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Creating Klimt Kimono by Toni Gerdes, an ANG Cyberpointers Workshop
May 27, 2020, 7:43 am
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Creating the Klimt Kimono is continuing with two challenges for me.

Couching Gimp from Painters Thread Collection with one stand of Soie d’ alger is difficult because there isn’t anything to anchor to when starting or ending the couching thread. Toni suggested a few pin stitches in “a straight area within the line you will cover” – that would help. I was only thinking about right where I was starting. Hiding the tails are not easy either.

I am using Stardust from brown paper packages for the first time. The thread which is a blend of silk, Merino wool, polyester, and nylon has a feel that I don’t care for. It feels artificial somehow. It’s also thick making its use in an eyelet tough. And, it’s a “Z” twist and I have a tough enough time getting the twist on the more common “S” threads. Toni was proactive in addressing the second two issues. She said that you can remove one of the silk threads, twist counterclockwise, and use shorter lengths which helped me alot wherever I need to use it. But, it’ll never be a favorite thread for me.

My only slight modifications are in the bottom left corner, the white diagonal gobelin is outlined with a long black thread of Silk Lame Braid for 18 count. I separated out one of the silk strands and used it to couch down the center of the thread every couple of canvas threads. And, the Smyrnas seemed too thick using Silk Lame Braid for 18 count. So, I pulled out one silk strand.

Areas 60-94 from Lesson 2 are done. I do love counted work and how this is looking. I’ve used all the threads now at least once.

I’m going to have to couch some swirls in between stitching Areas 95-130 from Lesson 3 or else I’ll be left with too much couching at the end. I hope that the more I do, the easier it gets.

Klimt Kimono by Toni Gerdes, ANG Cyberpointers Workshop
May 23, 2020, 4:51 pm
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I signed up for Klimt Kimono by Toni Gerdes through ANG’s Cyberpointers chapter before knowing that we’d be in a coronavirus pandemic. I got the option that included the instructions, line drawn canvas, and threads. In other words, everything was supplied! Luckily, I had the proper sizes of Evertite bars and enough tacks.

The instructions are supplemented by a weekly release of notes from Toni. And, she answers questions via a private email group. All I did was stitch the tree so far because I was working on the other band sampler.

However, I didn’t realize this workshop only runs a month. I have been reading the lesson notes. Toni’s instructions are great, as usual. So, I should be fine. But, I am going to switch projects until the end of May to see if I have any questions.

I loved playing with the color shift on the overdyed thread. I made some vary by 1″ and 2″ increments for all 4 threads, for 2 threads, reversed some threads. After cutting ends even, I ended up with about 24″ length threads. That’s a great option for use of overdyed threads.

The markings you see are from a Copic marker that came with the supplies. Coloring in other areas with be optional.

Spring Sampler Continues to Bloom

One of the elements I applied from Carolyn’s sampler is that while different stitches are used, they appear related.

I do have another skein of Waterlilies in a different lot number. It is very close but closer to the blueish purples. The next two medium Bands 10 and 16 are Sprats Head with a diagonal base and Waffle, respectively. They used almost a whole skein of Waterlilies 006 Amethyst.

For two other larger bands, Bands 8 and 18, also serving as focal points and related to the center band, I selected two other composite stitches from Kathy Rees’ diagrams modified as needed for my space. I had one full card of Silk Lame Braid For 18 count SL110 and 144″ on a second card in my stash. I did the math to make sure I had enough for both bands. So, I was surprised to have 12″ left!

In between Bands 8 and 10 is Band 9 which is 3 canvas threads, I used another couching stitch, Diagonal Weave Couching. And, for Band 17 another row of 3 canvas threads between Bands 16 and 18 is a staggered cross stitch over a laid thread. For both Bands 9 and 17, the laid thread is Neon Ray’s N127 and couched by Splendor S812.

Barbara’s Patchwork, Area G
May 5, 2020, 2:30 pm
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We are more than half done on one of the counted projects with my ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter which is ANG’s Stitch of the Month (SOTM) from 1999, Barbara’s Patchwork.

The Byzantine stitch over 2 threads is the main pattern but there is an Eyelet added for interest. I chose Kreinik #12 Braid 421 for some sparkle.

I decided to remove the light Color A floss on the top and bottom edges of Areas B and D. Instead, I used the same Kreinik just used in Area G.

Due to the coronavirus, our chapter will meet via Zoom at our normal day and time. It’s nice that the ANG Area representative wants to join us and introduce herself in person as it were.

I think Show and Tell will take awhile because we’ve all been stitching so much. Then, we’ll be discussing the rest of the sections of Barbara’s Patchwork and see where everyone is with Crescent Journey. If time allows, I have a discussion planned about thread and stitch selections for a canvas other than the Vases canvas to see how it translates online. In case Zoom is our only option for a while, I better figure out how best to use it.