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November 20, 2012, 7:17 pm
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What can you do with these supplies?

All I used were those 2 glues (one for fabric and another for metal), two paper clips, 2 earring hooks, and one 40″ thread of Vineyard Silk Shimmer (S-515, Toffee) to make these earrings:


I cannot take credit for the idea! One of the women from work shared the link with me ( Great way to use up your stash & make something unique, not expensive – just in time for holiday gift giving! They turned out nice.

Who is Earmarked for the Bookmarks?
November 17, 2012, 2:34 pm
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I do know a lot of readers. It is just that these suede bookmarks were $30 and so they need to go to someone special! Normally, I would not have purchased them but my husband hit at the casino right before visiting Nimble Needle, shared his winnings with me, & so I splurged!! These are Anne Brinkley Ultrasuede Self Finishing Needlepoint Canvas Bookmarks.

Well, I know Bill gets the Shamrock and I am keeping the Fuchsia! And, I think 2 are going to my previous boss and my current boss – I will let them pick from the 4 remaining. That leaves 2 of these lovely bookmarks looking for a home! I am thinking of my shuffleboard partner who is a member of a book club and our friend in the Poconos.

They are well made & I used FABRI-TAC, a permanent adhesive, around the edges to finish them that I purchased a while ago at the recommendation from Rittenhouse Needlepoint’s finisher. That was one reason why I got the bookmarks – no further cost to finish them.

I did these using basketweave/tent stitch. And, got 4 done over the long ‘Sandy’ stormy weekend. They did work up quickly. Here are the threads I used:

Windmill: Splendor, Designer Collection, Delft Blue, SC6 card contains S800, S860, S868, S1001, S1143, S858

Shamrock: Burmilana, 3822, 3940
Geometric design: Splendor, Designer Collection, Christmas Colors, SC3 card contains S800, S911, S820, S933, S1016, S1142
Iris: Grandeur Silk Pearl #5 G808, Mandarin Floss M851, Burmilana 3822 and 3893, Watercolours Lemon Meringue 094, Trebizond 125
Fuchsia: Grandeur Silk Pearl #5 G808, Mandarin Floss M851, Wildflowers 2001 and 6026, Burmilana 3822 and 3893, Trebizond 125 and 894
Birdhouse: Merino Wool Ocean 98R/45622, Watercolours Lemon Meringue 094, Rainbow Linen R445,  Wildflowers 2001 and 6026, Splendor S1005, Burmilana 3822 and 3893, Trebizond 125 and 894

The Helen Ashland House – an ANG CyberPointers Project
November 1, 2012, 5:48 am
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The CyberPointers Chapter of ANG, of which I am a member, came up with an idea to make houses stitched by members of the various Special Interest Groups. I belong to the Hilton SIG. Luckily, the project stalled & I finally had time to stitch the house I had designed when the project was first announced. So,  I’d like to welcome you to The Helen Ashland House, composed of stitches from Needlepoint Stitches by Jean Hilton.


18-count canvas, ecru; 10 x 10 stretcher bars; #22 and #24 tapestry needles

Thread/Color Location Stitch Page Number*
ThreadworX – 11212 Outline of house and door Half Cross 36
Watercolours – 218 Ash Body of house Ashland Stitch 36
Wildflowers – 118 Opal Space between outline of house Smyrna 36
Wildflowers – 118 Opal Area around large upstairs window Smyrna 36
Wildflowers – 118 Opal Windows in door Small Jessica 9
Wildflowers – 118 Opal Inner circle of upstairs window Small Jessica 9
Wildflowers – 118 Opal Door Elongated Smyrna 45
Wildflowers – 118 Opal Lunette, the half-moon space above door Sprat’s Head, Flat Top 55
Vineyard Silk Shimmer – S-537 Outer circle of upstairs window Large Jessica 9
Watercolours – 251 Sunflower Seed Trees Offset Scotch 38
Watercolours – 228 Honeydew Grass turf (bottom layer) Tent Stitch
ThreadworX – 10471 Grass blades (top layer) Wrapped Coils 33
Flair – F502 White sheer window curtains Straight Stitch
River Silks 4 mm Ribbon – 237 Brown Brown window drapes Oval Jessica, 1 around only* 9
Pebbly Perle – P061 Blue sky Helen’s Lace 22
Watercolours – 256 Barely Blue White clouds Helen’s Lace 22

* From Needlepoint Stitches by Jean Hilton; Some were modified to fit the available space.

** More familiarly known as the Crescent Stitch from Stimulating Stitches by Jean Hilton (page 9). 

The 2 predominant stitches are Helen’s Lace for the cloudy sky & the Ashland Stitch for the body of the house. That Ashland stitch is tricky especially because I was using an overdyed thread & didn’t want it to get streaky. I would probably do the sky again in a more thread-blended fashion.  But, I like the movement the pattern gives to the clouds.