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June 30, 2010, 12:35 pm
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I had quite a time with this month’s stitch. I didn’t get the hang of that stitch until about the 4th corner. Then, I looked back over the previous 3 areas & realized just how many were wrong in just half or even just a quarter of the individual unit. So, I had to unstitch parts here and there. What a pain!  Glad that this month’s is done. But, it looks nice & I think my lesson learned is to turn off the TV & focus on a new stitch.

Vase 4
June 29, 2010, 5:42 pm
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My last vase is a variation of my first 2 & is a “Pinsations” original design & stitch selection. I used a couple of chain stitch flowers to match the Pin. There are either French or Colonial Knots in the center of the 2 stitched flowers.

Vase 3
June 27, 2010, 12:14 pm
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This is also from my Vase series & is a “Pinsations” original design & stitch selection. As soon as I saw this Calla Lily pin, I knew I’d be doing the Arrow Amadeus stitch! As the vase was being stitched, it began to pucker or puff. I liked the effect & went with it by adding a small strip of bubble wrap to maintain an even effect. It adds to the roundness of the lines on the vase. It does seem, as I look at it hanging on my wall between 2 pictures, that I should have made the vase slightly smaller for the size of the pin/flowers. Otherwise, I really like this vase.

The background is the Ray stitch (a leaf stitch). The vase is done using straight stitches gradually climbing up & to the right with overdyed Waterlilies filled in with a white DMC Cotton Pearle #5 thread. Stitches are from The Needlepoint Book by  Jo Ippolito Christensen.

Vase 2
June 25, 2010, 8:15 pm
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This is also from my Vase series & is a “Pinsations” original design & stitch selection. I used a bone china pin as in the other vase. It is shorter & fatter. I used the same stitches & threads (just different colors). I used a fork with the outer tines bent back and the inner ones bent forward. It make a great stand!

Vase 1
June 23, 2010, 8:33 pm
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This is from my Vase series & is a “Pinsations” original design & stitch selection. I got the idea for the vase from looking at a clear glass vase of flowers because  I wanted something that would allow the stems to be seen.

This is the first time I put a pin on the piece & hadn’t yet had the idea that when you remove it a flower or something decorative would be seen. So, while the pin can be removed, worn, & replaced, it’s not a stand-alone piece. 

The leaves are various leaf stitches. The background is Split Gobelin. The stem is Stem Stitch. I just came up with the idea of weaving the threads back & forth. I worked it out on paper. The threads are DMC Cotton Perle # 3 and/ #5 and 1 thread of DMC Metallic for some sparkle. This was probably before I found the wider selection of threads at Fireside Stitchery.

Books used:

  • Stitch Sampler by Lucinda Ganderton
  • The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen

Molly’s American Girl
June 21, 2010, 1:09 pm
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Speaking of Molly, she had an American Girl doll of a Native American girl. I took a picture of her outfit & I duplicated the necklace so she could dress up like her doll. I had the beads, & button (center), & some large hole plastic canvas. I just had to get the 4 decorative beads (just outside of yellow ring of beads), & a bandana to match.

In case you are wondering, you are looking at our “pet” doberman model the necklace for the picture. He’s really a life-size dog that is a statue & we bought a collar for with his name, Buddha, engraved on it. Repairmen are cautious when they first glance at him!  

Molly’s Monkey
June 18, 2010, 4:11 pm
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This was one of the baby gifts I did that was different for my niece, Molly.  It is still a kit (I do not find I kept any information about the designer) & is done with all tent or continental – not sure. I’m amazed that someone can tell the difference from the front – it looks the same to me.

Baby Bears
June 16, 2010, 2:13 pm
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You know what happens after June weddings? Eventually, anyway. These are done in cross stitch & I love to do them for a baby gift. The bears are good for boys or girls. Once you know the sex, you can select a frame based on the sex or the color of the baby’s room. I’ve done a few more than I need to post here!

And, it makes a nice piece to carry on a trip. I can stitch everything except the name and date. Not that I get that much stitched on a trip. But, I don’t need to work with a frame or hoop for it because I’m able to control the tension just holding it. The colors are limited and the pattern is relatively easy. And, I can use “Threader and Cutter” from AC Moore ( It works great for floss. Anything heavier & the threader part breaks easily. There is a tiny portion of a blade in the plastic for cutter and it is inexpensive in case I lose it. I don’t fly often (prefer driving) but never had a problem with it when I have taken it along on a plane. It’s nice to have one in progress or even ready, if possible, so when the baby is born, all I have to do is stitch the name, frame it, & visit the mother and newborn with a personalized baby gift!

Napkin Rings, Pieces of Eight
June 13, 2010, 3:34 pm
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And, I finally finished the napkin rings.  I met with Bianca from Rittenhouse Needlepoint who showed me how to sew a backing onto a piece. There had actually been a trunk show for napkin rings right around the time I met with her. They provided several different examples of how to finish a napkin ring. Although they looked pretty, I just wanted something simple (no loop or tassel, etc,).

Then, I connected the ends.

I’m keeping these for myself!

Framed Individual Pieces of Eight
June 11, 2010, 5:10 pm
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These are the finished octagons in frames which were ready just in time for our ANG Chapter dinner (this past Monday night). We had a lovely dinner at the Painted Teacup in Upper Darby. Several of us brought our finished pieces to show. Two had completed the whole 25 motifs but in different colors. Others had done smaller sets, for example, 2 motifs placed in a purse insert and 5 motifs in a rectangular wall hanging.

And, now I’m at my mom’s house distributing them to the wonderful aides who help her everyday. I put them in a bag all wrapped up & they are picking one. So far, I’ve seen 4 of the aids and each one loves them. I’m so grateful to each of these dear ladies.