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Little Red Flower Sandals, Finished for ANG Seminar’s Auction in Chicago
June 26, 2014, 1:16 pm
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The sandals/canvas are designed by Birds of a Feather (BF413). They are size 39 European or an 8 in US. I did the stitching and have donated them to the auction for this year’s ANG Seminar in Chicago. They will be available at the silent auction. So, if you are a size 8 OR are looking for a gift idea for a friend or family member – start asking now who wears size 8 & make these a birthday or Christmas gift. I hope you take a look for this item at the silent auction!!

Sandals - stitched

And, Rittenhouse Needlepoint donated the finishing – didn’t they do a fantastic job! Thanks again to them!!

Sandals - construction

Bargello Techniques, Staggered Pattern

This stitched design used both blues. It works! But, I must say, it happened again. I had a heck of a time following my own pattern. It didn’t help that my color markers were random. But, I finally decided it was better to work the dark red rows along the middle then do the light red above it before tackling the blues.

Stitch Guide

Liz provided great insights into Bargello. This was a fun project & the booklet will remain a great resource.

Staggered Patterns

Bargello Techniques, Sections 3 and 8 for Bookends
June 11, 2014, 10:07 pm
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I finished the last of the two sections, 3 and 8, to place them in bookends. I enjoyed the project although I did find following the patterns more difficult than I expected probably because I was too distracted by work and by watching TV when I stitched. But, they turned out fine. It certainly wasn’t the instructions from Liz Morrow – they were clear and very detailed. It is a great resource on Bargello. And, I have been inspired to try my own small design now! That’s as much my goal for doing a project – learn & grow.

The pattern had either an M or a W depending on which way I inserted the design. Since I gave these to my husband, Bill aka William, it appears as follows:

Section 2

Section 8


Bargello Techniques, framed

I like the collage type frames & decided that these individual pieces would look great in one. And, it saves me a ton of money. Framers do excellent work but they are so expensive.

Bargello Techniques, framed

I still have 2 more square designs to stitch & they will fit in bookends! Yes, I still have more of them (I couldn’t resist the sale).

Bargello Techniques, Sections 1 and 5

Sections 1 and 5 worked up quickly. Although again, I zoned out on Section 5 when I didn’t make the stitches of row 1 and row 2 the same stitch. But, the pattern is still staggered as it is supposed to be.

Section 1

Section 5