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Interchange, Lesson 2
September 30, 2020, 10:21 am
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Here’s Lesson 2 from my ANG 2020 Virtual Seminar class, Interchange, a band sampler with Linda Reinmiller. It’s great doing this in weekly lessons because I can definitely complete each lesson in that time frame.

After a band of Milanese, we learned Indian Drawn Ground Filling and Pulled Step Stitch with Smyrnas.

For Milanese, working with 2 needles can be tough until you get the hang of leaving the thread on the top of the canvas before completing the last stitch of each unit. If you stitch all one color first, you really have to count carefully. Why take that chance?

I am really happy that I used a long enough thread of the gorgeous Gloriana for the Indian Drawn Ground Filling for 2 reasons. The flow of the colors is smooth without interruption and goes across all the colors. And, in order to end the thread, I pierced the threads on the one edge so that they don’t show through. Starting with a second thread might be tougher to hide the thread.

The Pulled Step Stitch was interesting mostly because of the Smyrnas which filled apparent offset areas despite them being on the true diagonal. You can see this best in the close up photo.

Then, we finished Lesson 2 with Diagonal Long-armed Cross Stitch which took some counting to start but then was easy to keep going! I like it a lot mostly because it too progresses on the true diagonal but looks oblique.

Back to Building a Geometric with Kurdy Biggs
September 26, 2020, 8:42 am
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Back in mid July, I stitched the Smyrna border and put it aside waiting for the next lesson. But, I didn’t get back to it until now. One more lesson gets posted October 1. So, I still have plenty of time to ask questions as I get back into this.

I carefully selected adequate lengths of the Gloriana so that the colors would be symmetrical as I worked each area of the border.

For the centers, I selected different Rhodes stitches and Jessicas. It was bothering me that there isn’t any Sparkle Braid in the right center area but I balanced out the right diamond area by adding more Sparkle Braid in the large points. Smaller Rhodes and Jessicas are in the small points off each center.

Our kit included 2 cards each of Elegance, Silk Lame Braid Petite, and Sparkle Braid in 3 different colors. The overdyed Gloriana and beads are also included. That’s all. Initially, I was going to add more threads. But, I decided to not complicate this small piece. It’s 5″ x 5″ along each border and as viewed in a diamond almost 7.5″ x 7.5″.

I’ve got 4 diamond quadrants and I don’t want complete symmetry. The top and bottom are quite symmetrical in color and shape so far but the left and right sides are different from the others. I did not plan the colors for these areas in advance. Once I finished the centers, I decided what to stitch with next for the large points. Once I saw them in place, I decided on the smaller points. There are only 3 colors to choose from because I am holding off on using the overdyed for a particular section.

I won’t be able to stitch on this at our Main Line Stitchers Stitch-in today because these stitches require too much counting. But, I have other projects that I can stitch!

Woodlawn Exhibit Available Online
September 25, 2020, 7:45 am
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The 2020 Annual Needlework Show ended in the Woodlawn Mansion on August 2nd, but great news! With a donation today of just $12.00, you can download an online slideshow of the fantastic pieces submitted for the March 2020 event. Once your donation is processed, you will receive a unique “admission” link which will allow you to download the Show slideshow and view it at your convenience. This download will only be available until October 15, 2020.

Check it out at

It’s the first time that they have done this. And, I hope it won’t be the last.

Interchange, Lesson 1
September 25, 2020, 7:30 am
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My ANG 2020 Virtual Seminar class, Interchange, is with Linda Reinmiller. It is a band sampler and we’re doing it in 4 weekly lessons.

One of the main reasons for taking the class was to get an introduction to pulled work. And, we jumped right into it for Lesson 1. I am glad that I practiced on a waste canvas. Since this is 18 count canvas, it is stiff and tougher to pull than had it been on Congress Cloth. But, opening the holes with a larger needle (and stitching with it) made it easier. I’m not sure what the teacher would say but I also used Uncle Bill’s tweezers to pinch the canvas threads together! That worked great.

