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February 25, 2023, 10:36 am
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A few members of my ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter had a class to make a basket last Saturday. Only one of us had made baskets with Karen before, so we made this beginner style basket called Cathead’s Basket and was woven with reed. I didn’t add a handle because I am just going to place a lid on top with the Circles design (2008 ANG Stitch of the Month) we’re stitching as a chapter project.

I could use a wood stain on the basket but probably won’t because the white will look better with my blue Circles top. Karen has some lovely designs at

JP Canvases Made Into Pillows
February 17, 2023, 8:06 pm
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The JP canvases, Bird of Paradise with Bamboo and Orchid with Bamboo are sitting proudly on our living room couch!

Linda and I found a lovely green satin fabric at Calico in Strafford, PA (area next to Wayne on Rte 30 near Berwyn – shout out to Svengoolie fans!) in January. I think the sheen is fantastic and the green is perfect.

I decided to let them do the finishing and Linda and I picked them up yesterday. They turned out great. I am thrilled and excited to see them on my couch. They are my “summer” pillows making an early debut because we’ve been in the 60s – in February!

Books in My Library – Needlepoint 101
February 14, 2023, 2:59 pm
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Previously, I reported on Needlepoint 202 by Ruth Dilts which is A Guide to 12 Different Techniques with Illustrations for Embellishment of the Painted Canvas.

Of course that book led me on a quest for Needlepoint 101. Well, I found it!

Needlepoint 101 Guide to Painted Canvases is also by Ruth Dilts. This book (from 2005) provides a list of 21 stitchs and a stitch effect guide (beards, bushes, clouds, etc) and provides stitch guides for another 12 painted canvases of which I easily found 4 are still available (online google search) including: Puma Coaster by Kathy Schenkel, Lady Bug by JP Needlepoint, and Cowboy Santa by Needle Graphics.

Even without having the canvas, this book suggests stitches for components of lots of canvases such as clothing, flowers, pots, sky, tree, hair, stonework, paving, and more.

Each stitch has a brief description and list of suggested uses and where the stitch was used in the 12 canvases. Excellent cross referencing.

I just read the article Bookshelf by Elizabeth Bozievich in the Jan/Feb issue of Needlepoint Now and most of her favorite needlepoint books are the smaller 5″ x 8″ ones. This one is a small one too. Hopefully, she enjoys her retirement from owning and editing the magazine. I look forward to future articles from her. And, best of luck to Andrea Santiamo, the new owner and editor of Needlepoint Now.

Color Wheels
February 8, 2023, 1:24 pm
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I’ve got multiple small Pocket Color Wheels and a large one by The Color Wheel Company that I have used for years. In the past year, I picked up a small Pick, Point and Match Rainbow Color Selector from K1C2. I finally sat down and read the accompanying booklet. The little window is surrounded by 7 values.

Their discussion on values leaves me realizing there is more to value than just the lightness or darkness of a color! In one place they say that a balanced harmonious combination will be most successful if all the colors in the combination are also grayed to the same value. Yet they also say that mixing values can be quite effective when 2 colors are used disproportionately. However, mixing values of three or more colors results in a spotty and distracting look. So, what to do? For me, it means take more classes and reread my books on color (when I can find the time). Keep learning!

CJC ANG – Autumn 3-Ways Workshop with Toni Gerdes, Fabric Applique
February 2, 2023, 12:19 pm
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The ANG Central Jersey Chapter (CJC) had to change the Autumn 3-Ways Workshop with Toni Gerdes to an online class and I picked up the kit on November 19. It teaches fabric applique and needle felting. I love the matching needle minder.

Well, I didn’t want to ruin my iron again. So, I took everything with me to my November Main Line Stitchers chapter Stitch-in. I had the leaf outline cut out, the leaf window, and felt cut ready to go. The fusible web went on the felt (pressed not ironed onto place on the canvas) and then on the fabric (pressed onto the felt). Linda assisted me in the process and the applique turned out great and the iron is fine. Thanks Linda for your help and to Toni for easy to follow instructions.

The buttonhole stitches were easy enough! The stems and veins go in after the 3 leaves are done.

The needle felting leaf could have been done next or later. So, I worked on the stitched leaf instead. Got part of that leaf done and then needed something easy to stitch and worked on the borders for several stitching occasions away from home.

The class notes and 2 videos that were sent out in advance of our first Zoom class which is Thursday Feb 9 at 7 pm have been watched and read. While I would have enjoyed seeing Toni in person, her instructions are excellent and I am enjoying the piece.