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Very Dark Green Grass

In the 3 very dark green grassy areas, I wanted to use different but related stitches. So, I selected Criss Cross Hungarian for the left patch because of the denseness of the stitch & the longer length. The Woven Trellis is in the center patch because it is about as long a stitch as the left patch and because they are on about the same distance. And, Serendipity was selected for the right patch because it is farther away than the other 2 areas and is a smaller stitch.

The darker the thread (still using Sampler Threads 7042 Raven) the less of a stitch pattern is evident but up close you can see the differences.

For the top long row, I used the 3 threads layed in the same direction to get a few patches of light green from the overdyed. But, in the smaller 3 areas, I layed 1 in the opposite direction for a more solid dark effect.









In case you forget what Monet’s look like by now, here part of it is again.


Medium Dark Green Grass

For the large medium dark green grass area, I used one strand each of Weeks Dye Works overdyes named Grasshopper (yellow-green), Collards (dark green), and Moss (medium green).  The stitch, Diane’s Lace from Suzy’s Portable Stitches, was difficult to get the hang of but especially slanting up & to the right (on the left side). The other angle, slanting up & to the left, just clicked for me.  Odd how the brain sees some things better than other.  It’s a good stitch for full coverage & looks somewhat random (especially using overdyed floss).

The little dark blue-green area in the center (with arrow pointed to it) used a portion of the 2 threads with the blue portion and 1 thread with the green portion in an encroaching gobelin stitch.

Monogrammed Purse
May 21, 2011, 4:16 pm
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Did some spring cleaning today in the closet & found this purse that I did in the 70s for myself. I used it a lot then. It probably was a kit but don’t know from where. I stitched it using continental & that caused the misalignment. I should have used the tent stitch!

Dark green ridge

The far dark green section is done using random straight stitches & Weeks Dye Works (WDW) thread (color named Raven) that is very dark with portions of a slightly lighter green. I like that a little canvas shows through – especially up close as it seems more natural.

And, I removed what green & orange threads I had placed in the upper right area from stitching in class because I found more shades of WDW. I plan on doing a lot of thread blending with what I found (but more of that with my next blog). (great overdyed floss selection that I was able to get at The Strawberry Sampler in Glen Mills, PA which is southwest of Philadelphia & not too far).

Royal School of Needlepoint
May 1, 2011, 9:57 pm
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The Royal School of Needlepoint was on CBS Sunday Morning a couple of week ago. In case you didn’t see the item, here’s the link to a 6-minute video with a little history & shots of some beautiful needlepoint:;contentBody

And, you can commemorate the royal wedding by stitching a sampler:

No financial interest . . . I just love that the whole country gets the day off for the wedding! Actually they have a 4-day weekend. I’ve been catching up on my TV this weekend, including the Royal Wedding! Beautiful event, the dress was incredible. I heard that the people doing the hand sewing had to wash their hands every 30 minutes! We should probably take note of that practice.