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Golfer Through 18
November 30, 2014, 10:14 pm
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Bill golfed earlier today & I finished his golfer earlier tonight. He won’t have it by Christmas (not worth paying extra) but we’ll drop it off on our next trip downtown (Rittenhouse Needlepoint – they did a great finishing on my sunglass case).

Golfer Through 18

Golfer Playing Under Light on a Larger Fairway
November 23, 2014, 7:57 pm
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The black area was a lot easier to stitch thanks to the StarMag that Karen at Nimble Needle recommended. I wanted a clip-on with a flexible arm, magnifier, & a light. Something easy for travel. And, not costing an arm and a leg. I got all that!!! Bonus is that it can be used as freestanding table lamp.

Clip-on light

I got out my Jacquard Textile paints in order to expand the fairway (& water) in order to make the area 7 & 1/4″ square. That should be enough to make an eye glass case for my husband’s sunglasses. I want the holder lined & his sunglasses are kind of big the way they fold. The color dried lighter and isn’t an exact match, but I just wanted some color under the thread anyway.

Golfer painted border

It’s working fine & I’m really glad I pulled out the paints. Using Vineyard Merino wool on 14 count probably would have allowed some white to be seen. But, with the painted canvas, it is fine. I think on the back 9 now!!

Green Fairway

Ruby Beauty: A Keepsake Box by Catherine Jordan
November 21, 2014, 3:24 pm
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I just realized that I had yet to blog about the classes I took at Seminar in Philadelphia (2012).  When I finished the 2-day class taught by Catherine Jordan, I’d finished the small box below!  And, I’d learned about painting with Jacquard Textile paints (applied to fabric) and another type of acrylic paint for applying to the box, using Tyvek for building a textured landscape, and stitching some dimensional stitches. Then, we added cording and mounted our landscape to the top of the box! I was very pleased with how it turned out and that I have these wonderful paints to use now – which I just used last night & will be the subject of my next blog.

Ruby Keepsake Box


I didn’t make as good progress on the other class (not sure where that work in progress is just now to blog about it anyway).

Gentle Waves Reach the Beach
November 9, 2014, 11:50 am
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I’m encouraged by folks who came by yesterday at New Jersey Needle Festival & commented on how much they like this design. Thanks to Susan (Foxview Needlepoint & Rug Hooking for hosting the event), Trish with Trish Vine Designs (love my project keepers), Karen from Nimble Needle (who brought stuff I hadn’t seen in her shop!), Anne from Mrs. Stitches (I got a signed copy of her design, Florentine Fantasy, which is an advanced class she teaches in Florentine canvas embroidery, pattern couching, and basic composite filling patterns), and other vendors who brought wonderful items (I need to retire so I can stitch more)! Met new people, enjoyed old friends, learned a tad about smocking, and loved seeing all the wonderful needlework and various crafts being done in person.

It’s probably more difficult to see from the photo than in person but the sand near the surf has a slight glimmer to it because I am using Planet Earth Silk Opal (Calm 103 & Oxygen 098 with hints of brown on the beach side of the surf and Cloud 097 which is white on the ocean side of the surf) & that has sparkles throughout the thread. Then, for the dry sand I’m using Rainbow Linen (R405) which is a bit rough. I’m going to go back next & fill in open areas of the water & the sand (the open x space in the Criss Cross Hungarian pattern from SuZy’s Portable Stitches). Can you find the heart draw in the sand!?!

Gentle Waves Reach the Beach