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Color Delights-Camouflage by Kathy Rees

The ANG Keystone chapter in Buckingham, PA that I joined this year has 2 fantastic Program coordinators, Trish & Candy. They stitched models of each program by the start of the year. There are 7 projects for the monthly meetings, 3 Saturday projects, and a couple of “finishing” classes! I’m tired just thinking about getting all that ready. People sign up in advance. This is a very active group! Although I doubt anyone does all the projects.

This month is the first project I signed up for because it was designed to help you pick threads for a particular overdyed thread with 2 complimentary colors. Kathy Rees has several small projects at $10 that makes them great for a quick small project at 4″x 4″.

I don’t have many overdyed flosses & wanted to use my stash. So, I used the first one I came across. As you can see, I manipulated the ThreadworX overdyed floss 1138 by cutting out the aqua blue. Then, I only had a purple Neon Rays N99 and Kreinik #8 in purple 012HL. They were supposed to be contrasting colors but I think it looks great. I selected DMC #5 in dark green 500 and light green 502 to contrast with DMC #5 in medium dark purple. The solid floss was DMC floss 550 dark purple and beige 613.

Not only is it important to pick contrasting colors but also a variety of values (light, medium, dark) for contrast. Now, what to do with it? Maybe I have a box with a 4″ x 4″ opening.

ThreadworX overdyed thread

Color Delights

Bargello Techniques, Section 4

A couple of interesting things happened with this section. Liz’s booklet is very detailed and has great information to help you design. But apparently, I am just not in the right frame of mind to be following written instructions because I just realized that this was to teach a mirror image pattern. I read these directions when I started the section 2 weeks ago but once I got to the right side and read, “Feel free to do your own thing here!” – I sure did. It couldn’t be further from a mirror image.

And, when I filled the center diamond, I thought this pattern was fine.



I was stitching is horizontally & it seemed ok.


But, when I rotated it left as it is supposed to be displayed, it looked terrible!  The white stripe just popped right out & it became all I could see.



So, I had to carefully remove the white in the center diamonds. But, I liked the white, single stitch. Then, I replaced it with the darker thread used on the top & bottom stitch of the center diamond. And, now I am happier.

Restitched vertical


While I didn’t capture the spirit of the “mirror” image, I do like pattern on the right. I find it interesting that I do like this patter because I usually prefer symmetrical patterns but this is not symmetrical.

Close-up right pattern

And, I’m not sure why but I think I like it better horizontally than vertically. What do you think?

Restitched horizontal

I just thought that maybe this is linked to something I haven’t read about yet. So, I just flipped through the remaining chapters. I see that Section 5 is about staggered patterns and Section 8 is about overlapping patterns. I am quite sure this is an example of overlapping patterns. It has three parts unless the very top counts as a fourth. Even though the top has some denser red, it doesn’t seem heavier than the bottom probably because of the very top white area.