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Bargello Pine Trees
November 30, 2013, 4:15 pm
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Taking a break from my current projects, I decided to work on this ornament as we enter the holiday season. As part of the ANG CyberPointer’s chapter, some members are working on ornaments and I liked this one best (since last year I’ve been wanting to get to it; Plus, I am in a Bargello phase.

When I went into my stash, I found the packet of ThreadworX which is a beautifully selected bag of threads (for Hanukkah or winter) from Thread Candy Studio. Great combo of blues, purple, & whites. I picked up the packet at Annie & Company in NYC earlier this year (subject of earlier blog).

I have found out that Bargello requires a thicker thread or multiple strands. So, I’m not sure there is enough in this bag. Well, I’ll figure it out as I go!

Twists Winter

Sprats Head

I’m glad I practiced the Sprats Head because they really look nice without closing them all the way down the 2 sides of the triangle. I didn’t notice it on my ornaments until I’d stitched a couple in my practice ornament.

Initially, I planned on pulling out the orange of the overdyed thread but once I stitched the Amadeus, I wasn’t happy. I confirmed this with my chapter members who suggested going towards yellow.

Last Saturday, I made a trip to a Fireside Stitchery after a wonderful EGA Philadelphia Area Chapter luncheon in King Of Prussia as a guest to Carol T (ANG Apple NeedlePointer’s ).  Barbara Darlin presented her extremely entertaining program revealing Victorian fashion including undergarments ( I would love to see her other programs too! What a delightful woman & so talented (she made many of her costumes). It was so nice of EGA to open it up to guests! Thanks again Carol!

And, I am so happy Betsy at Fireside steered me away from the yellow I initially selected in favor of the more golden yellows and a more subdued overdyed floss. I would have gone from too orange to too yellow. This is still yellow but not as yellow as I might have used. There are a lot of yellows to choose from! I got all the Sprats Heads done!!!!

Sprats Head

Practice Ornaments

Our last ANG Mainline chapter meeting was organized so that we could practice Sprats Head & Amadeus for Pinwheels. But, not everyone is stitching that to use those diagrams so I wanted a program for everyone. I was glad to see so much participation.

For those not stitching Pinwheels, members not able to attend, & any of my blog readers, I obtained the ornament directions for everything from the ANG website. You need a 4″x4″ or 5″x5″ piece of canvas & some thread.

Go to Stitch of the Month:

ANG has started providing periodic web extras ( The finishing and tassel making instructions can be downloaded:

  • Point-to-Point joining technique
  • Betsy’s cord and tassel making instructions.

While you are there, why not try the November 2013 web extra:

  • Star in the Meadow – A Petite Stocking designed by Pat Mazu.

Mine were stitched using diagrams from the Pinwheels directions. And, I used the tassel instructions from The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen because I had it stitched before those website directions came out.

Sprats Head & Amadeus

A Berlinwork Cardinal with Flowers

The flowers grew fast & I was able to take a finished cardinal to show my ANG Mainline Stitchers & ANG Keystone Garden Chapter (a 2nd area chapter I joined) this week. Everyone loved Susan Hoekstra’s piece which is from a small pilot class our Mainline chapter did for her 2014 Seminar class.

The flowers are a turkey work variation that I really enjoyed doing. Next time you see this it will be ‘finished’ – what to do with it?!?

Cardinal with Flowers

A Berlin Work Cardinal, Background & Border

In case you have not seen the previous posts, this is Susan Hoekstra’s piece which is from a small pilot class our chapter did for her 2014 Seminar class. The background is an Irish Stitch Variation. There is only one place where I messed up and unless you look carefully, I doubt you will see it. It ended up being contained to a small area. The outside border frames it nicely. I’m so close now – it is exciting to see it grow!

Instead of studying for my error, please read my previous blog. My sister and her husband need your vote to have a chance at grant for their embroidery business. The deadline is Nov 15. So, please take a moment now! Your vote can get them to the next step. Thanks so much.

Background and border

Please VOTE: Mission Main Street Grants Competition
November 7, 2013, 7:14 pm
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Hi folks, I would really appreciate everyone’s help for my sister and her husband’s embroidery business. I will let them explain:
Dear Melita,
Thank you for telling me about this contest and I would like to ask for your offered help in obtaining 250 votes so our embroidery business may be considered in this JPMorgan Chase Bank small business competition.
Its main sponsor is Google PLUS these sponsors:
National Federation of Independent Business
National Minority Supplier Development Council
National Veteran Owned Business Association
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
National Urban League
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation
Winning the grant would allow us to embrace the ages-old concept of “PAY-IT-FORWARD” where, in our current early retirement stage of life, the embroidery / embellishment business would obtain a lockable towable trailer.  Taking the equipment to pre-arranged schools for demonstrations would allow us to help teachers inspire young minds by seeing the business in person.  (It is our thought that many school budgets have been cut often and severely for field trips – among other things – so the field trip will go to the school !  Our Hartford business insurance already covers the equipment and liability of such trips.)
First there would be the obvious artistic aspect showing how art / photographs are made into embroidery or placed onto fabric to be used in examples like quilts or tee shirts.  Immediate and tangible, (prearranged with each school) the students would see their own artwork or photography put on a mug or fabric tote bag for them to take home.
The intangible side would be seeing the process.  Seeing an embroidery machine create art on fabric at up to 1500 stitches per minute is very interesting to watch…and how art becomes embroidery involves programming right on our laptop.  It is very similar to CAD programming which is introduced in many high school programs.  Also there is chemistry involved in photochromic technology…Threads or inks that glow in the dark or change color are very engaging!
Running any of the three machines is a factory/production concept.  Plus there are disciplines such as drafting, engineering, machining and maintenance involved in the equipment itself.  Concepts touching upon small and large businesses, entrepreneurial ventures, local / global economies and accounting could be of interest to teachers in such areas.
Our application for the grant also earmarked some funds for completion of our website, some extra thread and inventory items and an apprentice for our local production.  Several part-time sales reps would be added on a commission basis as well.
Just so you know, the legal agreement Photique – and all entrants – had to make with Chase is VERY specific that, if awarded, the funds MUST be utilized as outlined.  No vacations at the beach!!!
Again, 250 votes are needed to be entered in the competition and we at Photique would appreciate your votes VERY MUCH !  Many thanks to any who are willing to vote for us to become an eligible contestant.
To Vote:
1 — Go to
2 — Click on “Vote”
3 — Enter the zip code “13126” for Photique, our business name.
4 — Connect with Facebook.  (It is the only way to vote.)
5 — Click on “Vote Now.”
DEADLINE  for  VOTES:  Friday NOVEMBER 15th.
Thanks again for finding this, Melita!
Anita and Steve

Since this is a photoblog, I am also sharing an apron they made for me for Christmas – I love roses! Don’t they do beautiful work? I would really appreciate your help to get them to the next step in the process. Thanks so much for your time. Melita

Good luck Anita & Steve – love you too, Melita  (going to vote now!)