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ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter, SOTM 2012 Continues
January 16, 2017, 8:53 pm
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Progress continues on the ANG 2012 Stitch of the Month. What’s also interesting about this design is each area was designed by a different person to celebrate ANG’s 40th Anniversary. And, I’ll finish stitching it in the year when Bill and celebrate our 30th anniversary!

Area 4 to the right of the heart is a tortoiseshell filling stitch. I filled in all of the octagons with vertical running stitches mainly because the area seemed too small to leave just some voided. But, by doing so, the pattern is not as evident.

Area 5 is the small heart. I really didn’t think it was large enough for the Trellis pattern. But, by centering the design, it compensated on each side uniformly as it was supposed to!

Area 6 is immediately left of the heart (& a small section at the bottom right side of the small heart). And, this is the Victorian Step. It gives an interesting pattern just discernable in this solid purple.



Tristan Turned Ten
January 12, 2017, 2:48 pm
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Yes, I was remiss in making a birth announcement for Tristan – only took me 10 years (I finished it in 2016). But, I remedied the situation! I designed this for Tristan after realizing I had stitched one for his older brother, Aiden. So, this is a little more grown-up design that a now 10-year-old boy will enjoy better than my typical bear design. He loved it!!

The letters came from the Leisure Arts Leaflet 2285 called 120 Alphabets – they looked quite appropriate for a young boy. I found an image of Lightning McQueen and the flag that I was able to replicate. And, I added the finish line to square off the design.





2016 in Review
January 4, 2017, 9:13 am
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I went back to FOCUS as my stitching mantra in 2016 which has worked well as a guiding principle since 2014. I don’t have to focus on the same piece every day until it is done. Rather, I look at focusing on finishing a particular section when I sit to stitch. That way I am accomplishing exactly what I want to do on a given day.

So, what did I accomplish in 2016? A lot!! It was a fantastic year and I enjoyed the company of many stitchers.

  • Stitched 3 bargello designs from “A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That” by Linda Damiani (but I need to put them in something).
  • Made a Temari Ball with Mindy at a Rittenhouse Needlepoint class was hung up for Christmas.
  • I picked up 8 pieces from the framer (Jim the owner of Repenning Fine Arts in Audubon,  NJ). I have another one there now.
  • Visited needlework exhibits in Woodlawn VA, Rehoboth Museum DE, and at the ANG NOLA Seminar. I was thrilled to win my first blue ribbon at ANG in the original design category for “Festive Fireworks”!
  • Visited several out of state needlepoint stores including Beyond Knits & Needles in Caldwell NJ, Edwardian Needle in Fairfield NJ, Scrim Discovery in Ocean City NJ, Stitch by Stitch in Cape May NJ, Annie & Company in NYC, Rita’s Needlepoint in NYC, and Needlepoint America in Kennebunk.
  • Enjoyed a 2-day pilot class of “Sisters” with Nancy Cucci in Rehoboth Beach Delaware (not finished yet).
  • Stitched and hoop-framed “Grandma’s Heart” which is being enjoyed by Rose’s granddaughter.
  • Stitched and framed 2 baby announcements: Norah and another to be posted shortly.
  • Struggled but completed a “beginner” tubular/circular peyote beaded needle case.
  • Stitched and donated Mello Joy Coffee design for ANG’s auction at NOLA seminar.
  • Enjoyed my class at ANG Seminar, Provence Pottery Shop, with Lois Kershner and have just returned to working on it.
  • Learned Rozashi (Patterns in Blue and Green – also not finished) with Margaret Kinsey at ANG Seminar. Margaret was very pleased to see I finished her “3 Leaves” goldwork class from last year’s seminar.
  • Sat with about 120 stitchers of various sorts at Susan Hoekstra’s NJ NeedleFest, a 1-day event in Pluckemin NJ, and shopped a dozen vendors including Trish Vine Designs and Karen from Nimble Needle NJ. There were about a dozen of us working on Susan’s 2016 SOTM design “Feuilles d’ananas” & we got a group photo published in Needle Pointers!! Hopefully, most will return for a follow-up photo in April 2017.
  • Sat with about 145 cross stitchers at a 3-day retreat in Harrisburg , PA and shopped 9 designers/vendors including Sue Hillis, Jean Farish, and Needleworker’s Delight.
  • Stitched “Poinsettia Ornament” an ornament designed by DebBee’s Designs and got it finished by Nimble Needle in NJ.
  • Mounted the mystery project, ANG Keystone Garden Patch, all by myself on a Rosewood box as a gift for Janice who loves it!
  • Buff got my ornament from Kick Back & Stitch series by Terry Gifford at the ANG Main Line Christmas exchange – she said it is lovely (although she wanted the green/red one I stole from her)!
  • Surprised Bill with Canvas Connection Golf Bag which was finished at Nimble Needle in NJ).
  • Stitched Patti Mann’s November Mums which is getting finished at Fireside Stitchery as a stand up piece.
  • Created a Christmas tree for the wall to hang some hand-crafted ornaments on.
  • Lastly, this year’s ANG Stitch of the Month (SOTM) is “Feuilles d’ananas”, by Susan Hoekstra (aka Pineapple Leaves) is all stitched and will be going to Nimble Needle in NJ to be made into a pillow to sit next to her Berlin Cardinal pillow.