I photographed with a white board underneath to try and have the holes show better. There is pulled 4-sided on the far right orange band and pulled backstitch on the far left orange band. With the 4-sided pulled work what is more evident than the larger holes is the dark center where the black canvas threads have been pulled together. If I hadn’t pulled, some of the orange thread would have shown through from below the hole. So, pulled work can create open space and closed space.

There is a pull on the couching thread of the ribbons but it’s tough to see but it is pinching the ribbon tightly. And, that’s a variety of three Jessica shapes in between the ribbons.

Fiona Framed and Delivered
September 23, 2020, 9:22 am
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Fiona’s piece is framed (by Michael’s) and delivered in advance of her 9-month birthday! She’s adorable!!

Interchange Basting
September 22, 2020, 11:22 am
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I may choose to more basting (over 4 threads) later but I doubt it. These long threads should be fine. The gaps in the diagonal lines in the center area are just to keep them from being way to long.

If I had been doing the basting as pre-work to going to class in person, I probably would have basted as “suggested”. But, I just don’t like tedious basting. Linda Reinmiller does say, “Do whatever makes this easiest for you to follow.” And, this was easy. It counted out correctly all around the perimeter.

Threads for ANG 2020 Virtual Seminar Class Interchange by Linda Reinmiller
September 19, 2020, 1:48 pm
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My ANG Seminar class with stitching involved is Interchange by Linda Reinmiller. These fun threads will be a diagonal band sampler. This will make the third and very different band sampler for me this year! Odd how that just happened but things do tend to occur in 3s.

The other 2 classes from Seminar are notebook classes. The Susan Hoekstra Teaching Needlework 101 held over 5 two-hour Zoom classes was excellent. And, I am not sure when Linda Reinmiller will hold her computer class on publishing needlepoint instructions.

The kit for Interchange arrived and class starts Monday. More threads!! The balls of threads except for one from DMC are all Finca by Presencia (#8, 12, and 16). I will ask Linda why she selected more Presencia over DMC but I haven’t tried them before and it is always good to try a new thread. And, such pretty colors that are just so bright and bold. Fun! By working on the black 18 count canvas, the colors will really pop.

Color Complements Threads for ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter Projects

September starts another year for our ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter. We will start out with 2 new counted projects. Twelve of us are stitching Rainbow Ribbons by Kam Wenzloff from Needlepoint Now Nov/Dec 2019 issue. And, six of us are stitching the ANG 2020 Stitch of the Month (SOTM) with three of us switching from Watercolours to Color Complements.

Most the threads got distributed to folks over lunch outdoors at Nudy’s. Everyone is very excited about getting started.

Only 2 people selected the same color as the stitched model. The rest are a wonderful array of color. Not everyone is doing the 9 x 9 design size. There are a variety of sizes including two people who are doubling the width or length.

Lotus Kimono Framed
September 15, 2020, 2:13 pm
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Instead of traveling this year (thanks to coronavirus), I decided to get several pieces framed with museum glass. One of them is the Lotus Kimono. I had the mat cut to the shape of the kimono by Dave at Romeo’s. The frame is ‘antique distressed gold leaf’ and the green fabric mat has just a touch of texture to it. Love how this tuned out.

The piece was featured in an article of ANG Needle Pointers (Jan/Feb 2020), A Tale of Two Stitchers, along with my chapter member Beth’s piece who also selected her own stitches and threads. It’s fun to see different approaches to a canvas.

Sisters Rematted
September 13, 2020, 8:38 pm
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I am 8 months late celebrating a 10 year anniversary of my blog! I’ve been posting less photos this year trying to decide what to do about moving forward because my 3 GB of free space was just about used up. Do I start a new blog? Do I go back through over 700 posts and delete pictures to open up space? Do I upgrade and pay for more space?

Well, I have upgraded. Now, I have 13 GB of free space which means that I have over 30 years of space for more pictures and God willing that’s about what I need! Can you imagine 30 more years of stitching? I sure hope so.

So, now I can use up precious space and show my rematted Sisters piece. I had Pam at Romeo’s cover up the stitched silver border which emphasized that the canvas was warped. You can’t see it with just the background unless you really scrutinize it.



So much better!

I may have to take a class to learn how to use all the other upgrades that came with the extra space but for now I am happy to be able to post as many photos as I want.