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Violet, Dowager Countess by Gay Ann Rogers Begins
July 26, 2021, 9:47 am
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The Dowager Countess of Grantham, Violet, is the fourth in the series of Downton Abbey inspired pieces by Gay Ann Rogers.

I decided to get started on it Saturday for our first ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter in person Stitch-in since coronavirus.

One of the members, Buff, hosted us at her house. There were 6 in person and 3 via Zoom. Great lunch and to see folks in person again. But, we probably need more laptops to engage both groups. One camera can’t see 6 people sitting around a table. So, we’ll keep trying!

The Step 1A center eyelets and couched hexagon were easy to stitch as we talked. I was able to complete the rest of Step 1B after I got home.

Tahitian Treat, Needle Pointers March – April 2021 Issue Corrections
July 23, 2021, 10:56 am
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It’s been fantastic watching Meg W on Facebook post her progress on Tahitian Treat. But, I was surprised that she was running out of a couple of threads. It’s possible that not specifying the stitch path may be why Neon Rays + NP55 (need 2 cards) and Silk Lame Braid SL110 (need 3 cards) are running short. The instructions do list 2 skeins needed for Watercolours 086 Tahiti. However, a third skein of Watercolours 086 would allow people to be more selective about the portion selected for specific sections and allow for mistakes. Don’t miss Sue Reed’s article (page 22 in the same issue) on “Color Matching Hand-Dyed Threads” discussing in greater detail how to select portions of hand-dyed threads for manipulation.

As I test stitched a few areas, I found an error in Area H charts and an erratum has been placed on the Needle Pointers magazine webpage. Please click HERE for an errata sheet and insert into your issue for future use. You have to be a member of ANG to have access to these instructions. However, even if you are joining ANG now, you will have access to all the magazines go back to and including all the issues since 2017 – 5 years of fantastic articles and projects! You’ll be able to print pages for your own use. There are also all the Stitch of the Month projects free to ANG members going back to 1998.

In the original article, you’ll see that I ran out of Watercolours 232 African Violet and that’s why the center purple square stands out. The second skein was a slightly lighter dye lot. I wasn’t going to rip the inner area out. Because it was used in completely different area, it worked out to be a happy accident. So, if you do run out & the color of the new thread is slightly different, you may be able to use it anyway especially in a geometric design.

This has been a lesson learned for me. I am going to overestimate the amount of thread required especially if nobody pilot stitches my design first. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Pretty Petites, Watering Can with Vicky Witterschein

The ANG New Jersey Needle Artists is having Vicky Witterschein teach this needle felting project on Zoom in 2 parts. We had our 2-hour class on Wednesday and got through what Vicky is calling the groundwork.

It’s a very cute, small design at just 2.5″ x 3.5″ and since the main intention is to teach needle felting, it makes sense to start small.

Despite the small design, it requires alot of stuff including 8″ x 9″ bars, instructions, threads (partial skeins placed on cards), beading thread, a charm, Merino wool for felting, 4 different needles, and a piece of foam. Vicky provided a well organized complete kit.

Our next class is in a month. So, I picked out a lovely “Linda” bag to store it all in until then. Doesn’t it coordinate well with the design! Looking forward to next month’s felting lesson with Vicky.

Swirling Leaves, Framed
July 15, 2021, 6:31 pm
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Sister Linda at Second to Nun Framery (in Huntingdon Valley, PA) took only 2 weeks framing Swirling Leaves (DH3825) an Elements canvas by Dream House Ventures Inc. Janet Perry (NAPA Needlepoint) wrote up a stitch guide during her online/cyber Stitch Guide class in 2015.

I elected not to get museum glass but it is the non-glare which is still difficult to get a great picture. I got to practice my newly learned Photoshop technique to straighten photos. I like the simple silver frame because it blends into the background.

Background Completed, Star of Stitches, ANG Stitch of the Month 2020

All 4 background areas are done! One of the finishing touches was the outline in Kreinik which was an overdyed thread from Color Complements. I did the diagonal lines in the center with a few crouching stitches. The rest was long straight stitches rather than the short backstitching. And, I stitched around the vertical and horizontal lines even though the directions didn’t say it was needed. The very last step was the over 2 gobelin stitches to outline the square and give the framer some space so that the tips of the stars don’t get cut off. That’s all the same color of rust Splendor. So, the difference is the way the light reflects off the stitches.