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Christmas Trees
December 31, 2011, 3:18 pm
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Our Mainline Stitchers Chapter of ANG did a Holiday Santa Exchange (steal) again this year at our Dec meeting. And, I got a beautiful ornament to stitch.

I don’t know the designer & I can’t tell by the mark in the lower left corner.  If anyone knows, please leave comment & let me know.

The threads are now ready – I went through my stash yesterday. Next, I need to select stitches.  Then, I can get started just as soon as I finish my small cross-stitch ones. It’s a lovely piece.

Phillies Fab Fob
December 29, 2011, 5:51 pm
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Looks like we’ll need a second car in 2012 & so, this will be for Bill’s key chain. Merry Christmas Bill!

A quick stop at Rittenhouse Needlepoint before Christmas uncovered this gem. It is by Voila, measures 8.25″ x 1.75″, and come with what you need to finish it!

2 Ornaments finished last night
December 27, 2011, 9:23 pm
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These did work up quickly! I changed the colors slightly (yellow to a more gold around the now 3 shades of red which get darker from top to bottom). A little felt on the back & DMC tied for hanging & done!!


3 More Christmas Ornaments
December 26, 2011, 4:50 pm
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This was a great find on eBay before Christmas! Why better than the first 2 ornaments? These are actually part of the set I already have! Apparently, there were 12 in the set. I am confused about the date being 2000 – I thought I had mine since the 90s. But, maybe they added some each year.

You may recall from last year’s blog the angel & the bell:

From what a quick look on google, I think Creative Vision Design  is still in business but gone in a different direction now (

It’ll make a nice project to add to my gold metal ornament collection!!

2 Christmas Ornaments
December 26, 2011, 4:13 pm
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This was a good find on eBay before Christmas! I ordered them & then, by the time I opened them, it was a wonderful Christmas gift because I’d forgotten the designs that I’d found. It’ll make a nice addition to my gold metal ornament collection!!

From what a quick look on google, I do not think Needleform is still in business but you can find some stuff here & there still for sale.


Directions look easy:

Gold place mats with napkins
December 24, 2011, 2:23 pm
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I’m not sure who made these place mats & napkins but they look Christmasy. They have buttons & beads with a little gold embellishment stitched on them. Very good shape & makes a nice set with the different colored napkins.

Hooked Grand Tetons
December 18, 2011, 7:48 pm
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This was done by my grandmother & could be any mountain range but my sister recalls that is that scene is the Grand Tetons.  She also recalls that my grandmother dyed the threads for this piece herself by hand.

So, I decided to replace the wall hanging we had over our bed to with the pillow. Springtime in the Grand Tetons!

Patchwork Quilt – ANG Correspondence Course Pilot Project
December 10, 2011, 9:16 am
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You may recall that a previous blog was about the process of pilot stitching for ANG ( Well, I finished that blog by saying, “My hats off to the folks who match people & courses – it must be quite a challenge!!” Little did I know that person was Christine, or know that she’d ask me to take on her role of Correspondence Course Chairman (CCC) one year later while at seminar in Philly, or that the role involved matching select courses with pilot stitchers. And, I must say that being CCC is a bit more involved than I’d expected. But,  I decided to take it on because I’d gotten so much out of the 3 correspondence courses that I’d taken shortly after joining ANG ( and and This year’s Seminar was certainly a whirlwind of activity!

So, I am certainly glad that I have had the experience to pilot a course now that I will be more involved with the process. Christine has been great showing me the ropes and walking me through each facet of the position. It’s going well so far. And, come November 1, it’s going to get more busy as many of you enroll in one of the 10 new courses being brought to you by ANG. Basically, I act as liaison between the Rees Group, the teachers, and the students for the Correspondence Courses.  

That leads me to the main subject of this blog, Patchwork Quilt by Pat Donaldson. Now that Patchwork Quilt has “gone public” and I have permission from Pat, I can blog about Patchwork Quilt. Had I thought she would be at seminar, I would have shown it to her in person. Oh well. I did meet Pat at Teacher Expo night and told her that I’d enjoyed doing the piece. She also has my permission to share my picture with anyone if they want to see a different color combination.