And, I have lots of fun planned for 2017 including Blue Bonnet in Feb for 2 classes with Toni Gerdes (2 days each for “Bronze Purse” left photo and “Fire & Ice” center photo), Nashville Needleworks in April for a class with Laura Taylor (3 days for “Embracing Horses” from Laurel Burch by Danji Designs right photo), and at Anaheim ANG Seminar with Cynthia Thomas for 1-day class “Creating Diagrams and Stitch Guides using Microsoft Office” and 4-day “Canvas Embellishment” class with a painted canvas of my choice (either JP Bird of Paradise & Bamboo or JP Orange Orchid & Bamboo).


I have a couple painted canvas pieces I want to get back to (Sharon G Vases and Swirling Flowers) and a couple of more that I’ll start in 2017. So, after the February classes, I plan on “FOCUS”ing on painted canvases to learn more about selecting stitches for particular areas. This year, Deb at HalfMoon Handwerks, offered to provide a word to serve as a guidepost & it is “serenity”. So, I will see what happens when I combine that with”focus”. Will focusing on stitch guides be calming? I am sure it will be educational. Looking forward to finding out. I will have to find serenity in continued postponement of other canvas projects that are in progress – some have been waiting for me since as far back as 2011:

  • Stitches in Sterling (Oct 2011)
  • Tar River Trail (Aug 2012)
  • Color Inspirations, attempt 2 (Jun 2015)
  • Sisters (May 2016)
  • Zapotec Rug (May 2016)
  • Rozashi – Patterns in Blue and Green (Aug 2016)

I have one original design almost ready to stitch. And, we won’t go into other projects that I’ve got in the house and would love to do – serenity NOW!!

Hope you have a fantastic year! And, thanks for reading my blog especially if you made it this far!!




ANG Stitch of the Month, Finished
January 1, 2017, 10:35 pm
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December’s portion of Susan Hoekstra’s Feuilles d’ananas  (Pineapple Leaves) was lots of couching which was all finished yesterday.

Instead of coming in and out the center hole of the daisies to place a small Mill Hill glass bead (10106), I pierced the canvas thread on the left and right of the center hole on each one. I matched the thread to the Daisy (Needlepoint Inc Silk, Scarlet, 501A), used beeswax to strengthen the thread, and went through the bead twice to secure each bead. The beads laid consistently done in this manner and it worked up quicker than I expected. Well worth the extra effort. A Happy New Year indeed!

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share my stitching adventures in 2016. And, thanks to designers such as Susan who share their designs at no charge. ANG Stitch of the Month  (SOTM) is available to anyone with access to the Internet  ( under the Education tab) even if you are not a member of ANG.

I am looking forward to 2017!! Hope you have a Healthy, Happy New Year too.