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Finishing the Heart Ornaments

It took about 2 months to get back to finishing the other 2 Bargello ornaments from Hearts of Gold by Michele Roberts (an ANG Correspondence Course). It’s available under Distance Learning on ANG ‘s website. Michele’s are all done using only 4 gold threads so they are all color coordinated. Mine are all different colorways for seasonal display. Tedious work but I completed the finishing on them! This time I used a binding stitch.

I had pulled out my Kreinik Custom Corder. It’s loose but ok for the hanger. Since my threads were already cut, they weren’t long enough to go around the whole heart. Step 1 is to interlock the 2 threads. Step 2 is wind. Maybe I didn’t twist enough?

Step 3 is to remove from cord maker, bring both ends together, and allow them to twist together. It was tighter initially but then loosened during that process. Since even 2 lengths weren’t working, I abandoned the cord maker.

There was still a decent gap between the back and front due to a 5 mm soft foam core that I used. So, I went with a “binding” stitch and it took way longer than I am sure a professional finisher would take to do it. Bending the monocanvas back results in a less than desirable rounded shape. But, that stitch covered the gap and turned it back into a smooth heart shape. I prefer stitching over finishing but am happy with these.

Flutterby and Pansy Stand

It’s been awhile with the finisher but worth the wait. The Mauve Pansy that I stitched for the EGA class Rings on Her Fingers designed by Allison Cole and taught by Kay Stanisis has Flutterby flying around it which is designed by Kurdy Biggs from ANG’s 2017 Chapter Project Book. There is an iridescent yellow lamé behind the canvas and an acrylic stand is inserted from the bottom.

THaP class, Blackwork on Nature’s Palette

The 2022 fall Take Home a Project (THaP) class, Blackwork on Nature’s Palette by Catherine Jordan, was today across the bridge in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

It was a full class and my first attempts were not good. I’d only done one small square of Blackwork quite some time ago. I was getting nowhere and finally asked Catherine what was I doing wrong. It turns out I was trying to do this on the diagonal. So, I grabbed a new Magnolia leaf (she brought extras – I actually will do 3 of these). The second leaf went easier on the front but it is not reversible. The lady bug is a cute embellishment. I will try the diagonal one again and a reversible one.

They were painted beautifully with acrylic paints. I grabbed about a half dozen green ones because I will offer to teach this to the Brandywine chapter. That’s the purpose of THaP. It’s like the ANG Chapter Project Book.

I taught the Overdyed Spools to the group last year and several of them commented on how their chapter members enjoyed it and several chapters have it scheduled for 2022 and 2023.

Overdyed Spools, An EGA Petite Project

Overdyed Spools was released today as an EGA Petite Project (! I taught it at the Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR) Fall meeting in October 2021 and since then, at least 6 chapters have or will be teaching it to members. I have been getting photos by text and email showing me another one finished periodically – so cool. A couple of people changed the stitch to have the color flow differently which was wonderful. And, the center changed to 3 larger geometric shapes – so original.

Then, thanks to Jana (dual member) from the EGA Great Lakes Region (GLR) for asking if that region could share the design with chapters. Since ANG has the project in the 2017 Chapter Project Book (still available), I figured that maybe EGA would be able to share it through their Petite Projects which are smaller projects also intended to be used by chapters and/or regions as scheduled programs. Since I created diagrams for the Petite Projects, Favorite Medallion #1 and Technique Basics, working with Carole and Harriet, I knew who to contact. And, it was quickly accepted.

This is my newest colorway which is the one I used for demonstration for class and finished afterwards. You may have seen it at the EGA Seminar in NYC this summer as a “Coming Soon” piece – it’s here now!

Lady Sybil
September 6, 2022, 7:32 pm
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This is one of my favorite outfits from Downton Abbey and I wanted Sybil to join the family of pieces designed by Gay Ann Rogers based on other Downton Abbey photos. So, I designed this after stitching Gay Ann’s other 4 designs. Thanks to Gay Ann for her inspiring pieces.

The harem pant outfit is a Paul Poiret inspired costume. The design features 3 nested Jessicas, wrapped sheafs, and padded crescents.