What a wonderful opportunity to use my stash! At first, I was worried about picking threads too thick or thin and would have to rip it out. Or, that I’d end up with an unbalanced piece. But, Pat said there were few rules except to have fun! So, one Saturday with Bill golfing, I sat down and spread out ALL my blue and green threads because I had the most of those 2 colors and they look good together. I began by dividing them by value (light to dark). She suggested 10 or more threads in each of the 2 families although less was ok – it would be more fun with more. I never expected that I’d end up using a total of 84 different threads including 36 fiber types across the 2 color families & the neutral. As you can see, I got over my reluctance and just had fun!!

Hopefully, some of you take Pat’s course and use it as an opportunity to experiment. If I do Patchwork Quilt again, I would do it in smaller units for gifts and donation pieces. I still have plenty blues, greens, and whites. My next largest stash is of different blacks, grays, reds, and purples. But, I have very little of yellow or orange.  Bottom line, I could stitch a lot more squares in a variety of color schemes. Many thanks to Pat for designing Patchwork Quilt and Christine for selecting me to pilot this piece. It’s really a small world.

First color family is blue:

Second color family is green:

Neutral color is white:

All the threads are listed below (the 2x and 3 x in the parenthesis indicates how many time I repeated the thread somewhere in the piece):

Burmilana 3873
Designers Dream D02 (2x)
DMC #3 319, 336, 367, 368, 823, 890, 895, 939 (2x)
DMC #5 blanc, 334, 367, 890, 3346 (2x), 3348
DMC Floss 336, 3755
Flair F502
Fleur deParis 24
Frosty Rays Y042, Y090 (3x)
Grandeur #5 G802
Gumnut Yarns 369, 629 (3x)
Impressions 5133
Kreinik #8 braid 051HL
Kreinik #16 braid 393, 622 (2x), 4639 (2x)
Kreinik #16 ribbon 032
Merino Wool 98R
Needlepoint Silk 823
Neon Rays N68 (3x), NP02
Pebbly Perle P061, P66, P76 (3x)
Petite Very Velvet V634
Rainbow Linen R430 (2x), R445 (2x)
Rainbow Tweed RT14 , RT38
Sheep’s Silk SPS036(2x)
Shepherd’s Silk SS045
Silk & Ivory 02 (2x), 17 (2x), 55, 56, 70, 86 (2x), 102, 1063, 1316
Silk Lame Braid SL02
Splendor S860 (2x), S1026
Thread WorX 200
Vineyard Silk Shimmer S537
Watercolours 041 (2x), 065, 121, 127, 129, 140 (3x), 159(2x), 169, 228, 242, 254, 256 (3x)
Wildflowers 041, 127, 228, 254, 0076 (3x)

Not only is this a thread sampler but it is a stitch sampler incorporating over 16 different patterns. I learned a lot stitching the diverse blocks. And, with permission from Pat, I am very happy to share a photo of the finished piece:

Another aspect I understand better now is the ANG Distance Learning Programs. ANG has 2 different people who coordinate the Workshops by Mail Program (, and a third (separate from CyberPointers) for CyberWorkshops ( Apparently, I have not been reading Needle Pointers as closely as I could have been.  The third person handles the Correspondence Courses ( with more coming soon! Whatever you find to stitch, have fun!!

Hooked Butterfly Pillow
December 9, 2011, 6:00 pm
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I’m still incorporating my grandmother’s vintage finished needlepoint pieces into our house. This hooked pillow was done by her many years ago. And, it is in very good shape. I think anything hooked is quite durable anyway.

For now anyway, this butterfly has landed in our rose garden (pillow on our bed). I am mixing cross-stitch & hooking but, thematically it works for me. And, the colors go together good enough.

Rose Pillow Cases
December 3, 2011, 3:32 pm
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These are stamped cross-stitched pillow cases that I did long enough ago that they are probably vintage too!!

I’m still organizing my needlepoint & found the cases & the instructions. So, as my last rose bloom of the year adorns our back yard, I decided that I’d take a break & show you. There really wasn’t much to the kit beyond a color key for the 4 colors & chart.

I had used them some but they started pilling & I stopped using them. So, I got my pilling shaver & it worked great. So, back on the bed they go. Our blanket happens to be light green & so these go nicely on the bed.