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Bamboo Tea Tray, Clue 6
June 29, 2015, 7:26 am
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The sixth clue in the Stitching Games 2015 run by stitcherie is “lilliputian”. From Gulliver’s Travels, a race of very small people; also meaning very small. So, the smallest area left on my canvas is the other circle (the one on the right).

I created my own round Amadeus based on my learnings from my Jean Hilton books.


Reorganizing My Stash
June 26, 2015, 11:12 am
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No studio or office for my stash. But, my 5 foot 5 inch tall (36″ wide) cabinet (pictured below), 5 drawers (15.5″ x 19.5″ x 13.5″), 5 bags (2 large totes, 3 small totes), and a bin are now reorganized (charted projects, ground material (painted and colored 14 or 18-count canvas/perforated paper/vinyl/linen), bars, bags, threads, tools, finishing materials including objects such as boxes/coasters/ornaments/frames/rulers/snow globe). Most of my storage containers came from The Container Store (what a wonderful place). I had done this a few years ago but couldn’t find stuff easily.  It took me 5 days but I’m done! And, happy to get back to stitching!

Thanks to Linda (in my ANG chapter) for the idea of binders with top loading sheet protectors. I got ones that hold up to 70 pieces of paper not that many hold that much but it allows threads to fit with instructions for small projects (of which I have a few). Now, I will actually be able to find things! It was an eye opener to see how many projects I want to stitch.  I think road trips in the future may have to be focused on purchasing threads for projects I already own. Of course, my husband reminded me that I should try to “shop at home” in the one drawer & one bag already filled with threads before buying more!


Pansy Garden in Bloom

I finished Laura Perin’s Pansy & loved seeing it come to life. It would be interesting to see this stitched with some silks. Before I take it to the framers, I want to stitch a companion piece. I have the threads ready to go. However, I have a few other pieces have to get done first. Hopefully,  it’ll be done before next spring!


Color Inspirations

I think I should explain that we had 2 photos to select from.  I selected 1 of the 2 most difficult pictures of the 15!  The combo of different greens is challenging for me to do. But, going out of my comfort zone was intentional. And, I think I included all the colors. I found the overdyed green Edmar thread in my stash that I loved for the wallpaper after I had stitched the top portion or else I probably would have placed the Edmar under the 2 rows of Rhodes. By the way, the Edmar was in a thread package I had purchased from Orna’s Etsy site! She is an excellent teacher and I learned a lot from her demonstrations of French Knots, Jessicas, and laying threads!

Here’s the final piece (photo on the left & stitched piece on the right).

Color photo     Color Inspirations


Color Inspirations, Day 2 progress

A very productive day!

Day 2 progress

I stitched a little more after class.

Day 2

Color Inspirations by Orna Willis

What a great class at Orna’s studio today. All those threads right in her own home! All you need to do is google her name to find her blog, Adorn, to see pictures of her studio & our class set up. Here’s my picture & my interpretation of the picture in materials I had around the house.

Photo materials

My stitching in the afternoon after selecting threads:
Day 1 class stitching

And, what I did after dinner! Looking forward to day 2.

After class progress

Stitching with Jean
June 7, 2015, 12:04 pm
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Recently, I have playing with Jean Hilton stitches to understand them. How they work so I can adapt to pieces I’m working on. These came from Jean Hilton’s Stimulating Stitches (infinity symbol, raccoon eyes, leaf, curved leaf, nautilus) (page 13).

Jean Hilton Exotic Crescents

The double fan doubled also from the same book (page 37). However, there is no explanation of how to make the opening in the middle. So, if anyone can share any insights, I’d appreciate it!
Double Fan Doubled