over 600 pieces again! It runs through June 10 this year (late because of restoration work done on the windows). So, you can still go – it is really worth the trip. Next year is the 50th Annual & they are already excited about it!

There was less beadwork canvas pieces this year but there was still all the variety of techniques including canvas work, counted thread, blackwork, hardanger, drawn thread, cross-stitch, embroidery (crewel, cut-work, japanese, goldwork, silk ribbon, stumpwork, surface), fine hand sewing, miniature, needle-made lace, quilted accessory, sampler, & smocking.

In the first room, I saw my sister’s lovely angel as cross-stitched by Barbara & learned about the designer from Ellice, ANG Board member & docent – what a thrill!

The three-dimensional embroidery pieces were stunning – I have done some of that and really appreciate the effort that goes into those. One (#134) had 12 different flower motifs with some ribbon embroidery in it as well. The Welcome piece (#137), that Karen had to stitch a second time because the first had been stolen, earned the Eleanor Curtis Lewis award. Another was a ladies face with flowing hair in all different stitches (can’t be sure of the #).

I also really appreciate the work that went into the blackwork pieces after stitching the small sections of the Ort Box & I was fascinated with the yellow and green pineapple that had different blackwork patterns for each section (#149). The sampler section had a wonderful variety but what popped out for me was the red and white ying yang piece (#258) that had red stitching of lettering allowing white background to show through & the other half was a mirror image but with red stitches covering all but the lettering to show them as white.

Catherine Jordan’s counted work was fantastic (#41 and 42), one won the Director’s award, and is featured on the cover.

But, her small framed surface embroidery (#43) – stitched in 5 or 6 layers and placed together was simple amazing because of the unique concept. There was a hole in the center of all the sections through which you could see the tree twisted threads of the trunks all of which were attached at ground level and again up top at the leaves. It won a second place ribbon.

I think I saw a Nancy Cucci beaded piece (#593). There were 2 of Jean Hilton’s ‘Scott Lee’ (#12 & #40) done in 2 different colors creating a different look to the work.

The patchwork bear (#26) was a tribute to 911 and looked like the one at 2010’s seminar. Joyce made a lovable brown dog with a black nose (sorry, I do not know the breed of # 189) and used actual hairs from the real dog as whiskers. And, it won a Judge’s Choice award & 2nd place.

We saw three generations of stitchers display pieces and met the mother and daughter (I can’t find my notes on them to credit them by # or first name). The 13-year-old girl told us she’d been stitching since she was 3 and has won awards before this one which was an interesting original geometric piece.

My People’s Choice vote went to Betty Jo, a Golden ager, whose original pine cone design (#370) was so simple yet stunning. Small round gold sequins made up the pine cone and the long threads lay on the surface for the needles. And, the eye-catching reflective background placed under the canvas caught your eye from a distance. Congrats on your Honorable Mention award!

This year we didn’t have such a big breakfast that we were able to sit & eat the lemon tart before heading home. We also got some of Martha Washington’s ginger cookies made by Nellie’s Needlers. I also picked up a bookmark for Bill. For the house and to go with the Frank Lloyd Wright table runner, I got a trivet stitched by Nellie’s Needlers.

Hopefully, I’ll win the quilt they are selling chances for – they all pitched in as a group to make it. Beautiful.

Lastly, I learned I must get the Green Book from the Royal School of Needlework! But, I’m going to need some more info on that because it doesn’t come up as ‘Green Book’ in my searches. Anyone able to clarify?

Update on Anita’s Angel
June 3, 2012, 10:16 pm
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Thanks to Woodlawn’s annual exhibit, I finally found out that the designer of the angel is Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. It is called Angel of Hope ( In fact, Ellice, ANG board member and docent, was able to identify the designer of the angle that I had cross stitched for my sister ( because I saw someone else’s piece on display as we chatted! I must have stitched it on 16 count Aida cloth and it is 10&1/2 x 17&3/4. The piece, #420, was one of the highlights for me – it was beautiful! Many thanks to stitcher, Barbara, for submitting it. You did lovely work.