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Ort Box Starts for our Main Line Stitchers Meetings
February 26, 2012, 4:07 pm
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We are off and running with the Ort Box. Directions were graciously provided directly from Marilyn Owen. And, Karen Milano at Nimble Needle gave us a very nice discount for INTERLOCKING canvas by the yard (of plain white 14 count, metallic silver and metallic gold 14 count, and plain white 18 count). Thanks to both!! Then, I cut it up & taped the edges for everyone in advance.

However, I didn’t fully read the directions (there is a lot to make such a small box) & didn’t see that the metallic interlocking canvas will be harder to put together. But, a couple of us are electing to give it the old college try, including myself. Some pros & cons of 14 count vs 18 count: the 14 count will be a slightly larger box & require thicker threads such as DMC #5 Perle Cotton as opposed to the smaller 18 count box that calls for DMC #8 Perle Cotton & Floss.

The directions for the blackwork go up to row 3 then you are to repeat directions for rows 1 & 2 alternating. So, diagrams 8A & 9A are key. I used the grayed out stitches as reference for stitches just completed. Because I’ve never done blackwork before, I practiced first. And, I finally saw the pattern. If others struggle to get it, these are my tips:

Row 1 stops at stitch 25 (as pictured in 8A)
Row 3 stops at stitch 19 (as pictured in 10 but also 8A)
Row 5 stops at stitch 13 (as pictured in 8A – stopping for shorter row)
Row 7 stops at stitch 7 (as pictured in 8A – stopping for shorter row)
Row 9 is only stitch 1

The odd rows all stop with the stitch going down and to the right.

Row 2 stops at stitch 22 (as pictured in 9A)
Row 4 stops at stitch 16 (as pictured in 9A – stopping for shorter row)
Row 6 stops at stitch 10 (as pictured in 9A – stopping for shorter row)
Row 8 stops at stitch 4 (as pictured in 9A – stopping for shorter row)

The even rows all stop with the stitch going straight down.

I also put the rest of the rows into a diagram for my chapter members & photographed it row by row.

I used a red, white, & blue over dyed thread for Area 1 & Area 2 (on silver metallic canvas). I don’t have enough of the over dyed to do it for the blackwork. You really do need at least 7 feet for 14 count. So, I am weighing options! One way or another, I’m using my stash.

Phillies Fob Finished
February 25, 2012, 12:08 pm
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I got Bill’s key chain finished just in time for us to take a tour of the ballpark yesterday! Turned out nice – I lined it & instead of gluing as suggested, I did a blanket stitch to connect the backing to make it more durable.

As we watched the introduction video shown to tour groups, we saw Bill hanging the sign that I made in 2004 that read, “From The Vet to The Vault”. Veteran’s Stadium was the Vet where they had played for many years & 2004 was the inaugural season for the new Citizen’s Bank Park. We had hoped that the new nickname would become “The Vault” & we could say we started it. One of our announcers, Larry Anderson, said on air that he liked the name but it never caught on. It was quite fun seeing Bill & our sign yesterday in the Phillies video!

With the key chain done, now I’m moving to the Ort Box, the spring project at our ANG chapter – until the hundred bears arrive so we can stuff them for seminar.

Set of 6 Flowers
February 21, 2012, 11:11 pm
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A lovely set with scalloped edging. No 2 are alike.


ANG Seminar 2012
February 19, 2012, 4:43 pm
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My registration brochure arrived yesterday for the 40th Seminar in Philly – it looks like it’ll be a wonderful event. I’m thrilled it’s in my city! As Hospitality Desk Chair, I have a special daily drawing planned for volunteers who work at the Hospitality Desk. For every hour you volunteer, you’ll earn a chance to win a hand-made remembrance of the event! I have 4 done so far (sorry, no peeking).

Set of 3 Flowers
February 19, 2012, 12:33 pm
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A nice simple set. All done in satin stitch.

Lilies of the Valley Handkerchief
February 18, 2012, 2:18 pm
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Getting back to vintage items with handkerchiefs. I’ll start with the flower of the month in which I was born – Lilies of the  Valley. I had some of these in my bouquet when I got I married. If I knew about this handkerchief then, I may have used it with my flowers. Instead I used another (the subject of an upcoming blog).

Night Sky on Christmas Trees
February 11, 2012, 10:46 am
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After replenishing my stock of Gold Rush 14 (WG84C), I was able to finish the sky. I have decided to to use Stitch Landscape, an iPad app, exclusively to select stitches for this piece.

Stitch Landscape is by Little Shoppe Canvas Company. And, the app is $10.99 at (I have no financial connection to them or sadly, Apple). The landscape categories are clouds (28), flowers (27), grass (40), mountains (41), sand (30), shrubbery (18), sky (40), snow (27), soil (18), stone (18), tree (30), tree bark (12), & water (25). So, I think I should be able to find enough suitable stitches to finish this ornament which consists of sky, trees, & snow with 354 stitches to select from (the Description on iTunes says there are 370 stitches & within the hints section there could be more)! The diagrams are very clear at the smaller iPhone size. They do blur a tad when you open to the 2x size on iPad but not so horrible that you can’t look at it. And, the diagrams are easy to follow.

The Stitch Hints for sky are very helpful as they speak to what colors to select for the dynamics of the sky (fair weather, storm, time of day), coverage. For my sky, I reviewed the 40 patterns, narrowed down to 6 potential & selected pattern 23. It is difficult to pick this up on the stitched canvas. I have found that darker colors do not tend to display patterns as well as lighter ones. Here are 2 pictures to show that pattern I selected & to display the differences between the 1x & 2x for those you considering purchasing the app.

And, I love how the Gold Rush is dark black & blue with the sparkles when stitched. I still have to fill in some falling snow and I think you can see the slant of the stitch just enough to aid the impression of falling snow.

Interesting Little Bag
February 6, 2012, 9:39 pm
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This appears to be made from an edge of a pillow case. I loves the scalloped edging. What an excellent way to extend the use of an item – maybe it had gotten ripped or stained. I can see it holding handkerchiefs or stockings even. Very clever!


Phillies Fob Design Area Stitched
February 1, 2012, 12:44 am
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I’m ready to stitch the background. After working on bigger more complicated pieces, it is nice to work on quick smaller ones. I like the portability of the small ones too. I stitched at lunch hour & on the EL on my way home.